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Found 24 results

  1. Robinandr

    Arctic Fox Gaming

    We are a fairly new server/community. We have a server in Tanoa (Hopefully more in the future). The server was wiped last on the 6th of February.
  2. Kweezeee

    Unreal Exile

    ---UnReal Exile--- Features. Chernarus -Militarized (Balanced) -Hacking -Grinding -Extended base mod -missions -Active staff -Friendly community -Events -Virtual Garage Wheater Buy building supplies at trader Improved UI Extra FPS Tanks Armed Helicopters ARMA II Weapons
  3. Anamy

    [GER]Exile Chernarus |Loot+|FPS+

    Ein Besuch sagt mehr als 1000 Worte. worauf wartet ihr noch?
  4. (OSG) Owens

    HEG |10k|Missions|Roaming AI|New

    Welcome to Highly Entitled Gaming - Altis Server features: -Custom DMS missions -Roaming AI -ZCP capture points -CUP weapons ~ Adding Soon -NIarms/HLC weapons ~ Adding Soon -Enhanced movement -TRYK clothing ~ Adding Soon -NATO RUS vehicles ~ Adding Soon -Active admins & TS support! This and much more! Our goal was to create a place where people could enjoy playing Exilemod. We have added many custom features on our server to provide the best experience possible, and we are working hard to improve our server each and every day! We have mods that have experience in both Exilemod and Altis, to provide you the best help possible, at any time of the day (US and EU times). Our server runs on a single dedicated server, this together with carefully selected mods, and optimisations, which ensures the best possible performance both for the client and the server. The server is NOT monetized and will be soon! Feel free to visit our website, join ts for a chat or join us on the field!
  5. doomside2


    new server with friendly players lots of missions all welcome !! info add me on steam doomside2 or join tspk @

    [UK] WWCY |Altis|Exile

    WWCY - We Will Cut You - a gaming community started in 2015 by a group of like minded gaming friends, We have 2 Arma3 servers, this and Tanoa. We have 2 Ark Survial Evolved servers, The Island and The Centre. Why not join with us and enjoy the fun and frolics of this gaming family. This server is PVE only.
  7. ]TPG[ Spectre

    ]TPG[ TotalPunishmentGaming EXIL

    TPG was started on April 20, 2008 and originated as a Steam Clan that hosted servers for and focused on playing FPS games through Steam, like Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat: Source. In 2012, we expanded our gaming genres to include any and all games that our Community enjoys, from RTS's to MMORPG's. We're all about fun, so feel free to hop on our forums, chat with us on TeamSpeak and join us in whatever game it is we're playing! Recently we have sought to revive our previous Exile Server. We prided ourselves in having one of the best Chernarus economies which helped us maintain a healthy Exile Community for over a year! Now TPG Exile is back and we aim to accomplish the same goal! From extensive testing of applications and careful configuration for pricing, rich with quality chosen mods, we are ready to pick up right where we left off. Our Features: DMS Missions A3 Exile Occupation (Roaming AI/Hunter AI/Town Occupation/Trader Helicopter Transport/Vehicle Patrols) ZCP Capture Points (PVP BattleZones) InstaDoc Hotkey (BackSpace) Enhanced Movement Advanced Towing Advanced Rappelling Advanced Sling Towing / Helicopter Towing Vehicles $999,999 Locker Cap Radiation Zones ExAd Virtual Garage ExAd Core ExAd StatusBar ExAd XM8 ExAd BRAma Recipes (Craft Book) ExAd Apoc's Airdrop ExAd Bike Deploy ExAd View Distance Settings ExAd Personal Base Markers ExAd Journal Base Height restriction to 30 meters (about 5 stories) Enigma Revive System Gas Station Economy Rearm Laptop Hacking Locked Door Grinding 3 Server Restarts Our Mods: CBA Exile Enhanced Movement CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps Open Chernarus Project NIArms - Complete RHSUSAF RHSAFRF FHQ Accessories TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms We look forward to seeing you out in Exile, and look forward to your contribution as part of the community to keep the server healthy and strong!
  8. Morpheus_34

    [GER]PVE DAUV Exile/Altis

    Guten Morgen/Tag/Abend liebe Community Wir von DAuV möchten euch unseren Arma 3 Exile Server etwas näher bringen und euch Diesen kurz und knackig vorstellen. DAuV exestiert schon seit 01.08.2016 und ist eine kleine wachsende Spielgemeinschaft aus erfahrenen Spielern. Wir möchten euch deshalb herzlich dazu einladen unseren Server zu besuchen. Server Features: Startgear Statusbar Aktive Admins 10k Start Guthaben Random AI & Patrole Dynamische AI Missions vemf Missions Towing High Loot Xm8 Apps Heli crashes Snap Building Extended Basemod Private Nachrichten Infistar AntiHack Safezone to Safezone Taxi Service und noch viel mehr... Wie kann ich auf DAuV spielen? Um auf unserem Server spielen zu können benötigt ihr: Exile Mod Extended Basemod Advanced Towing Server IP: TS³:
  9. Morpheus_34

    [GER]PVE DAUV Exile/Tanoa

    Guten Morgen/Tag/Abend liebe Community Wir von DAuV möchten euch unseren Arma 3 Exile Server etwas näher bringen und euch Diesen kurz und knackig vorstellen. DAuV exestiert schon seit 01.08.2016 und ist eine kleine wachsende Spielgemeinschaft aus erfahrenen Spielern. Wir möchten euch deshalb herzlich dazu einladen unseren Server zu besuchen. Server Features: Startgear Statusbar Custom Spots 10K Start Guthaben Aktive Admins Random AI & Patrole Dynamische AI Missions vemf Missions Towing High Loot Xm8 Apps Heli crashes Snap Building Extended Basemod Private Nachrichten Infistar AntiHack Custom Bridges Safezone to Safezone Taxi Service und noch viel mehr... Wie kann ich auf DAuV spielen? Um auf unserem Server spielen zu können benötigt ihr: Exile Mod Arma 3 Apex Extended Basemod Advanced Towing Server IP: TS³:
  10. D0Nk

    *NEW* SWE/EU

    Brand new server, still in development but it has the standard mods and addons to satisfy your needs! Features so far: • XM8 custom apps • Shipwrecks 20 - 80k poptabs • Loot crates • DMS with custom missions • Roaming AI • Enigmas revive • Infistar anti-hack • Status bar • Towing and rappelling • Extended base building with vector • Viewdistance settings • Improved AI • Police city occupations - more stuff will be added, jump in and give us your feedback!
  11. Gr33n

    [GER/ENG] Team-BnF Exile Tanoa

    Hey guys, we launched our server almost 3 weeks ago and so far we get around 20 players at weekend. Here are some Infos: New players will spawn with 10.000 poptabs and 1.000 respect. Spawnzones are located in smaller cities because people are most likely to loot in the bigger ones. If you win a PvP battle it is very annoying that your opponent is able to respawn almost on top of you, so we hope this issue is fixed. Players spawn with one "Ducttape" usable to craft either a Bike, Quad or Jetski located in your XM8. There's a great chance you will spawn with a bottle of water and an empty can. Sometimes you will get an empty bottle or even a can of food. Territories and Families Creating a family costs 25.000 poptabs. Only one territory per player is allowed. The level 1 flag costs 15.000 poptabs. We have 7 base-level in total and everytime upgrading it, the costs will double. So everyone is able to build a base quite fast and easily, but to reach the maximum base-level 7 it will take some time and a big amount of poptabs. The costs to maintain your base are 10 poptabs per part. For example if you have 80 parts in your base you will have to pay 800 poptabs. Ai Missions (DMS) We have nearly customized all ai missions running on the server to fit our needs. There are two extra forum threads including all information we are able to give. You should definitively check them out! [DMS] Static Missions [DMS] Dynamic Missions Armed Vehicles We decided to implement armed vehicles and also some tanks to our exile server! Many people might think they are way too overpowered. So we decided to adjusted them. Of course it is not easy to afford them, so you have to put some work in it. First of all you need a high respect level and a ton of poptabs to buy armed vehicles. Almost every purchasable armed vehicle will spawn without ammo. In that regard you have to rearm them. In order to rearm your vehicle you have to spend poptabs on each magazine. The only way to buy this stuff is at the "Vehicle ammo" crates located in every trader city next to a vehicle trader. So if you have the cashflow and you feel to spend half a million on a tank, you can do so and buy a fucking tank! To keep it in balance, we added rocketlaunchers and rockets to the specops trader. Lifting and Towing We have different options to combine vehicles on the server, for example you can tow a car behind another car using a rope. With Igiload you can load AI Crates or small cars onto Offroad`s or Trucks. With a helicopter you will be able to lift Cars, boats and even AI Crates, depending on the mass your chopper is able to lift. Rappelling Your mate dropped you on a high tower but forgot to take you off? No problem, the rappelling mod allows you to "rope" yourself down. Apoc`s Airdrop If you have enough poptabs in your wallet you can purchase an airdop in your XM8. Until now there are some different airdrops such as food-packages, base building stuff or weapons. Claim Vehicle If you find an abandoned vehicle you can claim it as your own. To do so you have to get in the driver seat first, than use the scrollmenu to select "Claim Ownership", but there is a codelock required to claim a vehicle. Thanks to Zefort for his suggestion. Respect Here you can see the different respect level on the server. The higher your respect level is, the more stuff you are able to buy from the traders. The respect level will increase if you kill some bots at the AI missions or some players. As opposed to this if you kill a so called "bambi" or a teammate you will loose a big amount of your respect, so be careful and watch out! Level2 - 5000 Level3 - 12500 Level4 - 20000 Level5 - 35000 Level6 - 50000 Make sure to check out for our raffles. The prizes vary from a gift of poptabs to an increase of your respect. You can earn 5.000 respect if you create a Topic in the Feedback section telling us your own oppinion about the server. But you have to let us know that you want your reward! Just write something like: "hey btw, please reward me with that 5.000 respect, bro!" If you give us feedback it will help us to improove the server and to create the unique and awesome atmosphere we are hoping to archieve. It's also a good way to give you, the players, a small gift and to say thank you for your time. JSRS4 APEX - Soundmod We enabled the optional sound modification JSRS4 APEX. You can find and download it at right here from This mod is optional. You dont need it to play on the server. Feel free to visit us greetings Gr33n
  12. BotCreon


    -Bad- Exile Chernarus is a new Exile server with the hope to create a hostility free PVP environment. Rivalries do not require hate. People should be able to play against each other while not hating each other.
  13. Sampson

    iBB Dariyah PVP | Enhanced Move!

    WEBSITE: MODS: Exile | G.O.S. Dariyah | Enhanced Movement | RHS AFRF + USAF | SMA | MRT | CBA | CUP Terrains Core Optional mods: Armed vehicles fix | JSRS4-Apex FEATURES: 8 slot Virtual garage Vehicle towing Helicopter lifting Exile base demolition EXAD Safe hack and vGarage hack using Laptop Highly customized DMS Missions and AI skill levels Mission crate loading | Sell direct from crate! Player revive using defibrillator! Limited to one revive per player life Spawn with ATV deploy using extension cord Extremely high client-side FPS 3,500 meters increased view distance Increased poptab storage for Safes (500,000) Increased territory radius sizes | Increased maximum construction pieces Chop wood directly into nearby vehicles All sights & scopes fit on all weapons Radiation zone with highest-value custom loot table Custom loot spawns | Refueling areas | Rearm areas | Water sources Custom traders | Safe & unsafe | Vehicle price list found in the website main menu Must loot silencers, top-tier weapons, thermal scanners, knives and laptops. All ammunition is available from the trader | RPGs available | No lock-on rockets available Bright full-moon nights | /vote day | /vote night Exile Armed Vehicles Fix mod Excellent quality server hardware | Well located for nearly all regions Active admins | No badmins | No kid admins Happy to assist you in connecting to our server 10,000 starting poptabs Server Description We invite you to experience the premier of Exile on G.O.S Dariyah, a truly unique Exile mod experience brought to you by iBOXBEARS. We are the first server to incorporate Exile mod into G.O.S. Dariyah, by painstakingly adding every feature that would otherwise be missing such as loot spawns, choppable trees, trader zones, water sources and fuel sources, and much more. We are very pleased with the results, and we're sure you'll agree. G.O.S. Dariyah offers exceptionally high client-side frames per second (FPS). If you get 30 FPS on most servers, you will easily achieve 75 FPS on ours. This increase in FPS should especially interest users who are considering recording or streaming their Exile mod gameplay, as recording gameplay can be difficult for lower-end PCs. This higher available FPS will also allow you to dramatically increase your video quality settings, making your videos look even better than ever possible before. Our goal has been to create a quality Exile experience for players of all skill levels and play styles. Through a finely tuned custom AI difficulty, custom pricing system, and custom loot table and loot spawns, we have struck a balance which enables players of all gaming styles to have an enjoyable experience. These customizations combined with our selection of scripts focused on base raiding will help to ensure that there's always something fun for players to do. Not only does G.O.S. Dariyah offer long-time players of Exile a fresh experience on a new map, we believe there are many players who did not purchase the most recent Arma 3 DLC (Apex). Apex items/vehicles are enabled on our server, however Apex is not required to play on it, which ensures that any and all of your friends will be able to join you on our server if they choose. So come stake your claim in the desert, and engage in the unending battle over money and resources. Gather your breaching materials, and wage war against your enemy's bases! Gather money, and use it to patrol the desert sands in a vast selection of unarmed and armed combat vehicles. Welcome to the deserts of Dariyah.
  14. AAwacs


    If you are looking for an hardcore Exile mod survival server, this is the good one. list of required mod : - EXILE 1.0.1 - CUP TERRAIN CORE 1.2.0 - CUP TERRAIN MAPS 1.2.0 - RYAN ZOMBIES AND DEMONS 4.6 - TRYK's Multi-Play Unifrom's pack 0.9.4b DEV IN PROGRESS ON THIS SERVER, SORRY ABOUT THAT.
  15. The_Third

    [QC] Death by Exile

    Bullet point style for ADHD people like me You start with 10k in your locker to make the beginning a bit smoother. Augmented non-persistent vehicle spawn. Prison island doesn't mean running all the time. AI missions / AI factions to inject some action and cool rewards. Other cool server addons, nothing client side. Joining the server must remain simple. Overall we setup the server for people that enjoy this mod (we really do!) but that don't have that much time to play. Easier start, more vehicle to wander around and dedicated admins that listen to the community.
  16. Phantom Snake


    bonjour a tous sur le serveur vous pourrez trouver des mission aléatoire mais aussi des occupation des villes qui rend la recherche de loot plus stressant et moins ennuyeux, ont commence avec 10000 pops tabs . possibilité de remorquer les véhicules , mettre les caisse des mission réussi dans sont véhicule , amuser vous
  17. Lifeman <>

    ARP Tanoa Exile Server

    Come join one of the best ArmA communitys out there with great people to be around friendly staff team and we are on almost 24/7 we also got a very good development team on our back. You will start of with 10,000 pop tabs in your lockers to help you out if you want to start building your own base! We also got the new Apex items and weapons inside the trader. Hope to see you on our server!
  18. Vulcain

    Serveur FR AllStars

    Bonjour, Nous offrons les caisses de constructions et une caisse de bienvenu pour les nouveaux joueurs.
  19. z3sp

    [District Se7en] Exile Namalsk

    District Se7en proudly presents and ArmA 3 Namalsk Exile Server! I started this server with the purpose of trying to revive the old style DayZ servers where it is more survival based rather than high loot/PvP based. So with that in mind, loot is scarce, weather conditions such as fog, overcast and rain play into the server. I want to try to recreate the awe and buzz back when ArmA IIs DayZ mod first came into the public domain. We have not packed the server full of high loot. The server runs Namalsk, as I feel that It is probably one of the best maps to recreate a survival feeling. We firmly believe that base building is the way forward, which is why we have increased the amount of items you can build in a territory by 20 for each level. We have a strong ruleset for base building, we dont want those eyesore sky bases which are built for PvP, we want nice, aesthetically pleasing organised bases. Server Mods [Required] @CBA_A3, @Exile, @Namalsk, @CUP_Weapons, @CUP_Units, @CUP_Vehicles. Additional Addons: MarXet: - A System that allows players to put items up on the market for a price they desire and other players can buy them. AKA Auction House, found in Trader City Defiants Mission System: - AI Group Spawning, Static and Dynamic Missions Exile Occupation: - A System that spawns AI to occupy towns and city, bambi AI [Friendly to Players] spawn and fight enemy AI, Random loot crates, Roaming AI and DayZ Styled Heli crash sites. Zupa Capture Points: - Allows Players to take control and capture a generated base for a set amount of time, capture it as a group or solo, once captured, a crate will parachute down and give weapons, clothing and poptabs as a reward. - AI is the first line of defence and will attack close to capture. Base is cleaned up [Deleted] via a carpet bomb 300 seconds after capture. We plan on implementing the following but I am having issues installing XM8 apps at the moment. - Virtual Garage - Lock Grinding - Base Hacking - Repair Mate - Recopies - Custom Airdrops [For Poptabs] - Deploy Bike Note: The server still needs quite a bit of tweaking, as do the forums, if you want to contribute to the forums, please do so, it will greatly help. As a registration reward, we will give you 10000 Poptabs free. Also note you start with 10k Poptabs too. This is a server I am really hopeful of, so come and join us. Thank You, Saiko D7 Owner
  20. HoboSavior


    This is a brand new server (03.19.16). Our server is home of the HAP mod, created by HoboSavior. It features over 300 new items and textures including vehicles, weapons, helmets, backpacks, vests and uniforms. We even have tons of new weapon and vest textures for the Marksmen gear! We will continue to add new items and textures to the HAP mod every two weeks allowing us to continually bring in more things the players want to see. This is a brand new community and we need your help to make it grow. We currently have player ranks, roaming ai (not OP either), ai missions, custom map edits and more. HAP mod is available through Steam or on the A3Launcher Below are just some of the items featured in the HAP mod, and we'll be adding more and more based off what you want to see. Visit us at to learn more. we created HAP mod and we add new items to it every week! over 300 new items including vests, helmets, weapons, backpacks, uniforms and vehicles we have over 70 custom textures for vehicles in Exile gotta watch out for these AI in the contamination zones!
  21. VNagelfar

    SaD ExileMod Namalsk Server

    Server IP: Wir sind umgezogen! Nachdem Chernarus uns zu ungemütlich wurde, sind wir auf die schöne Insel Namalsk gewandert. Hier erwarten uns traumhafte Strände und besondere Sehenswürdigkeiten. Da mittlerweile alle Dinge die wir an CUP, MAS oder wie auch immer die alle hiessen in ExileMode implementiert wurde, spielen wir ohne diese Mods (mal ehrlich die Waffen verwendete eh keiner). Tryk werden wir noch einbauen, da Schneeuniformen hier ideal sind Zieht euch warm an! Mods: Exile Mod for Arma 3 Namalsk Map (Arma 3) From Steam Workshop: Ryan's Zombies and Demons Scripts / AddOns: AI Systems: DMS - Defent's Mission System - AI Mission Systems VEMF - City Invasions (High Loot) ExileZ 2.5 Custom StatusBar Safezones Welcome Script Custom Time Script Features: Karma System, Earn Points From Killing AI, Players & Zombies Zombie infested zones Fast Day - 3 Hours day / 1 Hour night Arma 3 Lift Repair, Re-Arm and Refuel Service Stations 10.000 POPS Amount for new Players Automated 4hr reboots with warnings Server Specs: Proxmox-Cluster (Aktuell 4x3,1 Ghz für ExileMod) 1 TG HighSpeed Drive 16 GB Ram (6 GB for Exile) 200 MBit Internet Connection
  22. TMHackSaW

    [UGC] NAPF

    Untitled Gaming