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Found 5 results

  1. Luke Woodside


    We are a gaming community who host servers, originally we used to run Garry's Mod and Unturned servers, some of which are still running. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you join our servers you can expect little to no lag as all our servers are on dedicated machines where we pay for the hardware and not the slot, unlike other servers who use the likes of host havoc who use shared CPU's and RAM. You can also expect a professional and easily accessible staff team, If you join our discord you are guaranteed to get help quickly if not instantly. Our website will be available shortly Server should be up on the 22nd at about 6 PM GMT
  2. Anarchist Wolf

    The New World |Exile Altis|

    Welcome to The New World for Exile, We hope you enjoy and expect future updates with more mods and maps...
  3. brysi73

    Vice Gaming Network | Tanoa

    Step into the immersive world of Exile! With our server you can be fighting zombies one minute and then be taken by AI!
  4. iTheActiveWizzHD

    [TG] Typical Gaming Exile Tanoa

    Hey!, I've been working on a exile server for the past week. I've had fails & errors, however i've finally managed to get it working. All features have been implemented, however everything is certainly not added yet. Features: Virtual Garage Hacking/Grinding (Base Building) Different Tier AIMissions Base Building 5K Poptab Star 3 Hour Restarts High Loot (No Too Much Though) Active Admins More features over the next few weeks will be implemented and announced on our forums. Enjoy Report any bugs at our forums. Kind Regards, -Wizz Owner
  5. Dunkey (PBW Owner)


    Hello everyone, Today we are featuring our Arma 3 Exile server. We as a staff team are brand new owners and are looking for a great community to play and have fun with. Currently we have an altis exile server. We have these mods : ASDG, CBA, CUP Units / Weapons, Extended Base Mod, NATO Rus Vehicles / Weapons and finally TRYK. We are open for suggestions and or complaints! We are very happy to edit things as long as all players are happy :)! We have an official discord which anyone is welcome to use, All staff will be required to be on discord to help out new players! As i stated before We are brand new owners, And we will try to make this your best playing experience. At this time almost everything is setup and ready to have fun on! If you have any questions or concerns Jump on the discord and we can have a talk =) A little bit about us: Tyler // Dunkey // Owner: Hello, I'm 17. I have been playing Arma 3 for a good while now and i have gotten to the point where i wanted to make a really fun and active server for all the exile players out there. I'm a fun guy to be around and I'm willing to do anything in my power to keep players and staff happy! I'm almost always on Arma 3 when I'm not at work or school. I have 1500+ hours clocked in Arma 3 alone, And probably 1600+ On Arma 2. I have alot of experience when it comes to the Arma series and I'm willing to give pointers and tips Jorge // Tommy // Owner: Awaiting Approval Regards ~ Dunkey - Server Owner #2 Discord Link! :