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    Teno Is an attempt to create an immersive emergent survival experience, driven by equal parts player base and human game masters. Hostile placement, economy, missions and more change regularly. Meaning in theory endless stories to tell, and no game session the same.

    You do not start with everything and end game is not about tower building. Grinding for loot, and farming are not such a factor as game masters generate in world content including missions, encounters, supply drops/bases if you can think of it a GM can do it. Even up to full scale server wide events for all. With a GM on the table you never know what you might posses at the end of your session, you could join with nothing and 5 minutes later have only instance of a powerful item.

    Guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=726299836



    Rough clips from dev and live GM sessions,


    Teno has be desgined to be as lightweight as possible for the user so only a small number of mods are needed, and all except one are available via steam workshop for easy management.

    The reason we won't add more

    Although things extra mods provide might be nice they often have unwanted effects, most obviously being download size, management, and conflicts with other mods. They also negatively effect gameplay performance and FPS and have more subtle drawbacks such as weapons having unbalanced stats, and as Teno has authentic ballistics simulation this really screws with gun balance. This project is maintained by one person and fixing all the conflicts and config errors doesn't warrant the gains.

    Required Mods

    Here is the list of minimum required addons, This list will never change.

    Exile mod: Exile is unavailable via Steam workshop, as such you will need to obtain it via the
    Exile website or via tools such as A3Launcher.

    CBA: CBA is an arma scripting extention that provides code needed by other addons.

    Tenome: The Teno core, this is a package of modules and code that make the required
    changes to gameplay to support Tenome. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=707301378

    Ryans Zombies: A mod that provides Zombies in game.

    Mod Collection:
    There is also a collection on Steam workshop that is a one stop for almost everything required, and a few of the optional extras the server supports. If you sub to the collection you ONLY need to obtain Exile(linked above) and can ignore the other links on this page. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=721402583

    Mod Whitelist:
    At time of writing the full whitelist of optional mods is:

    • Blastcore Phoenix
    • DragonFyre Eden (as of writing isn't compatiable with Tanoa)
    • ShackTac UI
    • Exile Extended base building

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