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Found 8 results

  1. LeadEx

    [Liberation] Tanoa PVP

    Welcome To The Liberation Gaming Server We Make a very big server to Have FUN. Active admins, Good fps and easy to start. Features Extended Base Mod Recipes ZCP Capture Points DMS Missions Traveling Safe Zones Deploy 4 different vehicles Unlimited Lockers Spawn Base Enigma Revive Claim Any Spawned Vehicle Load crates into Vehicle Sell from crate Service Points for Rearm/Repair Advanced Towing/Rappelling Custom Loadouts for Respect Advanced craft system Paintshop Vehicle Craft (CDAH Mod) Soon Safe Lock Picking Bounties Paint Base Dynamic Weather And much more
  2. Squanchy


    We host our own Arma 3 server with the best connection which gives you a constant low ping. Because we try to help everyone and connect our player we have a Discord server which provides you with all kinds of stuff. Make yourself a home on our Server! We are trying to help you as good as we can and if you have a question we are always reachable trough discord. We have some features added to provide you the best experience we can. Like: Zombies, Supply Drops, Bike deploy, Wages, Statusbar, extended XM8 Apps and so on. IF that is not enough we are open to every suggestion you drop in our discord server. Since we are new we can need some ideas. So you can decide what changes we should make! We could also need some help by admins!
  3. obermaig

    2xW Exile PvP Chernarus Winter

    2xW Runner Gaming Group and [GER] Funreal Group announce the opening of the Arma 3 Exile PvP Server on Chernarus-Winter Map. The server functions are based on the many Exile-Reborn features and offer you the unique survival environment to play. Customized map in connection with more enterable buildings from the Open Chernarus project offers you a wide range of possibilities to defy the dangers of the environment. Customized survival recipes will help you heal the injuries and build your own fortified and secure shelter sites. The admins speak German, Russian and English and are trying to solve the problems and develop servers further, we hope you will have fun here! Current Server Features: - WY Snow Addon get wonderful Snow Effects and unique Snow Gear and Vehicle-Skins - Respawn at own Territory - Mountain bike crafting ( Box of Screws needed , in Bamby loadout included) - Custom crafting (see crafting Recipies) - Resting by Campfire give you healing, the CampFire can be ignited by Paper and Flares - 15000 Pop Tabs as welcome gift, the Locker Limit is incteased to 500 000 Pop Tabs - Metal Farming with a Sledge Hammer (see for Large Shipping Container) - Chopped Wood land directly into your Vehicle - Custom Map Locations (e.g. Veresnik Military Base, like DayzSA ) - Virtual garage, towing, IgiLoad and halo jump - Fully configurable StatusBar - Fast nights (only one Time at end every 4 hours before the Restart) And much more little tweaks and additions! Come see for yourself
  4. Arkan

    Z Land of Exile

    Z land of Exile aims to bring everything it means to live in the apocalypse to ARMA. Our apocalypse just so happened to involve the Z virus so, watch your back while building your legacy. Oh...don't get bit.
  5. Colton 7.0

    [KD-Gaming] ExileZ!

    KD-Gaming was founded on the basis of being a very all-around community 2 years ago. Since then we've hired server managers along with recruiting technical staff, and so much more! (Our network is: ) Up until now KD-Gaming only had GMOD, Minecraft, and a ton of different servers, up until I myself came along, and offered to bring two awesome ArmA servers up. And I believe I have done that. Currently we have the standard: Warzones, missions, high loot, 15k starter, and much more to offer down the road. And the best of all: God, damn, zombies. With the added bonus of zombies spawning outside the map and inside the water! (No but really we're working on that one.) Along with a very friendly and trained staff that can help your every needs should you ever get to it. Our current mods are: CUP Vehicles/Units/Weapons + TRYK Uniforms + Ryans Zombies and Demons. Come here, and hang out! Feel free to join our TeamSpeak for any questions related to the server, and know we take all feedback and suggestions in high account, and wish to always improve as we go. Wanna try our server without zombies? Sure! Just head to this link: I am Colton 7.0, and I approve of this message.
  6. Dead Pool

    The Dirty Dozen's Tanoa

    The Dirty Dozen's Exile We here at The Dirty Dozen's Exile, offer a fun, intense, and competitive playing experience that will make you want to call this place your home. While a maintaining a user friendly environment, With maturity and respect to all players. The ability to build yourself a base to store hard earned loot. We offer high loot, roaming A.I., Do you have loot you want to sell? Hit up a Gang camp and purchase yourself a vehicle. Whether you need a small form of transportation, or a heavy tank to get your revenge. If you don’t have money, you can find a variety of land, air, and water vehicles throughout the map. Once a week out forums will post the coordinates to a loot box for player to seek out. 2-3 times a week our admins will host event for an array of prizes and special items. Your sever administrators (Listed below) are always here to help within reason of the game play. Dead Pool(Server Owner) Katastrphy Toast SNAKEYES Striker Mercian
  7. M-RYS


    ██ ██ ███████ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ███████ ███████ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ███████ ███████ U n e a u t r e f a ç o n d e j o u e r e n s e m b l e ! Notre serveur Exile (Serveur 100% PvE) vous offre: 15k d'argent de départ, 5000 points en bonus. Qui dit 100% PvE ne veut pas dire "serveur pépère" où vous pouvez y construire votre base tranquillement. Des AI sont là pour vous gêner et vous éliminer pendant toute la durée de jeu sur notre serveur. L'ajout d'un garage virtuel vous permettra de préserver vos véhicules des incidents de destruction inattendu..
  8. M-RYS


    [FR] WESTCO@ST PC GAMING little server im progress.