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Found 9 results

  1. ok so 1st time posting on forums if anything on any forums at all lol so I will try and make this brief... OK so, 1st of all I have a arma 3 exile server with GTXgaming I have just installed the new exile update within server "Pineapple 1.0.4" now I cannot get exiles Virtual garage to work option to store in there you proceed to choose a "nickname" for said vehicle upon which u click store and nothing happens whatsoever no errors within logs absolutely nothing, that's the 1st problem NOW 2nd issue I'm facing is status bar within server prior to update I had the whole "ExaD stats bar etc,VG "which also never worked" , and so on however stats bar did now ive just installed creampies status bar ? so went well server started 1st time upon doing setup statusbar "very surprised for me lol" however when I joined the server to check it I did so as an admin obviously and I was confronted just before finishing loading in with don't quote me "Osefstatusbar Admin not found" . if anybody would like to perhaps shed some light on my issues please, don't hesitate Kind Regard's Daniel.
  2. MrFreeTrax

    A3ProjectGaming Cherno Redux

    We want to introduce you a custom Exile server running on Chernarus Redux currently, and we are the first Server including the full ACE3 System (Currently only in Steam Workshop)! To see more and how to join us visit our Website at: Features: - Towing - Lifting - Crate in Vehicles - 64bit server framework (Normal 32bit for exile) - Zombies dropping Pop Tabs - 64bit - CUP Mods - Crafting Recipes shown in the XM8 - Extended Base Mod - JSRS Soundmod Support - Airdrops - Statsbar - Rearm pods for Helicopters/Ground Vehicles/Planes - Nice Admins - Custom Safe Zones/Trader Citys - Many XM8 Apps - High Performance - TRYK Uniforms - New Spawn Screen - Tanks/Attack Chopper for endgame content - Daily login Reward - 10k Start Money - The only Exile Server with Custom ACE Mod and many more!
  3. Batu786

    Coyote-Exile TANOA

    We have spend hundreds of hours to make this server unique. Creative world in which you have to survive against other players and zombies! Custom Trade Zones Missions to keep you entertained! Custom Apps to make your in-game life much easier! Make teams and meet new people!! FEATURES: - 60 Slots!!! - Zombies. - Base Building. - Reworked Tanoa Map (all Buildings have loot). - Custom Military Bases. - More than 30 Missions. - Extended Base Building. - Town invasions. - Capture Points. - NIArms All In One. - TRYKS Gear. - Vehicle Claim. - Spawn Lead-out. - Spawn at Territory. - Spawn Quadbike. - Hacking. - Crate Loading + Pickup. - Virtual Garage. - Friendly and Helpful Admins. - Keeping server lag to a minimum. - Militarized. - Loot+ (Gear your self up from scratch in minutes)!! - Custom Loot. - Heli Crashes. +More custom scripts coming soon.
  4. TWiG [US420]

    US420 - Exile PvE Militarized

    Militarized PvE Survival.... Missions, Roaming AI, non-combat extras... bla bla bla Client side Mods: CUP, RHS, Enhanced Movement, Extended Base Mod, Extended Survival Pack, Fox Survival Cars Server side mods: of Revive, Advanced Towing, Advanced Sling Load, R3F Logisitics, IgiLoad, Advanced Rappelling, Advanced Urban Rappelling, Outlawl's Mag Repack, Vector Building
  5. TheFarFlash

    Territory not saved in DB

    Hi, I try to get a new 1.0.4 running on a root with a new DB with extDB3. Territories will not be safed in the DB and the RTP Log give me following error: Here the whole RTP The extDB Log After that I corrected in the exile.ini the number of SQL1_INPUTS @ the line 558 of [createTerritory] from 11 to 12 Here the old exile.ini The result is the same error in the RTP but the error in the extDB Log changes to this The whole LOG here: Could anyone help me out of this misery, pls. The Testserver with 1.0.3 I was working on, was always fine. :-( THX
  6. L04DING

    [FR] BwS | Exile Escape Tanoa

    Bienvenue sur notre serveur Exile Escape Notre teamspeak : - Mot de passe : Tigre
  7. Hello Guys, Currently theres no loot Spawning after the update i done to my Server, the question is why? send help pls. My RPT Log:
  8. Overview of all the found and known issues. Open = Not started working on it yet Addressed = We think we solved it, will review in next RC Fixed = Confirmed working Addressed - If VG doesn't find a safe POS, it doesn't handle it correctly VG now just spawns vehicles where they were last put in Addressed - Ladder hatches aren't snapping correctly and doesn't give the climb option Addressed - Cannot purchase a vehicle after selecting a vehicle pin code Addressed - Huey blades do not move when flying Addressed - HMMWV turret flash is consistently there Addressed - BDRM2 turret flash is consistently there Addressed - Ladder Hatches weren't giving a climb option Addressed - Lada has black around the headlights (panda eyes)