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    TPG was started on April 20, 2008 and originated as a Steam Clan that hosted servers for and focused on playing FPS games through Steam, like Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat: Source. 

    In 2012, we expanded our gaming genres to include any and all games that our Community enjoys, from RTS's to MMORPG's. We're all about fun, so feel free to hop on our forums, chat with us on TeamSpeak and join us in whatever game it is we're playing!


    Recently we have sought to revive our previous Exile Server. We prided ourselves in having one of the best Chernarus economies which helped us maintain a healthy Exile Community for over a year! Now TPG Exile is back and we aim to accomplish the same goal! From extensive testing of applications and careful configuration for pricing, rich with quality chosen mods, we are ready to pick up right where we left off.


    Our Features:

    • DMS Missions

    • A3 Exile Occupation (Roaming AI/Hunter AI/Town Occupation/Trader Helicopter Transport/Vehicle Patrols)

    • ZCP Capture Points (PVP BattleZones)

    • InstaDoc Hotkey (BackSpace)

    • Enhanced Movement

    • Advanced Towing

    • Advanced Rappelling

    • Advanced Sling Towing / Helicopter Towing Vehicles

    • $999,999 Locker Cap

    • Radiation Zones

    • ExAd Virtual Garage

    • ExAd Core

    • ExAd StatusBar

    • ExAd XM8

    • ExAd BRAma Recipes (Craft Book)

    • ExAd Apoc's Airdrop

    • ExAd Bike Deploy

    • ExAd View Distance Settings

    • ExAd Personal Base Markers

    • ExAd Journal

    • Base Height restriction to 30 meters (about 5 stories)

    • Enigma Revive System

    • Gas Station Economy Rearm

    • Laptop Hacking 

    • Locked Door Grinding

    • 3 Server Restarts


    Our Mods:

    • CBA

    • Exile

    • Enhanced Movement

    • CUP Terrains - Core

    • CUP Terrains - Maps

    • Open Chernarus Project

    • NIArms - Complete



    • FHQ Accessories 

    • TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    We look forward to seeing you out in Exile, and look forward to your contribution as part of the community to keep the server healthy and strong!

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    ]TPG[ The Average Joe

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    Friendly community always accepting more players. Staff is always available to help. Best Server and community on the internet. Hands down.

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