• Ultima-weapon's Universe [UwU]


    UwU Chernarus (Winter|Summer|Normal) - ip: port: 2302
    (Seasons randomly cycle each server restart)

    Apex | Exile 1.0.2 | CUP Terrains Core | CUP Terrains Maps | Chernarus Winter A3
    UwU A3 Upgrade Pack | 
    Advanced Rappelling | Advanced Urban Rappelling | Arma Enhanced Movement

    Hi, I am Ultima-weapon. My vision for this server was to get back to the roots of what the DayZ Mod on Arma 2 was really about... Survival, Struggle, and PvP. When you first begin on this server, you will be dropped somewhere near the coastline of Chernarus with a basic set of items. From there, you will need to build up your resources and reputation. Many of the traders will not sell items or equipment to you until you have built the appropriate reputation. In the beginning, you will need to find everything needed to survive. You will be challenged with starvation, dehydration and hypothermia. You will be hunted and risk losing everything you own. You will experience adrenaline pumping, blood curdling PvE and PvP encounters. You will need to truly earn everything you own on this server.

    As you advance, you will gain access to unique, high level traders who will sell you equipment that cannot be found anywhere else on the server. Eventually, you will gain access to the end-game traders who will sell you the most powerful weapons and equipment on the server. End-game content will not be easy to reach, nor will it be easy to maintain access to it. Reputation needed for access to end-game content can be just as easily lost as it was gained. In some cases more easily lost. It will likely take you weeks of enjoyment in this server just to be able to lay claim to high-end content.

    I have put exhaustive hours, days and weeks developing a unique new feel, yet maintaining an old-school feel in this server. I truly hope you enjoy your time playing with us.

    - New Accounts get 5k Reputation & 10k Pop-tab in Locker - 
    - Map Spawned Vehicles can be Claimed - Persistent Base Painting
    - Virtual Garages - Base Hacking - Costomizable Status Bar -
    - Adjustable View Distance - Deploy Bikes/Quads/Jetski 
    - Completely Custom Trader Zones - Legacy DayZ Trader Locations -
    - Advanced Tow / Lift System - Advanced Cargo System
    - Advanced Reppelling - Advanced Urban Reppelling -
    - Enhanced Movement - Customized Loot Spawns -
    - 1mil Locker Pop-tab Storage Limit - Underwater Weapon Firing -
    - 90+ New textures for most vehicles - Persistent Vehicle Painting -
    - Customized Service Station Features -
     All Base Arma 3 Vehicles & Aircraft -
    - Customized Mission System - Capture Point Missions -
    - Dynamic Roaming AI System - Personal Journal - Realistic Weather System -
    - Realistic 
    Temperature System - Warm Clothing System -
    - Base Raiding - Personal Base Locator - XM8 Mobile App Enabled -
     Friendly Community - Active Admin - PvE & PvP -
     High FPS - 4 Hour Restarts - Dedicated Server Box -
     New Custom Content Added Often -
    - Owner Operated Zeus Missions (at player request) -

    - Community Website: http://ultima-weapons-universe.enjin.com/ -
    - Community TeamSpeak 3: -
    - Discord: https://discord.gg/0bfJoi0XaNhjEzc5


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    I just got Arma 3 last week, after a lot of waiting. Some Exile mod videos sold me on it. I spent a few days trying a LOT of servers before choosing Ultima's server to play on full time. It's pretty fantastic. The admins are responsible and helpful, and the game is super stable. The player base is likewise very helpful over sidechat. The installed mods are great, and Ultima is often making improvements to the server. Five stars, and I can't wait to jump back on after work today! 

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    Server Staff in very Responsive, Server is lag free and the mod combinations are awesome. Keep it up.

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