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Found 3 results

  1. Leo65


    Hi guys, I am running game servers for more than 10 years now but first time an Arma 3 one. Server hosted in a good dedicated machine. My main goal is to give everyone a good gaming experience so I was trying not to overload the server with useless stuff. Enjoy
  2. Blain

    /////-PLAYBOX-\\\\\ Exile Altis

    Wir sind PLAYBOX! Playbox ist ein Arma 3 Exile Project, das von einem ehemaligen ServerTeam neu gegründet wurde. Nach langer Abstinenz aus der "Scene" sind wir nun wieder da, und wollen Euch ein tolles Spielerlebnis liefern, und unsere Leidenschaft wieder ausleben Das Gründerteam besteht aus dem Scripter Blain, so wie die Admins Leanas, Barcadi und m55m-Artemis. Nach dem wir als Scripter/supporter uns von einem anderen Server trennen mussten, haben wir uns als Spieler auf verschiedenen Servern herumgetrieben und haben einiges gesehen und erlebt.....aber nie fühlten wir uns richtig wohl, da doch irgendwie immer etwas fehlte oder uns einfach nicht gefallen hatte. Dieses Gefühl wollten wir nicht mehr und haben entschlossen uns wieder einem eigenen Server hinzugeben, der uns so wie hoffentlich Euch, all das bietet was Ihr sucht Wir haben viele bekannte Scripts auf unserem Server wie die Virtuelle Garage, ebase, AI- Base, R3F and IGILoad, AIMissions, Deploy Quad or jetsky ,High Loot, Revive, Bush Kit, Player stats, Lockpicking, Statusbar, paintshop, Baseraiding, Base hacking, Flag/virtuelle Garage hacking, usw. aber auch customs Scripts, customs Zone wie z.b District 9 und Sector B, Vehicle crafting und das ist erst der Anfang! Was macht uns besonders? Wir versuchen ein Spielgefühl zu liefern wie zu den DayZ zeiten, aber nicht Ohne die Gegenwart zu vernachlässigen. Den Spieler/ Das Spiel Gefühl im Vordergrund zu setzten. Die Leute schnellst möglich zu Supporten und Glitcher/Duppern keine Chance zu geben. + Arma enhanced movement (optional) + Urban rappeling (abseilen/optional) + exile...natürlich Wir wünschen Euch viel Spaß und guten loot auf unserem PlayBox Server. Euer PlayBox-Team Blain -(Scripter-/-Admin-/-Serverbesitzer) Leanas -(Map Designer-/-Admin) M55M -(Admin-/-Support-/-HP Erstellung-/-Verwaltung-/-TS-3 Erstellung/Verwaltung) BacardiM -(Admin-/-Support/- Map Designer-/-HP Designer) Tazz -(TS-3 Designer) English version! Server Info Playbox is an arma 3 Exile Project, that was founded by an former Serveradministration team. After a long time of abstinence from the scene we re finaly back, and want to provide you an awesome gameplay on our Server. The founder team consists of 4 people, our scripter Blain and 3 admins Leanas, m55m, BarcadiM. After we had to seperate from an other Server as Admin team, we played alot on different Servers, there we had all kind of different experience. But never we felt to be on the right place, everytime we though something was wrong or missing. This feeling we wouldnt want to go throug anymore, and made the decision to make an own sever again and we hope that this server is going to be awesome for us and hopfully for you We got a lot well known Scripts running on the server, like VirtualGarage, AirDrop, AI-Missions, igiload, r3f, deploy quad or jetski, high loot , revive, bush kit, player stats, BaseRaiding safe/garage/doors), statsbar, and many other scripts aswell as 2 huge custom zones (Sector B mission, Distirct 9 high loot zone) and soon yo will be able to craft vehicle. Rappeling from building and bases! What makes us special? We will try always to give you players the best playing experience possible, what does that mean? Blain is alway looking for new scripts, that he can do by him self that are fun to use ore make the game a bit more enjoyable We will ensure that the server is always stable, we take care of a lot of thinks, we cant be perfect but we try to be perfect We listen to our community, if you want something to change or new..have ideas of some new possibilities, we will listen. As for now, we got following Mods on our Server + Arma enhanced movement (optional) + rappeling (abseilen/optional) + exile... We wish you alot of fun and good loot on our Server. Your PlayBox-Team Blain -(Scripter-/-Admin-/-Serverowner) Leanas -(Map Designer-/-Admin-/PR) M55M -(Admin-/-Support-/HP Designer) BacardiM -(Admin-/-Support/HP Designer) Tazz -(TS-3 Designer) Server: Upcoming changes on Playbox-Exile, We finally introduce our rework of the hole map Altis on ExileMod It's not done yet, but here a liddel sneak peak...what it will be, to play on our Server. Playbox SaveZone Mit Freundlichen Grüßen DAS PLAYBOX TEAM
  3. Dead Pool

    The Dirty Dozens Exile Charnerus

    We here at The Dirty Dozen, offer a fun, intense, and competitive playing experience that will make you want to call this place your home. While a maintaining a user friendly environment, With maturity and respect to all players. The ability to build yourself a base to store hard earned loot. We offer high loot, roaming A.I. Do you have loot you want to sell? Hit up a Trader Camp and purchase yourself a wide range vehicles. Whether you need a small form of transportation, or a heavy tank to get your revenge. If you don’t have money, you can find a variety of land, air, and water vehicles throughout the maps. Admin Events do take place depending on the admins. Payout's for the winners vary in prizes. We hope to see you all out on the field. "As the server Owner, I try to bring the most to my servers with respect towards my players. I don't take BS from stupidity, I am a retired NCO and most of my staff are retired military as well. we are all here to have fun and enjoy our selves whilst drinking a beer and blowing shit up. Just remember, It's a game. " - Dead Pool MODS EXILE (A3 Launcher) CUP Core (A3 Launcher) CUP Terrain (A3 Launcher) Community Based Add-onn (A3 Launcher) Community Upgrade Project - Units (A3 Launcher) Community Upgrade Project - Vehicle (A3 Launcher) Community Upgrade Project - Weapons (A3 Launcher) MAS Weapons (A3 Launcher) MAS Vehicles (A3 Launcher) RHS: US (A3 Launcher) RHS: Russian (A3 Launcher) TRYK Uniforms (A3 Launcher) HVP (A3 Launcher) NIA (A3 Launcher) Extended Base Mod (A3 Launcher)