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    So I have just created a new Tanoa server and would love to get some players in to enjoy it, just search UEX in A3.

    Join our [UEX] members on Exile TODAY! - [UEX] Welcomes New Players

    [UEX] Stands for Ultimate Exile. Wish to play with us? Well you can, with this IP ( you can join us through A3 Launcher or through the direct connect option in the Arma 3 MP Lobby. 

    [UEX] Has a 25K PopTab Start. (If you do not spawn with the 25K Contact an Admin and they will sort you out ASAP) If no admin is around when you need your 25K PopTabs, simply wait for an admin to get on the server, or just ask a well known player in the server if they will help you out (99% of the time they will help you.) 

    [UEX] Has the friendliest admins to date! They are always there to help you out when you are in need and are always active at some point in the day. 

    [UEX] Provides members of it's community with a TeamSpeak server where members can interact with each other. It also has a help desk so that any members that have an issue in the server can wait in there so an admin knows to speak with you. Hear is the TS IP ( 

    [UEX] Community members are always there to help you out if you need it. Now besides [UEX] being a PVP server, members will always joke around after a firefight. 

    [UEX] Does not Condone: Swearing, Racial Abuse, Virbal Abuse, Cheating, Glitcing, Exploiting Game and/or Mod Bugs. Any member that is caught doing any of the above will be punished accordingly to what rule they have broken. Any member that is a victim of Racial or Virbal abuse must contact a [UEX] Staff member ASAP to discuss what has occurred.


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