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Found 7 results

  1. Wataya Lookinat

    Angry Dad Entertainment

    A Custom Tanoa map, Quite a few specialized mods. Bigfoot Shipwrecks. Underwater Missions and more ! . Stop on by. Free base kits for all. PVE Main Island, all small Islands are PVP......Game on !
  2. Monztuh_Angel

    Monztuh's World of Exile! PvE

    Welcome to the "World of Exile!" Altis PvE server! Our goal is to deliver a comfortable, yet challenging game mode for all new and veteran Arma players with a friendly atmosphere. The features we have are: Town Invasions, Capture Points(ZCP), DMS Missions, Occupied Military Bases (ai), XM8 Mobile App server code along with multiple in-game apps, Sling loading, Towing, Urban Rappeling, RHS and CUP mods. We also have Server Events such as "1-Shot" where we have players all partake in a Roulette chance to win poptabs up to 500,000 given to the last survivor, shooting tournaments and more to come! We hope you enjoy the server and feel free to contact one of the Server Admins, Monztuh_Angel, stevesquared, eRepairz, or elfwh if you have any questions or need help. A server made for The People, by The People! Join the Discord!
  3. DestHappy

    The Good Old DayZ

    Welcome to "The Good Old DayZ" >> Server details << As the name implies, "The Good Old DayZ" we try to implement the old Arma2 DayZ in Arma3, which succeeds us more from update to update. Join the server and be surprised! mods: -Exile Mod -CBA_A3 -CUP Terrains - Core -CUP Terrains - Maps -CDAH Mod Pack -CUP Weapons -CUP Units -CUP Vehicles -DS Houses -Extended_Base_Mod -Extended_Items_Exile -TRYK[TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms] -Ryan's Zombies & Demons -RZ Infection for Exile -Blastcore Optional Mods: -JSRS SoundMod
  4. Simplific

    KSG Exile Panthera

    King Shit Gaming is a new and upcoming militarized Arma 3 Exile. Still under active development, new features are being added and changed every day. Join our Discord server to learn more, join our community, or to come hang out. We are open to suggestions and are looking to further improve our server for the enjoyment of our players. Our server features Capture Points, Missions, Virtual Garage, and a host of other features. Discord: Required Mods: Exile Mod Cup Terrains - Core Island Panthera 3.7 RHSUSAF RHSAFRF RHSGREF CBA_A3 Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1 Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Urban Sling Loading Anti-Materiel Rifle 25 KKiv Model 2035 TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms Pack 0.9.4b TRYK Multiplay-Uniform Fix Hollow's Vehicle Pack Extended_Base_Mod ASDG JR NIArsenal
  5. Cptnmorgan2017

    Insomniac Gaming Survival

    Welcome to Insomniac Gaming The place where you game ALL NIGHT. You wake up, parachuting into the unknown. You don't know where you are, but you have a rifle, and a single magazine. As you land on the island, you realize, your not alone. Mutants come up from the ground, swat teams and other inmates attack you. Your job is to fight, build, and survive. Adapt to your environment, improve your tracking skills, acquire new vehicles, weapons, and clothing. Get ready to start your empire, but do not ever forget, you are being watched.... ADAPT / BUILD / EXPLORE / SURVIVE Mods required: Exile mod All CUP MODS (Terrains, Units, Weapons, Vehicles) Extended Base Mods Enhanced Movement TRYK Uniforms Advanced Rappelling Advanced Sling Load Advanced Towing Ryan zombies RZ Infection for Exile Addons and script: After restarting the server, they are locked vehicle in the territory indestructible DMS missions Police missions Zombie Safe Zones Infistar Revive Enables Base Spawns Virtual Garage ~More~
  6. deck123


    So I have just created a new Tanoa server and would love to get some players in to enjoy it, just search UEX in A3. Join our [UEX] members on Exile TODAY! - [UEX] Welcomes New Players [UEX] Stands for Ultimate Exile. Wish to play with us? Well you can, with this IP ( you can join us through A3 Launcher or through the direct connect option in the Arma 3 MP Lobby. [UEX] Has a 25K PopTab Start. (If you do not spawn with the 25K Contact an Admin and they will sort you out ASAP) If no admin is around when you need your 25K PopTabs, simply wait for an admin to get on the server, or just ask a well known player in the server if they will help you out (99% of the time they will help you.) [UEX] Has the friendliest admins to date! They are always there to help you out when you are in need and are always active at some point in the day. [UEX] Provides members of it's community with a TeamSpeak server where members can interact with each other. It also has a help desk so that any members that have an issue in the server can wait in there so an admin knows to speak with you. Hear is the TS IP ( [UEX] Community members are always there to help you out if you need it. Now besides [UEX] being a PVP server, members will always joke around after a firefight. [UEX] Does not Condone: Swearing, Racial Abuse, Virbal Abuse, Cheating, Glitcing, Exploiting Game and/or Mod Bugs. Any member that is caught doing any of the above will be punished accordingly to what rule they have broken. Any member that is a victim of Racial or Virbal abuse must contact a [UEX] Staff member ASAP to discuss what has occurred.
  7. Crunch Exile Tanoa

    SGC-Gaming Features: * 25k Start Locker * Zombies * Roaming AI * AI Missions * Supply Crates * Base Grinding * Hacking * Virtual Garage * Bridges Between Island * 60-Slot Server * High FPS, Low Ping _High Loot_ Server Rules: * Respect your Admins! * Admins have the ability to enforce punishment as they deem nessessary, even if offense not listed. Don't be an jerk! * NO HACKING, DUPING, EXPLOITING, or GREIFING; These will result in Perma BAN. * English only in Side chat or other community channels. * Combat Logging will result in your player being deleted. * No Kamikaze into bases. * Respect all other player, not just the admins. * No camping Safezones or ramming in Safezones. Building Rules: * No building in unauthorized locations. * Familiarize yourself with the map and spawns before building, ignorance is not an excuse * Minimum Distance to Safe Zone = 1000 * Minimum Distance to Respawn Zones = 1000 * Minimum Distance to other territories = 325 * No building in existing structures * No building in LOS with Military Loot Zones or Static Mission (territory will be deleted) * No blocking bridges, roads, or building access * Notify a staff member if you find a base in violation of the above rules. The base will be deleted if found in violation!