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Found 10 results

  1. cyngee

    ARTIC Exile Hardcore

    ARTIC Exile is an upcoming Hardcore Exile Server. This server is ARTIC’s try to bring ArmA Exile to another level. Our goal ist to make things different. We don’t want Exile to be a pure deathmatch, but a game with survival feeling, immersion and great atmosphere. We will have our first public test and launch on January 28th 2018, at 7pm CET. Everybody is welcome! Be sure to join our Steam group and Discord Server. You can find the links below. What does Hardcore mean? The server does only allow first person perspective, no matter what you are doing or where you are. Additionally, we want good loot to be harder to find and decrease overpowered items in general. This does not mean, that we will remove high calibre weapons, but they will be rare and expensive. We even decreased the sell price factor, to make looting more effective, instead of buying at traders. There is much more to discover, and more information will be available very soon. About the public test As stated above, the first launch will be on January 28th 2018 (7pm CET). Remember that the launch will take place on a test machine, which means that the server’s performance might not be the best. You will most likely even find an amount of bugs and other issues. Please report those on our Discord server. WIP Please note that server and website are still in progress and not in their final state. I am still working on many things, so see this as a beta. Report all suggestions, ideas, bugs and issues on our Discord Server. A community board will be available soon. Running Mods: @CBA_A3 @cup_terrains_core @cup_terrains_maps @Esseker @NIArms @rhsusf @rhsafrf @ryanzombies @TRYK @Friths_Ruin @Enhanced_movement Thanks for reading!
  2. KlykoN

    1st Person Servers?

    Where has all the real Arma 3 players gone? Been looking for an Exile First person server for a long time now. (Hard task) Anyone intressted in a Tanoa First Person server, wants to team up and start hosting one? No Zombies, No camping 360 degrees behind bushes, walls, rocks etc. Just regular building, loot --- and pve missions. Maybe some mods for more equipments? Play arma 3 like it deserves! Join us on Discord if you're intressted (EU)
  3. speedweasel

    A Country for Old Men

    Play in an ever-evolving ALiVE AI war zone. No two AI encounters are the same. Custom lootspawns. Tuned for maximum FPS (seriously, I know everyone says that but this server is smooooth.)
  4. Hi! We have been looking for a first person server for quite some time, and we have run out of places to search. Are there anyone else here that still plays Arma-esque games, and find the 3rd person servers lacking? Please give me some hints as to how I can find an exile server (or equivalent), or what you guys search for to find one. The server browser on this site does not help at all, and every search in A3Launcher or Gametracker yields few results. Are there anyone out there that still wants something else than snipers hiding in their bases in 3rd person? Or are we just the odd ones that find it lacking? If enough people are into it, perhaps I could think of hosting one. Thanks in advance.
  5. n00dles w/Oculus

    Teno - Emergent Survival

    Backgound Teno Is an attempt to create an immersive emergent survival experience, driven by equal parts player base and human game masters. Hostile placement, economy, missions and more change regularly. Meaning in theory endless stories to tell, and no game session the same. You do not start with everything and end game is not about tower building. Grinding for loot, and farming are not such a factor as game masters generate in world content including missions, encounters, supply drops/bases if you can think of it a GM can do it. Even up to full scale server wide events for all. With a GM on the table you never know what you might posses at the end of your session, you could join with nothing and 5 minutes later have only instance of a powerful item. Guide: Footage: Rough clips from dev and live GM sessions, Mods Teno has be desgined to be as lightweight as possible for the user so only a small number of mods are needed, and all except one are available via steam workshop for easy management. The reason we won't add more Although things extra mods provide might be nice they often have unwanted effects, most obviously being download size, management, and conflicts with other mods. They also negatively effect gameplay performance and FPS and have more subtle drawbacks such as weapons having unbalanced stats, and as Teno has authentic ballistics simulation this really screws with gun balance. This project is maintained by one person and fixing all the conflicts and config errors doesn't warrant the gains. Required Mods Here is the list of minimum required addons, This list will never change. Exile mod: Exile is unavailable via Steam workshop, as such you will need to obtain it via the Exile website or via tools such as A3Launcher. CBA: CBA is an arma scripting extention that provides code needed by other addons. Tenome: The Teno core, this is a package of modules and code that make the required changes to gameplay to support Tenome. Ryans Zombies: A mod that provides Zombies in game. Mod Collection: There is also a collection on Steam workshop that is a one stop for almost everything required, and a few of the optional extras the server supports. If you sub to the collection you ONLY need to obtain Exile(linked above) and can ignore the other links on this page. Mod Whitelist: At time of writing the full whitelist of optional mods is: Blastcore Phoenix DragonFyre Eden (as of writing isn't compatiable with Tanoa) ShackTac UI Exile Extended base building
  6. [UKCD] BenWatki#44

    Grumpy Old Men Hardcore Exile

    Grumpy Old Men Tanoa Exile Server Welcome to our server, we welcome anyone to our hardcore server. Do you want hard core with only 1st person?, want to work hard at trying to find food and weapons? then you've come to the right place here at GOM we pride our self's in Hardcore. With 1st person, roaming AI and missions they will be sure to test your skills. our server currently has these selected mods. DMS Missions Ambient Fly overs Day/Night (2 hours of each) 4 Hour Restarts (12-4-8 GMT) 900.000 Lockers Changed Trader Prices Hardcore server Harder Missions Scarce Loot Realistic Roaming AI To keep the server fair for everyone we ask for you to comply by are rules which are as follows. Do NOT build 1000m of a trader or cement mixer. Do NOT spawn camp or trader camp. Do NOT be racist or abusive in side chat Leaving vehicles in a safe zone will unlock them on restart, be sure to move them. Do NOT ask admins to replace stolen gear, base raiding and PVP is allowed. Do NOT build on the radiation island or close to it. Our Teamspeak is - Admins are - Ben Watki Recruiting Admins also go to our forums.
  7. InsertCoins

    [ZeroDead] Hardcore Kerama

    [ZeroDead] Hardcore Tanoa is a, as the name kind of suggests, Hardcore Tanoa server. We do not give a starter bonus. Actually, there are no handouts whatsoever. As one of the few servers out there we enforce 1st person to add that extra layer of immersion. The server had a tight knit PVP community. Though we play hard and shoot to kill, we are also civil and our members, and players, are all in the age region 25- 35 and upwards. What we offer: - 1st person only. - No handouts - Custom area's - Roaming AI - Mission AI - All AI can call upon eachother for reinforcements - Weapons spawn without ammo - JSRS and Blastcore allowed - No easy way to make money, buy prices are high, sell prices are low - Active admins - Fun - Lot's of bullets coming your way
  8. InsertCoins

    [ZeroDead] Liberation

    Have you ever played Liberation is like asking a person have you ever played Arma the way it was meant to? If you think to yourself "No, I haven't played liberation!" here's your chance. Of course we pride ourselves in offering: - First person only - offering a genuine ARMA 3 experience a "little" video of our Namalsk Liberation server event
  9. Don Quixote

    Exile Hardcore Vegetables

    Основная идея сервера в хардкорном PVE-PVP от первого лица в модификации Exile. Никакой крупнокалиберной вооруженной техники (более 16мм) на сервере не планируется и не будет. Особенности сервера: » Вид только от первого лица » Рестарт каждые три часа (два часа день, один час ночь) » CUP Weapons, Vehicles и Units » Русифицированные DMS и VEMF Reloaded миссии » A3XAI (патрули ботов) » Хардкорный баланс экономики » Отдельный элитный торговец воздушной\вооруженной техникой, а также крупнокалиберным оружием » Аддон Extended Base Mod (расширенное строительство) » Скрипт IgiLoad (загрузка предметов в транспортные средства) » Скрипт Advanced Towing (буксировка техники) * Для совершения этого действия требуется веревка » Скрипт DeployBike (распаковка велосипеда) » Скрипт XM8 Apps (правила сервера, дальность видимости, сканер игроков поблизости, личная статистика) » Скрипт StatusBar ( кол-во игроков, кол-во денег и репутации внизу экрана) » Скрипт SecureSafeZones (предотвращение кражи ТС и имущества внутри торговой зоны) * Доступ к ТС в торговой зоне расшаривается через систему групп Основные правила: - Запрещается читерить и скриптерствовать - Запрещается дюпить - Запрещается выходить в бою - Запрещается заниматься глитчингом - Запрещается оскорблять других игроков - Запрещается использовать микрофон в сайд чате - Запрещается создавать персонажей с никнеймами оскорбительного, нецензурного, националистического, рекламного содержания, а также схожие по написанию/звучанию с никнеймами представителей администрации Правила строительства: - Запрещается строить ближе, чем за 1000 метров от трейд зоны - Запрещается строить на военных объектах или близко к ним. - Запрещается строить на дорогах - Запрещается блокировать вход\выход из постройки игрока любым видом транспорта - Запрещается повреждать и (или) уничтожать технику ВНУТРИ постройки игрока * Защита территории действует 14 дней Правила торговой зоны: - Запрещается кража в любом ее исполнении(Лут,ТС и т.д.) - Запрещается кемпить ТЗ в пределах 500 м - Запрещается намеренно давить игроков - Запрещается блокирование движения ТС * Техника, оставленная на сейв зоне, будет автоматически открыта после рестарта! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The main idea of the server in hardcore PVE-PVP with first person only in Exile mod. No heavy armed vehicles (more than 16mm) on the server is not planned and never will Features: - First person only - Restart every three hours (two hours day, one hour night) - CUP Weapons, Vehicles and Units - DMS and VEMF Reloaded missions on RU lang - A3XAI (roaming AI) - Hardcore balance of the economy - Separate elite trader with air\armed vehicles, and large-caliber weapons - Addon Extended Base Mod (extended builing) - Script DeployBike (deploy bicycle) - Script IgiLoad (loading crates and vehicles into other vehicles) - Script Advanced Towing (vehicles towing) * This action requires rope - Script XM8 Apps (server rules, range of visibility, scan nearby players, personal stats) - Script StatusBar (number of players, amount of money and reputation at the bottom of the screen) - Script SecureSafeZones (prevention of theft property inside the trade zone) * Access to the vehicle in a safe zones is accessible through the group system General Rules: - No cheating and scripting - No duping - No combat logging - No glitching - No insult other players - Don't create characters with nicknames offensive, abusive, nationalistic, promotional content, and also similar in spelling/sound with the nicknames of the administration - No voice in side chat Construction rules: - Don't build closer than 1000 meters from the trade zone - Don't build on military sites or close to them - Don't build on roads - Don't block the entrance\exit of the player building by any kind of transport - Don't damage and (or) destroy vehicles INSIDE player buildings * Territory protection is valid for 14 days Safe zone rules: - Theft is forbidden in any of its performance - Don't camp safe zones within 500 meters - Don't block the movement of the vehicle * Vehicles left on the save zones will be open automatically after each restart!
  10. =TBM= BangL ExileZ

    MODS: - Exile 0.9.6 - Namalsk 1.0 - CBA_A3 2.3.1 - TFAR 0.9.8 - Zombies & Demons 3.6 - RZ Infection 0.3a EXILE SCRIPTS: - DMS (Missions) - A3XAI (Patrols) - Exile-Z - StatusBar - Travelling Trader - Enigma Exile Revive System - XM8 Apps (Stats, View Dist., Crafting) - Welcome messages - 3rd person view only when driver, pilot or unarmed! - Advanced Banking SETTINGS / TWEAKS: - Base size/object limits x2 - DMS respect x10 - Vehicle spawns x2 - 2500 Starter poptabs (500 on body, 2000 in bank) - Custom intro music - Custom loadout - rebalanced loot secured by infiSTAR (and me) PLANNED: - loot table reworks! - trader reworks! - animals & pet dogs! - more weapons! - more vehicles! - more AI missions! - more "hardcore" settings (like no crosshair, even less 3rd person and so on) - eBase? - Scratchies & Lottery? - igiLoad? - detailed vehicle repair? - ACE? - i might wanna write and release my own virtual garage script, lets see if i find the time for that - and more