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    Hello dear community,

    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.Zombie Hell exists since 2013, and has evolved since then . We have admins with much experience. Our main goal is to satisfy every gamer playing on our servers.
    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.We give you balanced gameplay with no overpowered Weapons or Vehicles.
    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.We have NO donator packages, no advantages for donators that will change the ingame feeling.
    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.The Admins are in love with this game, we also know many bugs of this game. If you have any problems with arma you can ask us.
    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.You can find our TS3 Server here: ts3-077.lan4play.de:11062 pw:2014
    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.We also have weekly events. Check this out! :)


    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11. Our current missions are simple "Capture the Town"! Check this out! :)

    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.We have change the complet Chernarus Winter Map to a Apokalyptik variante. Its was many work and allready not complet but thes feeling are so Creepy!


    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11. On the Map are many Not Marked trader where you can sell your stuff, inside the only Safezone called "SurvivorCamp" are some Traders where only sells this stuff what you need too survive.

    On the Special ZH-X-Trader you can sell your special Items too other players if you want.


    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.We have around 65 Persistend Vehicles on the Server you can´t buy Vehicles, Only find them! We have also include a other repair system so its "harder" too repair Vehicles

    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.We have also enabled Helicrashsites!

    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11. More Information about our servers can you find on our Website www.zombiehölle.de

    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11. On our Server are only First Person available


    Chernarus Winter

    Mods required:
    CBA A3
    CUP Weapons

    CUP Terrains Core

    Zombies and Demons




    You can simple download all mods with the A3 Launcher            ---->Click me<----

    Or you can use our Arma 3 Sync               ---->Click me<---- (Currently this thread only in german)

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    Very nice Server and finally a good Exilemod Server with 1st Person! <3

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    like everyone else said, finally a very good 1st Person (Hybrid) Server! I'm lovin' it!
    I advise you to try it out, even if you are not german (Most people will speak englisch at this server anyway.)


    • Cup Vehicles
    • Cup Units
    • Cup Weapons
    • BALANCED Guns
    • Very good FPS
    • Nice Team/Admins (listening to your posts on the forum)


    • View Players only (That can change)
    • No Revive (Can also be a PRO ...)

    Cya on the server!

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    The server looks very promising!! Thanks for this server alot!

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