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    Survival Warfare Role Play is an Arma 3 Exile Mod role playing group that allows players to create and defend their own factions with endless creativity and customization to how you would survive in an apocalyptic mayhem. Inspired and molded by television series and other outstanding games, Survival Warfare is determined to bring you a fun, unique environment to the survival aspect of gaming. 

    Survival Warfare allows players to adapt a character to a detailed story-line that will either help or hinder their experience along the way. The constant player generated story-line atmosphere is what makes us unique compared to other survival role play servers. This is not like any other Exile server. Traders are hidden, weapons are few. To remain alive you may need to build relationships with other survivors. It's your choice.

    Don't think you're going to start off lootless and naked in a field however. Admins will provide you with the basic essentials to your character's traits. Best of luck!

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