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Found 4 results

  1. Redfutz

    Raider's Paradise

    possibly the best Exile Server you will ever join? This is a community server. So suggest what you want! Don't like it? Tell the owner! He will make it BETTER! (via discord please) What else do you want?... Monsters? MORE BOOBS?! Sports Cars? Just let us know.
  2. Lucifarius

    Mirror Mirror on the Wall !

    Hi All, Apologies if this has been covered. I've done my pre-flight checks prior to posting and can't find any info on this. Part of that might be due to the fact that I need a mirror and yeah, try searching for 'Arma' 'Exile' 'Mirror' 'Object' 'Item' and you'll see a whole host of results.... mostly for a ton of Exile related downloads that have mirror links LMAO! Anywho. To the point. I've tried several 'fixes' in order to get 3rd person view working in Exile. All to no avail. I think I might be implementing old fixes that Bohemia may then have patched. Hell, I don't even want 3rd person due to the cheating you can do with it. However, lets face it, after a while Exile can get a little samey, and 'dress up dolly' is a feature that in my experience, gamers tend to like and will devote a fair amount of time to. So, I'm sat there last night, with that face on... I'm an enterprise techy, so yeah, you know, that face we make when we're trying to find a solution to a problem that shouldn't be as difficult as it appears to be... Then my missus came in: Missus: Ok? Me: No.. still not happening... Missus: lol, you've been at that for hours... Me: Yeah... Missus: Why don't you just add a mirror? Me: A mirror? Missus: Yeah you know. What would you do in real life if you wanted to see what you looked like? Me: I love you... you're a f*@king genius... So... yeah... this post that is entirely a lot longer than it needs to be, can be boiled down to 3 questions and few words: Q1: Is there any kind of mirror object in Arma3? Q2: If so, how might I find this and incorporate it into Exile? Q3: If this does not exist can we make it so? (side note, the mirrors in Hitman are awesome, just saying).
  3. TBsThug


    [SOLVED] Thanks for the help guys, I made the custom one and it works. HAPPY IS ME TODAY Since Apex has been out I can not get rid of the players map markers. This map is a PVP and if players can see the other players, well I might as well make it a PVE. I dont want to do that (Just venting sorry) btw I am running Exile Tanoa. If I change to veteran the 3rd person goes away. Has anyone else ran into this and does anyone know how to fix?
  4. Hello to Everyone, Let me take this chance to tell that the ExileMod Crew is doing a great job. Todays reason for a new forum thread is to actually focus on the old school generation of players (30+). As we all know the ExileMod come with an ExileRegular and ExileHardcore mode. Unfortunately there is no mode from Exile which is in between. What I am mostly focusing on is to have a hardcore mode gameplay (without the crosshair) but allows the player to have third person perspective. I know it as advantages and disadvantages. But might this be possible to have such "in-between" difficulty mode ("ExileSoftcore") for players who are used to it (like they know from DayZ) for example Thanks for reading, Regards Ole