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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I have created this mission file for the new map Malden, I have created it so that if people want to save time they can by downloading this. I have personally made this so that it has a black market trader and has a Construction trader. (These can all be modified, if you need help I will be happy to help you!) This works with the newest Exile 1.0.3 update What is needed to install this: Arma 3 Steam Arma Link Running Exile 1.0.3 Server Exile Mod Download Extract Malden Open file Navigate to "MPMissions" Upload Exile.Malden to "MPMissions" Then navigate to "ExileServer/addons" Replace "exile_server_config" In "config.cfg" replace this following code: How to modify use PBO manager and open the PBO's Use notepad++ and open the config files EDIT AWAY (DONT DO SOMETHING IF YOU ARE UNSURE PLEASE ASK) What it includes: Spawn Points Loot spawns Custom buildings Custom Loot buildings Concrete mixers ATM'S are lockers (THIS CAN BE MODIFIED, USING CODE BELOW) Office Traders Cleaned code (More Performance) Easy to edit! What it doesn't include: Boat traders around the map Russian Roulette Concrete mixers around the map other than the traders Screenshots Download link Enjoy - ECN Gaming If people are getting no loot in areas, download the new mission file update and use that, or you can download it and move over the "fixes" folder to your mission file, then copy over the code from "config.cpp/customcode" This will fix the issue of loot spawns in barracks please note: This is created by myself and some of the loot spawns have been found in the Exile forums that can be found. I take credit for the buildings and traders, please give credit where its due Thanks to @matix0110 / @JJW for the cleanup IF THERE IS ANY ISSUES PLEASE CONTACT ME ON MY DISCORD: OR USE PM!
  2. Full RPT above I have a server hosted by Wombat Server The issue is that when i get in the game it seems to work fine it just does not spawn loot at all. I have seen bikes and the traders work fine All mods installed are listed at the top of the server. @Exile @Taunus @CUP_Terrains_Core @CUP_Terrains_Maps Server files I am using are from this post. If you need any information I will get it to you fast. I you need compensation for time we can work something out over PM. Thank so much for any and all help provided!!! Not sure if in right place I am sorry if not and if is pleas move. Thanks! :-)
  3. Hapre

    Exile 1.0.3 extDB3

    Hallo, kann mir jemand bei dem Problem mit meinem Exile Server helfen? Ich will auf Exile 1.0.3 mit extDB Updaten, soweit hat auch alles geklappt. Nur wenn jetzt jemand versucht zu verbinden, ist man etwas auf der Spawninsel (körperlos) und fliegt dann zurück in die Lobby. Ich hab halt keine Ahnung mehr woran das liegen könnte. Anbei auch dir rpt und die Datenbank log. Das einzigste was auffällig ist sind folgende Zeilen in dem rpt 11:54:19 Client: Remote object 3:0 not found 11:54:19 "Administrator/BIS_fnc_log: HandleDisconnect : 4edc5f0880# 1816744: invisibleman.p3d" 11:54:19 Warning: Cleanup player - person 2:1890 not found 11:54:19 Warning: Cleanup player - person 2:1890 not found