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    We are a gaming community designed and created around the purpose of enjoying quality gaming in a mature environment. We prefer to give back to our players in different and unique ways. We aim to be unique in small but impressive ways.

    Some of these ways are people can earn ingame currency for helping find bugs and glitches and helping us reproduce them in a manner the helps our admin team remove or patch them.

    We listen to and build our server around our players and not what we want because what we want is players who enjoy our server.

    Now our server is an exile variant running on chernarus we run advanced banking xld towing/lifting. we use ryans zombies and exilez.

    we have incorporated view distance and few other xm8 apps to give players a better experience.

    We have almost 8 years of hosting experience with a solid admin team who is mature and friendly.


    So even if your just passing through or coming to stay check us out and let us know what you think.

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    Played on this server a few weeks ago, and made some suggestions! Looks like the admins took it to heart they moved an entire safe zone to promote pvp in an area that was once blocked because of a safe zone! The server trader lists are becoming more detailed and the traders are custom and have some effort put into placement! These guys care about their server. Should be fun! An not too hardcore but you wont find mar 10's everywhere and thats what I like!

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