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Found 11 results

  1. I Inspired by @110 to set a Limit for all Containers or Installable Supply-Boxes for a Base for each Level. And thx for Testing and mutch Help @110 Here you can Setup Limited Safes, Crates, Ternts and Supplyboxes per Baselevel developed by @HellBz BaseLevel Number of Safes Number of Supply Boxes Number of Crates Number of Tents 1 5 1 5 5 2 7 2 5 5 3 9 3 5 5 4 11 4 5 5 5 14 5 10 10 6 16 6 10 10 7 18 7 10 10 8 20 8 15 15 9 22 9 15 15 10 25 10 15 15 GitHub-Code: GitHub-Download: Discord: If you have any Qestion of Feature Wishes, feel free to Post. If You Like this, you can give this Thread a Like. All Players and Server-Oweners have fun with Exile. All Server Owners have fun with limit the Containers for Players Best Regards, HellBz
  2. sceneraider

    how to force mods on

    is there a way to require players to have the proper mods installed to join the server? ive noticed people are able to join my server without all the mods that are installed.
  3. Hi, I have my own server and just want to have some people who are mature and will leave other peoples bases alone when they are offline. It's a private server and has advanced base mod, zombies, many diffirent mission types, Altis map.
  4. Skelly

    Skellys Exile Series

    Hey everyone, thanks for clicking on the post! Sorry if this is a bit overdue, a friend of mine HunterGaming recently told me I should be putting my videos up on Exile's home forums, so I thought why the hell not. Every time I release a new one, ill post it here. If anyone has any suggestions, or wants to give me some feedback, feel free to post at any time! Links to my stuff will be below. From time to time I also may put up something that is just an Arma 3 related video that could either help you better yourself in the game, or just make you laugh! YouTube Twitter Alone:
  5. War007007

    Extended base mod not working

    I'm having a problem with the extended base mod, i can't use anything the mod offers on any server. You can see the mod installed on A3Launcher: And in the Arma 3 Official launcher: And every server mod list looks like this: And because of that i can't build anything from the mod and the hardware shop menu has a blank space where the ebm list should be, i can join every server that uses ebm but i can't use it myself. (Sorry about my bad english, it is my second language)
  6. Hello, i would like to change the time it takes to "sledge" down a container to get scrapmetal, maybe change it to 5 hits or something, i have looked through the files but i can not found any setting like that. tips? Thanks!
  7. Sgt. ScrapMetal

    [ZH] First Person Hardcore

    Hello dear community, Zombie Hell exists since 2013, and has evolved since then . We have admins with much experience. Our main goal is to satisfy every gamer playing on our servers. We give you balanced gameplay with no overpowered Weapons or Vehicles. We have NO donator packages, no advantages for donators that will change the ingame feeling. The Admins are in love with this game, we also know many bugs of this game. If you have any problems with arma you can ask us. You can find our TS3 Server here: pw:2014 We also have weekly events. Check this out! Our current missions are simple "Capture the Town"! Check this out! We have change the complet Chernarus Winter Map to a Apokalyptik variante. Its was many work and allready not complet but thes feeling are so Creepy! On the Map are many Not Marked trader where you can sell your stuff, inside the only Safezone called "SurvivorCamp" are some Traders where only sells this stuff what you need too survive. On the Special ZH-X-Trader you can sell your special Items too other players if you want. We have around 65 Persistend Vehicles on the Server you can´t buy Vehicles, Only find them! We have also include a other repair system so its "harder" too repair Vehicles We have also enabled Helicrashsites! More Information about our servers can you find on our Website www.zombiehö On our Server are only First Person available Chernarus Winter Mods required: Exile CBA A3 CUP Weapons HVP CUP Terrains Core Zombies and Demons TRYK Namalsk You can simple download all mods with the A3 Launcher ---->Click me<---- Or you can use our Arma 3 Sync ---->Click me<---- (Currently this thread only in german)
  8. Hi guys, So I recently relocated to Sydney from Ireland and having been here for 2 months with the winter coming, I wanted to go back and enjoy some old fun that I used to have (getting homesick?!) I tried to search for some good servers based near my location but no luck. Any recommendations for me? It would be great if you could list some communities/servers from here
  9. xAberranthianx

    Unable to connect to personal server

    Hello all. I find myself in a bit of a pickle, as I have gone through all of the steps to set up a server for Exile, but seem to be unable to connect to the server just to see if it works. I have all of the proper mods in their proper places (as far as I'm aware) but it seems like whenever I try to connect to my server (hosted on same PC) I just get a blank loading screen that locks up with the default "Virtual Reality" label on the top left. That's it. Frozen. However, the server is able to recognize me, log me on and, (what I'm assuming) says I'm fully connected. I still however see nothing except the blank loading screen. Server RPT file here: It doesn't list any issues there so I don't believe that to be where the problem originates (unless I have my .bat file setup incorrectly) This is the image I have stuck on my screen after trying to connect... Thanks for any help in advance! If anything further is requested I'll do my best to oblige
  10. EmersePredator

    Receiving Server Version

    Can you lovely people help me find all of the ways to fix Receiving Server Version , ive tried alot of things , maybe ive missed something but if you could post some fixes that would be great and hopefully help other people too ! Ive disabled strict mode Restarted the PC
  11. Branincline

    Cant join some servers

    I can join some servers with lower populations, but when i look at the bottom right hand corner, the only one green is "@exilemod" and when i try to join a server it loads for about 10 seconds, then takes me back to the server list screen. Someone help me please