• ZeroSurvival: Exile Tanoa


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    ZeroSurvival is operated by a group of active, mature admins looking to create a fun and fair environment. We are constantly looking to improve our server, soliciting feedback from the players, and even have developed some custom scripts that are unique to our server. Extended Base Mod is required for clients. Our website, zerosurvival.com, has custom tools for monitoring your vehicles, doors, containers, and territories. You can even pay your territory fees online.


    • 20000 Starting Poptabs
    • Roaming AI
    • Air / Land Patrols
    • AI Missions
    • Vehicle Towing
    • Vehicle cargo loading for crates / small vehicles, plus sell crates and contents at the Waste Dump Trader
    • More player spawn points
    • Boss AI vehicles
    • Sell boss AI land/air vehicles for poptab rewards
    • Purchase temporary bicycles
    • Mission rewards include guns that cannot be purchased
    • Revive with defibrillator
    • Custom safezones
    • Anti Safe Zone Camping Script
    • Safe hacking
    • Flag stealing disabled
    • Extended Base Mod
    • Virtual Garage

    Additional Mod (optional / not required)

    • JSRS DragonFyre Sound Mod (Download)

    Additional Vehicle Anti-Griefing
    In addition to Virtual Garage, to combat griefing, locked vehicles in a territory were the owner is authorized to build are invulnerable at server start. It will be invulnerable until the owner logs onto the server, or a player uses the vehicle. Once one of these two events occur, it can be damaged / destroyed, so protect that vehicle!

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