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Found 7 results

  1. TheLynxDr

    TLD's HARDCORE Exile Esseker

    Server Details: -1st Person Only -Roaming AI -Infistar Protected -DMS Mission System -ZCP Capture Zones -NPC Guarded helicopter crash sites -Player Scan XM8 app -Remote CCTV -Traders Spread around the map, this is to make players to move around the map, not just between a base and a trader city -30 Players - More player slots will be added as more players come in -We use Discord to announce rules, report changes, and tackle rule breakers Required Mods: -ExileMod -Esseker -Extended Base Mod -CUP_Terrains_Core -CUP_Terrains_Maps
  2. cyngee

    ARTIC Exile Hardcore

    ARTIC Exile is an upcoming Hardcore Exile Server. This server is ARTIC’s try to bring ArmA Exile to another level. Our goal ist to make things different. We don’t want Exile to be a pure deathmatch, but a game with survival feeling, immersion and great atmosphere. We will have our first public test and launch on January 28th 2018, at 7pm CET. Everybody is welcome! Be sure to join our Steam group and Discord Server. You can find the links below. What does Hardcore mean? The server does only allow first person perspective, no matter what you are doing or where you are. Additionally, we want good loot to be harder to find and decrease overpowered items in general. This does not mean, that we will remove high calibre weapons, but they will be rare and expensive. We even decreased the sell price factor, to make looting more effective, instead of buying at traders. There is much more to discover, and more information will be available very soon. About the public test As stated above, the first launch will be on January 28th 2018 (7pm CET). Remember that the launch will take place on a test machine, which means that the server’s performance might not be the best. You will most likely even find an amount of bugs and other issues. Please report those on our Discord server. WIP Please note that server and website are still in progress and not in their final state. I am still working on many things, so see this as a beta. Report all suggestions, ideas, bugs and issues on our Discord Server. A community board will be available soon. Running Mods: @CBA_A3 @cup_terrains_core @cup_terrains_maps @Esseker @NIArms @rhsusf @rhsafrf @ryanzombies @TRYK @Friths_Ruin @Enhanced_movement Thanks for reading!
  3. HanksAdventures

    1pp Edict Exile trailer

    Edict Exile has been relaunched and moved to Esseker friday the 14th of July. I'd recommend going to the forums for easy play-by-play instructions on how to set up the required mods:
  4. Rogan

    EDICT Esseker

    We are a Arma community running 1PP only and TaskForceRadio for extra immersion. We have completely stripped the exile code to a bare-bones state in order to give the ultimate survival experience.
  5. kakel_anders

    [SGU] Namalsk -HC- -1PP ONLY-

    Hello everyone! We are a group of mostly Swedish people who have hanged out together for a good couple of years. Usually we play MilSim-Arma but more and more of us have fallen for the survival-niche of the game. Thus we decided to put two Exile-servers to the world. This particular server offers alot of high-risk, high-reward. It's Hardcore as in 1st person only and no hud. To keep things interesting it offers no method of reviving neither is there any lockers for you poptabs We host all our servers on self-owned, top-notch rackservers with 1gb fibre. Features: - Roaming AI - Zombies - Hardcore difficulty - Namalsk Required mods: - Exile - Namalsk - Enhanced Arma Movement Come check us out at or speak to us at!
  6. Hi! We have been looking for a first person server for quite some time, and we have run out of places to search. Are there anyone else here that still plays Arma-esque games, and find the 3rd person servers lacking? Please give me some hints as to how I can find an exile server (or equivalent), or what you guys search for to find one. The server browser on this site does not help at all, and every search in A3Launcher or Gametracker yields few results. Are there anyone out there that still wants something else than snipers hiding in their bases in 3rd person? Or are we just the odd ones that find it lacking? If enough people are into it, perhaps I could think of hosting one. Thanks in advance.
  7. InsertCoins

    [ZeroDead] Hardcore Kerama

    [ZeroDead] Hardcore Tanoa is a, as the name kind of suggests, Hardcore Tanoa server. We do not give a starter bonus. Actually, there are no handouts whatsoever. As one of the few servers out there we enforce 1st person to add that extra layer of immersion. The server had a tight knit PVP community. Though we play hard and shoot to kill, we are also civil and our members, and players, are all in the age region 25- 35 and upwards. What we offer: - 1st person only. - No handouts - Custom area's - Roaming AI - Mission AI - All AI can call upon eachother for reinforcements - Weapons spawn without ammo - JSRS and Blastcore allowed - No easy way to make money, buy prices are high, sell prices are low - Active admins - Fun - Lot's of bullets coming your way