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Found 18 results

  1. Okay! So I have been searching for days now and have not come up with an answer. I am trying to edit the Tanoa map and items that come with the map do not show up, however when I save and load it into the server it shows what I added and what was included in the original map. i.e. I load the exile.Tanoa into my local PC and in editor. I Only see the base map with Icons. NO traders or signs. I add a trader and sign, and save the scenario. When loaded back into the server it will show both the new and old trader. I want to be able to co edit old and new objects / NPC's at the same time. My setup is as follows. Windows Server 2019 with 32 GB of ram and two Xeon quad cores. Gigabit connections throughout. In my room I remote into the server to run the Exile server. I edit the files on my main PC then send them over network to the server. On my PC I have Exile 3den plugin and M3editor loaded in when in editor. I need help. I want to be able to see and delete the old traders while also looking at the new ones.
  2. I have been working on several projects for my servers and wanted to share my current one. I remember back in Arma 2 Epoch I played on a server (Chernarus) that had a full cave to the NE on the coast. I still remember sitting near my fire in my cave crafting away feeling safe. Nothing has fully satisfied my need to have caves in Arma 3 so i decided to make some. There will be 11 caves in total. The first locations are: Pirates Retreat (North island chain), Georgetown Historical Cave, Surface Mine Historical Cave Next locations: Yasa Island, Cerebu, Small Southern Island, Katkoula, Tobakoro, Ile Saint-George, Northern rim of Mt. Tanoa, Yani Islets Here are a few images:
  3. Hi folks. I've had an issue for ages on my server that I've kind of ignored because it's been simple enough for me to work around, but I'm confused as to why it might be happening so thought I'd ask the community in case anyone has seen something similar before. Basically, the Exile 3DEN plugin appears as an optional mod for the server. I have no idea why it appears, because (to my knowledge) I've never uploaded it to the server. The reason it bothers me is because if you do enable it, the server kicks you because there's no signature match (which makes sense because the plugin has no signature). Leaving it disabled allows you to join the server just fine. I've scoured my files to see if there's any trace of it and I can't find anything. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any ideas where I should focus my attentions to get rid of this optional mod? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Hey, I have a problem. I like to build in Arma. Now, as an Innovative Decoration, I wanted to take some vehicles with me. In itself no problem, only ACE releases the lock status from the editor. No matter with which command I try it, no one shows a result. I've searched all forums, YouTube and whatever else you can think of, but found nothing useful and above all functioning. Has it ever tried a rum? Or even knows a solution to it?
  5. Admiral EliteSuicide

    [SOLVED] Insert and Edit Aircraft Carrier

    Hey Guys, I have an Problem to edit the USS on my Server. I placed the USS perfect in Editor and saved the koordinations, but on my Server the Aircraft Carrier looks not good I tried to edit the Koordinations on Server but nothing changes and the Aircraft Carrier still stand like on the picture.. Someone have an Idea to get the Aircraft Carrier good ?
  6. Hello, I am editing some traders with the 3den exile addon right now and I get kicked for missing keys as soon as I join the server. Message: Exile key is installed on the server and up to date. I've searched google but couldn't find anything helpful. What am I missing? Thanks for reading, cyngee
  7. Очень нуждаюсь в Ваших разъяснениях относительно МОДУЛЕЙ в РЕДАКТОРЕ. Изучив новые возможности редактора ARMA3, а именно "Модули редактирования местности", решил попробовать создать свою локацию для сервера Exilemod, в месте, где имеются другие (ненужные мне) объекты ландшафта. Работаю с помощью M3Editor и эксайловского плагина 3Den (с помощью которого делаю некоторые объекты симпл объектами). Ставлю модули (они скрывают объекты), настраиваю. Далее редактирую местность объектами ARMA. Сохраняю файлы в нотпад++ и переношу в initServer.sqf (в соответствующие разделы прайват и симпл объектов). А вот как модули сохранить я не знаю. Кто знает или кто поэкспериментирует сам и получит результат, прошу сообщить мне. Заранее вам спасибо. PS модуль позволяет убирать (скрывать) объекты карты и поверх них на чистое место ставить свои объекты. Можно изменить фигуру очищения с круга на квадрат, задать свои размеры, выбрать тип удаляемых объектов (здания, заборы, лес, прочее). Очень удобная фишка. Можно разместить миссию там где на карте лес или гражданские объекты заменить на военные. PS1 расположение модуля шаблоны/ системы/ модули / скрыть объекты ландшафта.
  8. I recently started playing around with the Exile 3DEN editor and love it! Super awesome tool! But I have a question. I love the Altis map and many of the elements of the Tanoa map (such as the buildings and heavy dense foliage and trees), but do not want to set up a Tanoa map Exile server. The Tanoa map seems to have *issues* and doesn't seem very well suited for survival based mods like Exile and Epoch anyway. So I thought I might give myself a big project to work on using the 3DEN tools and make several southern areas of the Altis map look more Tanoa-like with the buildings and trees and such. I can find several of the buildings and rock formations from Tanoa items, but I cannot find any of the trees and dense foliage objects. As a matter of fact, I also cannot find any objects for the trees that are normally on the Altis map either. Is there any future updates planned for the 3DEN tools to add in these missing objects or is there a way I can add these in? I know where many object IDs can be found from here: , but is there a way to add them into the list of objects in 3DEN editor for Exile?
  9. Hello, I am having a problem getting my traders to spawn, I have made 1 trader city and they work perfectly, then i went to create another trader city but the npcs won't spawn, if anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. The BOLD lines of code are the new traders. Thanks. EDIT: I checked my other trader city and it's not there either. EDIT 2: Added "Exile_Trader_Food", "Exile_Trader_Hardware", "Exile_Trader_Armory", etc... and still no traders anywhere on the map, can anyone please help me out?
  10. I'm hoping to consolidate some of the questions I've been having regarding placing objects and NPCs on maps. In no particular order: 1. Export - I keep seeing references in the forums to "Export to SQF from within 3DEN", but have never seen any option to do this. Under SCENARIO I have the usual Save, Save As, Export, etc. The Export options are Singleplayer, Multiplayer, and Terrainbuilder. These are the only save/export options I can see. I also usually use M3Editor, but it only adds the Export Objects/Traders/All and just offers the pop-up with code. Am I missing something, or is the reference to "save as sqf" outdated? 2. Formats - Holy shit, how many formats are there anyway? Comparing initPlayer, initServer, and mission.sqm files from my Altis and Tanoa maps, as well as others I've cracked open while trying to figure out how to do certain things... they each have a different format it seems. When I try to export from 3DEN I end up with code that's completely foreign to any of the other formats I already have. The mission.sqm files are easy enough as I only ever edit markers and that's pretty straight forward. It's the initPlayer/Server files that cause me headaches. Which brings me to: 3. initPlayer.sqf. My Altis: My Tanoa: Each has its benefits as I can see. Can they be mixed? Is there a resource for explaining what each of the 30 or so options in the Tanoa version refer to? I like the way NPCs have been attached to objects in the Altis version. 4. intServer.sqf My Altis: My Tanoa: This post was triggered by me trying to place simple objects in my Altis map and not having any luck (players could interact with vehicles, packs, weapons, etc.). I opened up the Tanoa file and saw what was going on inside for simple objects. That's simple enough to emulate, but is there a way to generate this code, or do I have to manually code each item? Also, the private _vehicles formats are different in each version. I have some assumptions as to why there are differences, such as the evolution of the game/mod and the legacy format of Altis vs. Tanoa. It would be great to get some clarity, though. I spend a ridiculous amount of time tweaking something, throwing it against the wall to see if it sticks and inevitably going over to that wall and scraping the crumpled mess off of the floor.
  11. d-plate

    3den händler laden

    Hallo. ich möchte meine tanoa map öffnen. gibt es die Möglichkeit die karte so zu laden das ich alles was auf der original map zu sehen ist sehe also auch die händler? oder kann ich wenn ich die Mission.sqm geladen habe die initplayerlocal.sqm noch zufüren oder sowas? denn wenn ich nur die Mission.sqm lade sehe ich die bestehenden Händler nicht. wird dann schwierig einen Händler neben einen bestehenden zu setzen .. MFG
  12. Used Exile3EDEN and added a few barracks to the mission file. Pasted the code in initserver file. Server starts fine except it doesn't do the 99 successful kicks in the beginning. It reads mission successfully and starts game. BUT server shows 0/0(or just 0 players) players and I get the error message "Maximum anount of players" when trying to join. I' m new at this and would appreciate any help. Thanks
  13. Hi there, I installed M3Editor, plus this other mod mentioned in the forums. fired up the editor, started editing. and : oh yeah got it into the map. excitement. Now.. wanted more. Unpacked the mission pbo again. put the files / folders in my editor directory. loaded the mission files.. nothing. nada. where are my changes ? all the sweet stuff I put in is gone. What am I missing ? thanks in advance another strange thing: the stuff shows up in the M3Editor, but not in the editor from arma3.... also when i chose to play the scenario in the editor, the stuff is there..
  14. Mr_Americanto

    Making a map with 3DEN

    Ok, so round about the time that I decided to make a sever, there was the shift from 2d editor to 3d editor. I thought nothing of it at the time, but later realized that wasn't good. I was told that the new plugin was terrible, but I still wanted to give it a go. I tried, it was super easy, then came to the exporting part. I had no clue what to do. I tried to get some developers I know to help me, but they were just about as clueless as I was. I really tried a lot. I put all the info I could in their supposed places, and it just caused a multitude of problems. SO, I was hopeing for the great gods to give apon me someone who knows how to use this beast, so me and many people I know can continue on with our lives. Please I have been stuck on this for 1 month now.
  15. Hi guys, So, for the past few days, i've been trying to load my missions.sqm into the Editor so that I can convert it to the Chernarus map. Before I tried this, I wanted to see if the missions file would even load into the Editor. The issue i keep having is that when I try to load my mission, it keeps asking me to convert the map. If I convert, missions.sqm is wiped and nothing is placed in the Editor. This counts for all sides also. Is anyone else facing this issue or is it just me? :\
  16. [Rogue]NuttyRabbit

    [SOLVED] Exile 3den Editor Plugin

    Hi I Trying To Download The 3den Plugin From The Website But The Download Link Is Not Working Any Help?
  17. Mr_Americanto

    Stops Loading

    Hello! I am having trouble with trying to make my own exile server. I have placed all the buildings and things down that I want and I have placed all the markers needed as well. I am having trouble knowing where to place the information taken from the copy and paste. I have been trying to look at other files to see what I am doing wrong, but I still cannot find a solution. I have asked people who I thought knew what it was but they had no clue, and I have been stuck like this for multiple days. Please help! - I am very new to this. rpt -
  18. heya, as you might know already, the 2D editor will be removed soon, and so we all have to switch to 3den. For some reason my 3den cannot import the old exile mission file, so i ported it manually from scratch.. It has the same spawn positions and time settings as the original version of 0.9.41 now.