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    Hello convicts, 

    Since the birth of our popular Empyrion server way back when, we set our sights on brighter horizons.

    Larger goals. One of these goals, to host a quality Exile server and deliver the best experience available.

    We currently are hosting two popular and stable 7 Days to Die servers with high server FPS and wish to

    bring this same server quality through dedicated and powerful machines to the Arma Community.

    With the help of our mature and friendly admins and our high quality servers, we hope you enjoy your time

    and wish to meet you on the server!


    [Weekenders Exile | CUP | RHS | EBM | Friendly Community]

    Server IP: exile.weekenders.us:2302

    Mods required: Click Here!

    Server Changelog:  Click Here !
    Server Rules: Click Here!


    • Base Raiding
    • 50 Player Slots
    • 6 Hour Restarts
    • Custom Traders
    • Custom Bambi Cities
    • 1000 Pop Tab Start
    • Mature and Active Admins
    • High Server FPS
    • Arma 2 Guns and Vehicles
    • Base Capture Missions
    • AI-Based Missions
    • Rocket and Grenade Launchers
    • Armed & Armored Vehicles
    • Load Crates and ATVs into Vehicles
    • Tow Vehicles

    Server side Scripts:

    • DMS Missions
    • ZCP Capture Points
    • Occupation AI (Roaming AI Vehicles, ground + air)
    • R3F Vehicle Towing and crate carrying



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