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    • Customized FuMS Mission System
    • Uses a headless client
      • Improves AI responsiveness
      • Reduces load on the server for better player FPS
    • Capture Missions
      • Have to hold a position for a set amount of time
      • Other players are notified of the capture attempt
      • AI reinforcements
    • Small Town Invasions
    • Large Town Invasions
    • Random Wilderness Missions
    • Dynamic Roaming AI
    • Customized Loot Table
    • Customized Traders
      • CUP Weapons
      • NATO Rus Vehicles
    • Custom Trader Cities
    • Zombies & Demons
      • Large hordes will spawn randomly on players
      • Walkers only (no jumping zeds)
      • Can throw cars around
      • Won’t show up near your base
      • Won’t show up in trader cities
    • RZ Infection
      • Players can become infected
      • Will make coughing and vomiting sounds
      • Will lose vision as infection progresses
      • Use Pills to delay the infection
      • Use an Injector to cure the infection
      • Statusbar shows the infection amount
    • Enigma Revive System
      • Can revive a dead player
      • Revived player has only 25% health
      • Revived player cannot be revived again
      • Gain respect for reviving a player
      • Requires a defibrillator
    • Helicopter Crashes
      • AI Helicopter will spawn randomly off the coast
      • Flies around to random waypoints
      • Somewhere along the way it crashes spilling the loot it was carrying on the ground in crates
    • Supply Drops
      • AI Helicopter will spawn randomly off the coast
      • Flies around to random waypoints
      • Somewhere along the way it will drop a supply crate that will parachute to the ground
      • Crate is full of useful items
    • R3F Logistics
      • Used for lifting and towing vehicles as well as transporting mission reward crates
      • Little Birds cannot lift anything
      • Ural’s, HEMMT, Zamak, Strider, Hunter, Ifrit cannot be lifted
      • Every vehicle has a crate capacity separate from it’s real inventory
        • Crates have different mass
        • Larger crates can only fit in larger vehicles
    • XM8 Apps
      • Press 6 to turn on XM8. Click on “XM8 Apps”. Then select the App you want to use.
      • Brings additional features to the XM8
        • Rules
        • View Distance Settings
    • Longer days, shorter nights
      • Time is accelerated at night to keep it shorter
      • 3:1 Day to night
    • New players to the server that register an account on the website get a bonus 5000 tabs
      • Has to be manually given by an admin


    • Redeemable Items For Admin Rewards & Special Items
    • More custom missions

    SERVER HARDWARE - Dedicated Physical Box

    • Intel Xeon E3-1290v2 @  4.1Ghz
    • 16GB DDR3
    • SSD
    • 1Gbps Dedicated Link
    • Hosted in Vancouver, BC, Canada

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