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    WCD Exile Enhanced

    West Coast Defence is a huge international gaming community with over 500 members from 43 countries. We have tens of thousands of recruitment views across other ArmA mods. Recently we are looking toward Exile. Visit our website here.

    We host and maintain our own servers. Experienced and truly worldwide admin support. We have years of server running experience.

    Over the last month we have been preparing our Exile Enhanced modded Server. 

    WCD Exile Enhanced comes with many unique features including, WCD flags and npc's, custom vehicles and weapons, skins, as well as zombies and demons, multiple missions packs and PvP zones.

    We have a feedback thread on our website where you can request features to be added to the server.

    WCD Teamspeak has public rooms.

    Furthermore WCD has a social media platform, other servers, a shop, daily livestreaming, alpha/beta opportunities (21 this year alone) and a great community of men and woman many of which are over 30yo.

    Join our organized events or simply make a home on our community server. Know that your progress is safe for the long term.

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    [WCD] Davo

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    Great population in the evenings. Dedicated admin and modders. Fair play promoted and great fun.

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