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    We are a PvP orientated server with a mature community base.  We have experienced Admins that are there to help the beginner to veteran player.  We have many features on our server to bring you back into the action quickly and efficiently.  We hope to see you there!

    Server Rules:

    • Do not build In Towns. They will be removed if found in lootable areas (Building in towns kills loot!)
    • No Safezone Stealing
    • No Camping within 1000m of Safe Zones
    • Don't Be a Dick (This is up to our interpretation) 
    • Play smart and fair
    • No Whining!
    • Racism is not tolerated
    • Harassment of any kind is NOT tolerated!
    • DUPE/HACK = BAN!

    *No other mods than @Exile required at this time..

    Server Features:

    • DMS Missions
    • Battle Zones
    • Gear Drops
    • Airplane Crashes
    • Vehicle Salvaging
    • Custom XM8 Apps
    • $2500 Pop Tabs To Start
    • Ai Survivors: (Act as Exiled Survivors)
    • Vehicle Towing: Foolbox & Rope Required
    • Virtual Garage: Base Laptop Required in terrirtory
    • Deployable Vehicles: XM8 App
    • Claim World Spawn Vehicles: Codelock Required
    • Revive: Defibrillator Required

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    How many people are ussualy on around 3pm-12pm EST

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    We welcome all new players! Home of the Beginners Guide! 

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