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    We here at The Dirty Dozen, offer a fun, intense, and competitive playing experience that will make you want to call this place your home. While a maintaining a user friendly environment,  With maturity and respect to all players. The ability to build yourself a base to store hard earned loot. We offer high loot, roaming A.I. Do you have loot you want to sell? Hit up a Trader Camp and purchase yourself a wide range vehicles.  Whether you need a small form of transportation, or a heavy tank to get your revenge.  If you don’t have money,  you can find a variety of land, air, and water vehicles throughout the maps.  

    Admin Events do take place depending on the admins. Payout's for the winners vary in prizes.


    We hope to see you all out on the field.   


    "As the server Owner, I try to bring the most to my servers with respect towards my players. I don't take BS from stupidity, I am a retired NCO and most of my staff are retired military as well. we are all here to have fun and enjoy our selves whilst drinking a beer and blowing shit up.  Just remember, It's a game. " - Dead Pool




    EXILE       (A3 Launcher)

    CUP Core   (A3 Launcher)

    CUP Terrain   (A3 Launcher)

    Community Based Add-onn   (A3 Launcher)

    Community Upgrade Project - Units   (A3 Launcher)

    Community Upgrade Project - Vehicle    (A3 Launcher)

    Community Upgrade Project - Weapons    (A3 Launcher)

    RHS: US   (A3 Launcher)

    RHS: Russian   (A3 Launcher)

    TRYK Uniforms    (A3 Launcher)

    HVP (A3 Launcher)

    Extended Base Mod (A3 Launcher)

    NIA (A3 Launcher)




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