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    Hello dear community,

    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.Zombie Hell exists since 2013, and has evolved since then . We have admins with much experience. Our main goal is to satisfy every gamer playing on our servers.
    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.We give you balanced gameplay with no overpowered Weapons or Vehicles.
    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.We have NO donator packages, no advantages for donators that will change the ingame feeling.
    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.The Admins are in love with this game, we also know many bugs of this game. If you have any problems with arma you can ask us.
    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.You can find our TS3 Server here: ts3-077.lan4play.de:11062 pw:2014
    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.We also have weekly events. Check this out! :)


    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.Our Missions are simple but they are really good. AI Mission and Modified Capture Missions

    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.Custom  Map means. We have many Custom Buildings on our servers! So come in and find out!


    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.Our Team provides fair Gameplay, so we changed all Trader prices.  We also removed overpowered Weapons and Vehicles.

    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.We have on our server the Virtual Garage enabled!

    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.We have also enabled Helicrashsites!

    9ab747_d741c2de02ae4224aa41410b9806aa11.Our Server have no SafeTraders





    Mods required:
    CBA A3
    CUP Weapons
    CUP Vehicles
    CUP Units





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    Its so much fun on this server:monkey::monkey:

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    Veex #RoadtoGoldnova

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    Good Server, nice balancing, most players are not retarded and admins are quite active and helpful.

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    We really love the customization on this server the most.

    • It looks realistic & damn beautiful and doesnt provide unfair lootspawns or weapons.

    More Server feedback:

    • The increased view distance (1500m) is really cool, if you enjoy arma for years and most servers run standard view distances (800-1000m) only.
    • They have really active & enthusiastic admins, who are available in the morning and night and weekends.
    • The capture missions are something really special and provide awesome pvp gameplay (spawns when 15 players online).
    • Chernarus Server has a great performance and loottable





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