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Found 9 results

  1. jjvaardt


    Hi Guys I keep getting this when my game begins to download the mission file. It worked 100% fine with version 0.961 I've redownloaded exile, verified arma 3 files, tried different servers It only happens with exile ---------------------- Process exit ---------------------- Exit code: 0xC0000094 - STATUS_INTEGER_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO Running time: 00:01:01.8198732
  2. Vitamin Carrot

    Setting Starting Money 0.9.8

    I am assuming that as of 0.9.8 in order to set the starting amount of pop tabs I will need to edit the 'money' column under the 'player' table? I say this as the money column appears to no longer be under the accounts table
  3. We have made an Exile server with CUP Mods. We have added the CUP Vehicles to the Vehicle Trader but when I want to buy one nothing happens. RPT Error: Cannot create non-ai vehicle CUP_B_Ridgback_HMG_GB_W, 4:11:43 Error in expression <llExtension _query); (_result select 1) select 0> 4:11:43 Error position: <select 0> 4:11:43 Error Generic error in expression 4:11:43 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_insertSingle.sqf, line 16 4:11:43 Error in expression <llExtension _query); (_result select 1) select 0> 4:11:43 Error position: <select 0> 4:11:43 Error Generic error in expression 4:11:43 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_insertSingle.sqf, line 16 ExtDB Error: [04:11:43:006018 +00:-1] [Thread 4136] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Error StatementException: MySQL: [MySQL]: [Comment]: mysql_stmt_execute error [mysql_stmt_error]: Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`exile`.`vehicle`, CONSTRAINT `vehicle_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`account_uid`) REFERENCES `account` (`uid`) ON DELETE CASCADE) [mysql_stmt_errno]: 1452 [mysql_stmt_sqlstate]: 23000 [statemnt]: INSERT INTO vehicle SET class = ?, account_uid = ?, is_locked = ?, position_x = ?, position_y = ?, position_z = ?, direction_x = ?, direction_y = ?, direction_z = ?, up_x = ?, up_y = ?, up_z = ?, pin_code = ? Mods: @Exile;@Esseker;@CUP Units;@CUP Vehicles;@CUP Weapons;@CUP Terrains - Core;@CBA_A3 + infiSTAR + ExAd It does this with all CUP vehicles but not the stock vehicles that came with Exile. Any fix because I have tried so many things to try to fix it.
  4. I can not join the majority of servers such as (hegexile, exo, uk111 and more) writes "You were kicked this game" have 2-3 server where I could go, I reinstalled the game + all modes, deleted files are associated with the Arma 3. This problem appeared with patch 0.9.8..
  5. DerpNL

    Server dont pass "loading map"

    Hi since last update i got a issue with my server, it doesnt want to continue loading the map in the loading screen. I manually added all new files that are needed for the 0.9.8 update (since i dont want to wipe unless really nececarry). Copy of rpt: RPT 7/3/2016 2:30 PM (dutch local time) Stuck with this issue for 2 days now, any one know what could be the issue? i've tried following: -steam dev update -changing codes as the lockers max hold config to 1 mil (since nobody has that amount yet) -redid the new way of traders (paste bin of this file: Traders Hope anyone knows the sollition cause i am out of options:( Kind regards, Silly Guy
  6. lfyg

    RisingEagles Tanoa-Z

    Welcome to RisingEagles Mods/Addons we are running DMS - Defent's Mission System (AI Missions) Ryans Zombies and Deamons Custom Trader Graphic and Audio mods for the atmosphere (download from our website - not required) InfiSTAR Anti hack ExileZ Active admins ..more soon info: there could still be some problems because the official mission.sqm is not released yet
  7. Prophayne

    Help with custom mission file

    Hey guys, I'm trying to learn how to make a mission file from scratch, and only have what few tutorials are lying around to try to do this. I've got a bit of the mission file done, and am hitting the mission file read from bank issue, and not really knowing what to do to start with doesn't help much when it comes to discerning errors. I'm posting my mission file in hopes that one of you fine ladies or gentlemen could help point me in the right direction, thanks in advance. I also apologize if this is in the wrong spot, didn't see a single "mission" category. edit: Spoiler went to hell so just dropping a pastebin link instead.
  8. Wahooiy

    0.9.8 Minor Bugs

    Just joined the AltisProject server running 0.9.8 and there are a few bugs which are immediately obvious (not sure if this is 0.9.8 or the server in general): - Can see other players (Hexagons), as if you were in a group. Players appear to get put into a group, as viewed if you were to press M > Team. - Status messages, such as 'Bambi state is now over' carries over after death. If you die before your bambi state is over, you'll get the message for you previous life after you've respawned. - Map markers slowly disappear?
  9. [FaTz]Ballermann96

    [GER] Exile 0.9.8 Tanoa by FaTz

    Required Mods: Exile Mod FaTzMods | Download Arma3Sync: | Includes: CUP Weapons Extended Base Ryanzombies CBA Jonzie TRYK Uniforms Server Features: Vanilla Exile/Arma 3/CUP Weapons items 5000 Pop Tabs Start 4 Hours Restart Normal loot spawns Player status-bar Dynamic AI missions Ryanzombies XM8 Apps Virtual Garage Towing Halo Parachute Deploy Bike Server Setup: Server is hosted in Nürnberg (Germany) Server is running on SSD-Drive