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Found 9 results

  1. chall41

    [Open Beta] [Spectre]

    This is a server that's nearly finished at the moment we need players to come on and try it. As the players feedback will be the finishing touches to it. To make it a good Experience for all. Hope to see you all on there soon. Thank you SPECTRE
  2. Number

    Death at Dawn

    Mods: Extended_Base_Mod, Extended Survival Pack, CBA, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles, CUP Weapons, Russia 2035 mod pack, R3F Logistics, Advanced Urban Rappelling, FFAA, TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms, RwG Addon Mosquito, JSRS Sound Mod, JSRS CUP Support, HAFM Navy, HAFM Subs, NIArms All in One, KAW Weapons, VSM Equipment, SMA mod pack, TRYK [TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms], X66-Mammoth Tank v1.6, HMCS Addon(Mechs) (tons of scripts and other addons!) Description: Death at Dawn provides the full Arma Exile experience without the boring grind. If you are looking for a server with many, many vehicles and equipment items then look no further! Custom loot table adds high loot. Poptabs are fun and easy to earn. All vehicles, military and non-military, are available for a fair price in our custom shops. Enjoy many custom overrides and scripts that add various features that set us far apart from other servers. Plenty of prime land is available with a fresh wipe and we are builder-friendly! Top level territories have 500 base parts and 200m of land. We are a friendly community that welcome all new players. The server was recently updated and many new custom missions and events were added to freshen the game. TONS of custom Ai. No Ai aimbots! Gun fights are actually fair and very fun. Custom missions contain great loot crates so you should never have problems gearing up! Extensive testing was done to find the sweet spot for ai and missions. We are looking for players to enjoy the server with! Noobs and veterans welcome. PVP server, but let's keep it clean! Server features: -Server up for 3 years and counting -Missions: All custom missions using Blkeagles mission templates -Hundreds of vehicles-Some you may never have seen before -Underwater shipwrecks and other points of interest with mega loot -Live leaderboards at the traders -Custom Freedom aircraft carrier traderzone -Custom Smugglers Den Trader -Custom Flying Fortress -Custom Ghost Hotel trader -Custom Airport Trader with full service depot -Custom Ship Platform for spawning large ships and subs -Optimized A3XAI roaming AI (Many vehicles added to them!) -Improved tactical AI scripts -All Military vehicles with balanced prices (no endless grinding) -Extended Base building -Towing and lift of vehicles/boxes -Loading crates in vehicles and selling at wastedump -Custom status Bar -Many new infiSTAR xm8 apps adding awesome spawn vehicles -Lockable tanks -Deploy RWG Mosquito, M1152 deployment vehicle, personal watercraft or spend respect for a Metal Storm mounted gun -Fast nights 40x speed -Server restart every 3.5 hours with notifications -Anti-theft safe zone -infiStar antihack and custom apps -Stable server with active admins/owner -No admin abuse tolerated -Sell crates directly to the trader for tons of poptabs -Much much more and always updating (note to to self all pictures below are fully custom traders.) (note to self all pictures below are just some cool additions we have implemented to our server to make it different. We have done everything we can to make anything in the shops killable, Nothing you can buy will make you OP, there is always a way to take down another player) There are many more options we offer for players to have fun with so come give us a try if you are looking for a lag-free and exciting server with a friendly community! P.S. If you are trying to connect and you are stuck on connecting just hit ESC once then find us in the in-game server browser and join that way and you will go right in.
  3. FckingWoppa

    !NEW! Namalsk Redux Exile PvP

    GENERAL RULES Admins : FckingWoppa, skins, Silly Guy Respect admins. Admins decide. Do not argue with admins! All rules may change without notice! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *NEW*|Vanquish|NamalskRedux|PvP|100k|Loot+|Militarized|LoadOut|Convoy|Patrol|Artillery|CustomMissions|ZCP|Revive|Tanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are a custom server build to make every player welcome and help out as much as possible... Still room to add different MODs if want to... But we are a Militarized sever... Feel free to ask any question or anything on our Discord Page... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL NEW SERVER UP AND READY FOR ALL TO HAVE FUN.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Custom Traders... Custom Missions.... Convoy Missions... Patrol Missions... Artillery Missions... Hackers Mission... ZCP Missions... Paint... (Base Painting, Car Paint, Uniforms)... PopTabs In All Mission Boxes... Zombies... Wages... Radiation Zone (High Loot)... Base Building... Reviving Team Mates... Ship Wrecks... Hacking... (Safes & Containers)... Loot+.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Come Along And Have Loads Of Fun! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MODS:- CBA A3 Extended Base Mod Advanced Urban Rappelling Enhanced Movement WY Snow Winter Effects and Retexture Pack NIArms RHSUSAF RHSAFRF Ryanzombies S.T.A.L.K.E.R.- Live Zone -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord:-
  4. stevesquared

    SQ1 Exile Vidda

    Sick of the same old Exile maps? SQ1 Exile Vidda is an Arma 3 Exile server built around the unique map entitled Vidda. The terrain consists of vast escarpments surrounding valleys, snow rich tundra, and grassy forests to the south. With over 3000 custom placed buildings, compounds and fully rebuilt loot spawns, you are sure to get lost in the map of Vidda while fighting for survival in Exile. SQ1 is a PVP server that features Light Military Vehicles, Unique missions, Advanced towing, Enhanced movement, CUP Weapons and Vehicles, NIarms, Revive, Base Respawn among many others. Hop on to |SQ1|EXILE_VIDDA| for a brand new experience on a map never done before in Exile! Our IP is: If you need assistance you can always check for help on our discord: Again, welcome to SQ1, we think you will love it!
  5. Monkeynutz

    GADD Exile Tanoa

    Fun-filled Exile Tanoa with a few extras... Militarized High Loot Easy Loot Heli Crashes Gear Crates Missions PvP PvE Hacking Grinding Customizable Status Bar Customizable View Distance Virtual Garage Active Admins Constant changes to keep it balanced and fun Thermals Anti-Thermal gear Loads of explosions 64-Bit Extended Base Mod Custom messages Sniper Towers 20Mil locker limit!
  6. Pr1cK


    JOIN US JOIN US SmallBatchGaming presents it’s new Arma 3 Exile server. Appropriately named, SBG EXILE-Z|RZ-INFECTION|100K TABSTART|DMS AND OCCUPATION Map: Altis The server comes with just a two mods right now they are listed as below: Zombies and Demons A Workshop Mod for Arma 3 Author: Ryan This mod adds zombies and demons throughout the map mainly in the major cities, military infrastructures, and a handful of other locations. RZinfection_for_eXpoch A Workshop Mod for Arma 3 Author: MusTanG This mod adds infection that is spread through contact with zeds, it also adds cures for the infection a pill(temporary) and an injector(permanent) as exile consumables. The same server rules apply on here as they do on many other servers. No hacking. No exploiting. PvP is allowed and base raiding is encouraged. We have a 150 slot teamspeak available (hop in to ask questions We also have 7D2D, Arma 3 Life (in development), Conan Exile, Rust, as well as a Modded MC server up at this time. Hop in for some fun, looking for exp. staff join TS for info
  7. Wardbeek


    AI missions Loads of vehicles gear and weapons Good admins Lot's of things to do.
  8. gamerdergo

    [GER|ENG] John Exile

    Come and join our server to get 10k startmoney! We are a new Arma3 Exile Server with awesome scripts.
  9. SmurfYea


    New map with all the APEX content, exciting server, laid back admins willing to help with anything. Server Events soon to come