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    Welcome to the ERM Gaming Exile Server Page

    ERM Gaming is glad to announce we now have a Exile Tanoa server up and running.

    ERM being known for having a popular Arma 3 wasteland server have decided to take a dive into the Exile world.

    We always welcome new players to the community and to our servers.

    Its a server with very little added to make it as Vanilla as possible.

    The server it self has various mission systems inc DMS & VEMF as well as A3XAI to keep players busy as we have don't supply starting Tabs and a lower loot rate to encourage players towards missions and PVP.

    We have added some logistic systems to move various items around.

    There are Active Admin in game or on RCON.

    On this server nothing is handed to players on a plate.


    We have a few server rules.

    ● No Hacking or Duping (Obviously)

    ● No Safezone camping or trolling

    ● No Base Wall or Floor glitching

    ● No greifing, This is a PVP server

    ● No building on main roads, Can build over but must be 2 walls high min.


    Loot.... Adapt.... and Survive!


    Thanks for reading.












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