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Found 12 results

  1. Otto Rosmarus

    [] DayZ Exile Napf

    Welcome to The International Gamers Federation It is a pleasure to have you join us. We are a growing community of friends, united by our love for gaming. We welcome you to our family. Our DayZ Exile server is one of a kind. While we may have some features that other servers do, it's our incredible attention to detail, awesome staff team, and experience in the industry that sets us apart from other communities. Our Management Team have been developing, administrating, and managing game servers and communities for more than 10 years combined. We at the International Gamers Federation create fun, memorable experiences and lay the foundation for life-long friendships. Play with us and you will find your second home. But enough about our awesome community, let's talk about the server... SERVER FEATURES [Required Addons + Connection Info Below]: Step back in time to those nostalgic moments of Arma 2 DayZ Overpoch and relive the glory days on Napf Island. Zombies. Lots of zombies (but not tooo many). We've brought back zombies to get that classic DayZ vibe. RHSAFRF and RHSUSAF are on the server. Play around with cold war and modern vehicles, weapons, and uniforms. Completely custom traders and trader cities. We have devoted a lot of time to ensure that our traders and trader cities have a realistic feel. After all, there's been a war and apocalypse, so expect some sketchy looking places. Completely custom DMS missions. Our AI missions are challenging but rewarding - with up to three running at a time, even during low population periods you will have no problem finding a fight (if you so desire). Custom survivor camps with loot spread across the map. Carry a radio on you near the north-east part of the map for a surprise - soon Random lootable heli and car crashes. Persistent vehicles across the map. Worry no longer about finding an awesome vehicle and putting all of your gear into it only to find it gone when you log in the next day. Non-persistent vehicles that spawn at missions can be claimed by using a codelock. Persistent time and weather. 4 hour days and two hour nights with varying weather. Let's just say you don't wanna be playing this alone at night. Revive scripts. Get chomped on by a zombie, or shot by a bandit? If one of your "friends" are carrying a CPR medkit, they can bring you back from the dead! If they're not carrying one, are they really your friend? Discord integration. You can manage your territory and get notifications from our Discord server. Link to join below. Getting chased by zombies or disgruntled survivors? Climb over a wall, or onto a roof and escape them using Enhanced Movement! Alternatively, if you're stuck on a roof and have rope, repel down! Escape never looked so easy. Spot a sweet vehicle but you're already in one? Tow it or lift it back to base and keep it. It's yours now. Hacking and grinding are viable options, but take a while to complete. Make sure you bring some friends to cover your derrière. Automatic restarts every six hours with warnings (All times EST: 12am, 6am, 12pm, 6pm) ensure everything is running like a well oiled machine. InfiSTAR antihack. To keep the experience fun and makes helping players much easier. Optional acceptable addons are available in our Workshop Collection [below] for an enhanced experience. Ambient DayZ music [currently being worked on, not yet available], advanced towing, airlifting, & repelling, Blastcore edited, and JSRS sound mod. Private, locked Teamspeak channels available for groups for discreet and instant communication. Restrictions apply, see our website [link below] for more info. PLUS MORE. We can't list everything here, you need to come check for yourself We're working on lots of new and exciting features, as well as improving current ones. Follow our progress on our website. OTHER NEED TO KNOW INFORMATION [ADDONS AND LINKS]: Download all the necessary addons to join our server through our collection on the Steam Workshop: Join us on Discord: At this time, our server is still in development. Some features are subject to change. You may experience some bugs while on our server. We have grand plans, and we hope that you can be there to witness them become reality. Expect slightly lower populations than usual, but rest assured that we are working hard to have everything finalized shortly. We have to start the ball rolling somewhere We encourage everyone to get involved in our community. You can learn more about how you can get involved by visiting and registering on our forum: Playing is more fun with friends! Use the discord link to invite your friends to our community - after all, we need your help to grow our family ALSO: We are actively developing a completely custom Arma 3 Zargabad Life server. Check out our Discord or website for more information on that! We hope this post has piqued your interest. We hope to see you on our server soon!
  2. Rezeh

    Legacy Exile

    New Exile server. We have respect loadouts, 75k poptab start. We are fully militarized and more, Come check the server out
  3. T.w² | Prime v2

    Premium Exile Chernarus

    Name: Premium Exile Chernarus A3Launcher: Search "Premium Exile Chernarus" and hit "JOIN" IP: Discord: Website: Mods: -Exile (Obviously) -CUP Terrains Maps -CUP Terrains Core -CUP Units -CUP Weapons -CUP Vehicles -CBA_A3 -TRYK -HVP Custom Scripts: -DMS Missions -ZCP Capture Points -Safe-zone Anti-Theft -ExAd XM8 Additions -Mission Crate Loading -Mission Crate Selling -Vehicle Towing -Respect Loadouts -Base Raiding -Enigma Revive -Better Killfeeds -Base Spawning -Rappelling -Custom Weed Harvesting Field -Vehicle Salvage -Many More
  4. Rabid Panda


    we have shut down this server to restructure, sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Spankin

    [WCD] Exile Tanoa

    Find out more HERE or Find use thru A3Launcher, just filter for WCD *IP: *Mods Required: Exile Mod - Extended Base Mod - CUP:Weapons - CUP:Vehicles - CUP:Units - CBA - TRYK Uniform 20k Starting Poptabs Higher loot spawns Virtual Garage/Hacking/Grinding SM_Vector Base Building Spawn at base every 15 minutes CUP Addons Extended Base Mods Advanced Rappelling Kill Messages 3 hour restarts Custom trader/spawn zones/black market trader Custom Loadouts based on respect SM_Logistics Towing/Hauling/Haul Crates Enigma Revive (and much more) Future community plans: Upload your own flags player stats inside XM8 Custom Missions Automated event system
  6. aussie battler

    Salty Dog

    Looking for a server with custom missions and some pvp action? See you on the battle field.
  7. Cody0520

    [SG] Exile Lingor

    We are a New Server that is Currently Hosting Exile on the Lingor Map, With Custom Scripts and Custom Addons Specially Made For Our Server. Please note if you are joining through a3 launcher and you dont load in, hit "ESC" and do direct connect and plug the IP in, for some odd reason it does not fully connect using A3 launcher. Server has a 99.9% up-time Rate and is online 23/7 running on a personal Dediserver server specs are listed on the website Why not 24/7? Well We do have downtime for restarts and minor bug fixes! But unlike other servers We plan The Updates and Bug fixes to take effect on Restart So We have minimal Downtime VS other servers shut down the servers right then and there on the spot to restart them. Player Slots are 90/ -2 For reserved Slots. So Jump on in, Say hi! and starting Killing AI! ---Website Scripts--- Custom Stats Script for Admins and All players to see! * Currently Work in Progress But Should be done and uploaded soon! ---Current Mods Being Used--- -Exile * can be found on A3 Launcher Or Steam -CBA_A3 * can be found on A3 Launcher Or Steam -CUP_Units * can be found on A3 Launcher Or Steam -CUP_Weapons * can be found on A3 Launcher Or Steam -CUP_Terrians * can be found on A3 Launcher Or Steam -CUP_Vehicles * can be found on A3 Launcher Or Steam ----------Custom Scripts---------- BaseKits Crate Selling Crate Loading Custom Loot Tables including CUP and All of Arma 3 and DLC content Custom Spawn Tables Parachuting/Halo Jumping Custom Crafting Custom Vehicle and Weapon Crafting Coming Soon! Custom Rank LoadOuts Player Driven Market For buying and Selling No more Traders Besides waste Dump! * Work In progress* Crate Box's random Spawning With Awesome Loot! * Hard to find But good reward ----------The Features of the Server are as Follows---------- Bi-Weekly Admin Events, Held On Weekends For More Active Players! Login Rewards for Dedicated Members Who Come back and play! A little incentive you may say * currently testing* Base Paint Coming Soon! * Currently Working on* 30k Start. Adult Staff that are mature and friendly! * Still looking for A few Staff Members Once the server starts to get populated So Visit Website and Apply! Dedicated Server Not a Virtual Server like most company host providers use so we get all the resources! Custom Scripts For Usage on the server AI Missions All Around The Map. Custom Traders, WasteDump, and Locker locations Custom Loot Tables * Still being tweaked for the best balance possible!* Custom areas Coming soon! *WIP* Crafting| Custom Vehicle and Weapon Crafting are Coming Soon * WIP* We are Using CUP Mods Units|Weapons|Vehicles Adding NIArms Soon* Basekits for all members Upon Request* 1 per player per Base For FPS's Reserved Slots Working So Admins can always Help players even when the servers are full! This Took A While To get Set up This is a PVP military Style server! So There is Tons of Vehicles to Choose from, Tanks, Boats, Jets, Helis, Land, Air, Sea Vehicles you name it Its in the server if it is using Arma or RHS mods So make sure you Join the Website to stay up To Date with all Changes Being Done on the server, and Future Request along with What is to come! If you need help to Join the server, Join Our Teamspeak We have Staff Waiting To Assist you! Looking For Website Developer, Support, Moderator.
  8. BotCreon


    -Bad- Exile Chernarus is a new Exile server with the hope to create a hostility free PVP environment. Rivalries do not require hate. People should be able to play against each other while not hating each other.
  9. PrestigeYT

    ExileZombies|30K|Loot|Build Kit

    Website: Teamspeak 3: Tanoa: Alits: Hey guys, its PrestigeYT or Jacob Lord here, and today im looking for new players to join our Exile Tanoa server. Our server can hold 25 people, It has custom scripts and areas. Heres a list of just some features. *Rad Zones(Extreme Loot) *Multiple Single Trade Zones(Gun trade, or a Boat trader) as well as 4 around the map *High Zombie infested zones *Custom admin events *Free build kit *Spawn a quad bike with a radio *Status bar *30k Start(20k extra via introduction post) *High FPS *CUP Weapons, Units,Vehicles,TRYK Multiplay Uniforms,Exile, and Ryans Zombies and Demons *Earthquakes *Active Admins *ZCP Zones *Launcher and armed vehicles *Great server hardware *Lifting and towing Come on by, and im sure you wont be diasppointed. We have a great owner, who is also a great dev and helpfull staff. I hope to see you soon.
  10. CPT.EliteWarfare


    ExileZombies started as a small modpack for our little community to enjoy so now we wanted other people to enjoy the server with us! Download mods need: Teamspeak 3:
  11. MAW3Y

    Exiled UK

    Welcome to Exiled UK Server Info Map: Tanoa The Server is currently hosted by QGS in Manchester and is limited to 24 slots to keep costs down, if the popularity of the server increases so will the slot numbers, teamspeak etc. Server Features DMS Missions Occupation Mod (Missions, roaming Ai, heli crashes etc.) ExAdClient - Hacking, Grinding, Virtual Garage and Halo Parachute SA Advanced Towing & igiload Status Bar +Loot 10k Poptabs start x2 High Value Hidden vehicles Crates spawn each restart containing a base starter pack and some goodies. You still need to purchase a flag! Vote for day/night. Server Rules You can build where it lets you, please don't block roads. No speaking in side chat and English only text. You can kill, steal, raid whatever you like, but don't be a dick about it. No cheating, exploiting glitches, duping etc.. you get the drift. We don't babysit! ** Updated 16/07/16 ** Additional mods installed (additional items added to traders) TRYK CUP - Vehicles, Units & Weapons Extended Base Mod (selected) Vehicles from HVP Mod ACiDy Tanoa Bridges ** Updated 21/07/16 ** igiload added to server ** Updated 24/07/16 ** ExAdClient added to server - Hacking, Grinding, Virtual Garage and Halo Parachute now added Occupation Mod & DMS tweaked and missions improved
  12. Darkpurge


    Looking for Zombies in HUGE amounts??!!! WE GOTEM Current ADDONS: Zombies & Demons DMS (AI MISSIONS) Status Bar CUP WEAPONS Community Base Add-ons (CBA) The only current coder is me :'( (which I'm fine with, don't have an issue coding) Currently looking for 2-4 more coders Please join HAVE FUN, KOS, and pvp, but don't forget about the zeds