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Found 17 results

  1. Ndp1415

    FOG DayZ Chernarus 2035

    Failover Gaming has existed for about two years now. We are a growing community and are looking forward to continuing that growth! Why should you join our server? Well, this server is a highly militarized server, reminiscent of The gold old DayZ Epoch, you start with 50 thousand Poptabs, which is more than enough to get you into a decent load out, and a nice vehicle to get you into the fight almost immediately! You are capable of deploying your good old friend the Mozzie Helicopter to get you to the trader that much sooner after spawn! Roaming AI and copious amounts of missions will keep you entertained for Hours on END! Once you have entered the fight and established yourself, you will get respect, (duh), but with the implementation of respect based loadouts, you will always be ahead of the curve even if you are inevitably killed. New players will receive 5k respect, putting you into the second respect class, allowing you to buy even more powerful items!
  2. Jacko [Exile Network]

    Barracuda Gaming | 50K Start |

    We are a new up and coming community, looking for friendly and new players to join us. We have a fully modded server hosted on our own dedicated server box in france. This is so people from all around euorpe and the UK can have good connection. we have a 1gb port so even poeple in america get 80-100 ping (it is playable). some of out mods: -TRYK - CUP -Exile -FFAA -Zombies and daemons -Extended base Mod and lots more ! Hope to see you in the altis soon!
  3. DarkZero

    [DCG] Exile Chernarus

    Come join the Drunken Community.
  4. |-| S o IN IN y |-|

    AeoniumGaming DayZ

  5. Not Toast

    Arma Outlaws Tembelan Server

    Arma Outlaws has created a new server on Tembelan. 10 km x 10 km map that encourages PVP Only Tembelan exile server! Completely custom mission files and AI missions. All mods are available via the steam workshop. Mods have been carefully selected to provide an amazing exile experience with out an excessive amount of useless mods that no one ever uses. Come check out this new exciting map and become an Arma Outlaw!! For more information regarding Arma Outlaws please visit
  6. viper1989

    EGC Exile

    Brand new server with regular update active adminslooking for new and eager players. We would love some feedback on our Teamspeak3 server too! Current Features: Base Building Deploy Quad Virtual Garage Added Buildings/Loot Spawns Logistics 400k Locker Kill Feeds 4 Trader locations 2 Blackmarket locations 1 Full Radiation Island Spawns at the coast and inland XM8 mobile messages Revive Script XM8 Apps Infistar AntiHack Required Mods From the SteamWorkshop: -Cup Maps + Core -NIArms All In One -DS Houses -TRYK Multiplay uniforms -Extended Base Mod -Chernarus Isles -CBA_A3 Not many Script/mod's have been added to the server as we are trying to maintain a good player experancewe have a custom intro, antihack The rest is exile plus a little mod building through Extended base mod Come on the server and get your base made - there is plenty of room as this is a brand new server just opened ;-) if you have any suggestions or additions that we can make to make the server/game play better, please let us know and we shall try to implement it. Communications TeamSpeak 3 - Discord -
  7. reallifeexe

    JJ-Exile Tanoa

    Server Start: 29.12.2017. IP: English German
  8. DeadLifeGaming

    [DLG] Exile Chernarus

    Our server has a pretty fresh sever but already has so many options. We are open to suggestions and feedback. Come check us out to see what Chernarus has to offer. Server details below. On the server we have: -> 150 AI Roaming Air and Ground crews -> 50k Poptabs in bank for fresh players -> AI DayZ Heli Crashes, AI Loot Crates, and AI Missions. -> Custom Military buildings all over the Chernarus Map. -> Custom Loot tables for increased loot and less junk -> Halo Jumps, Status bar at the bottom, deployable bike/quad (free bike, Extension cord needed for quad) -> Cars at spawn points for easier movement around the map -> Tons of cars scattered all over the map -> Day & Night Cycle (Fast Night) (Vote Enabled) -> Virtual Garage -> Extended Base Mod -> Working on fresh content daily with more additions to map -> North American Server! -> Soon to have Cup Vehicles/Weapons
  9. NFGCaboose-1

    NFG Gaming's Custom Exile PVP

    Welcome to NFG Gaming's NEW PVP/PVE Customized Exile Lythium server. NFG Gaming was founded on the core principle of No Fucks Given. That core value means that we don’t care about your Gender, Social status, Race, Ethnicity or Sexual orientation. We value friendship, gaming, camaraderie and overall having fun. We cater to players and what players want. We have a ticket system for players to submit trouble tickets and to suggest server changes. Our server is customized with the theme of fighting Middle Eastern Terrorists. All missions and AI are skinned as ISIS fighters or Taliban,. Rare loot on AI and at missions. Most missions spawn vehicles payouts and Zcap missions have a huge payout. Spawn in ready to fight. If you are looking for a challenge and a server with HIGH FPS then try us out. Our admins are very approachable and ready to help players. ### Promotional Offer ### ### Sign up to our website and get 50k in tabs, send a PM to Caboose-1 with in game name, allow up to 24 hours to receive tabs ### Features 50k start 50k for signing up to website middle eastern themed hacking wages lock picking high payout zcp grinding insane fps personal vehicle spawn on call arty airdrops vector building virtual garage base markers player scan bounties rig safes with explosives approachable admins respect based loadouts custom missions rappeling roaming AI rare loot building materials in trader R3f logistics towing and sling loading load crates in vehicles 3 hour restarts vote day/night base payment reminders Custom built loot areas custom buildings added to map personal view distance and grass removal revive without defibs up to 3 times before re-spawn
  10. MrEcho


    Hey Be cool if you could check out my new server Exile DeadlyForceGaming Militarized server we have everything you need high loot high fps fresh and new We are US base but it would be cool to see some of you in the server

    [TCG] Exile Chernarus

    New server has just been launched, come join us for a fresh start! Feel free to ask any questions. We will be looking for more staff to manage the server once it becomes more populated. We also play other games so just pop on our discord and have a look, make some new friends to play with in our gaming community! See you there!
  12. R. Wolfe


    Download the Required Mods Here Chernarus Map Zombies AI Missions 50K Tabs Start ExAd XM8 Addons Modded Vehicles Custom Territory Ranges XM8 App & Discord Supported infiSTAR Anti-Cheat Protected Active Admins Active Development Custom Items (Coming Very Soon!) and More!
  13. LeTs

    T51 Exile Tanoa

    T51 Was built as a project to help me learn to script and it's getting there. the server is now how I wanted it, however I am always adding new things and tweaking. this server is paid up one year in advance so there is no risk of it shutting down! . The server has, 13 Custom military bases throughout the map, Extended Base mod, Mas weapons & Exile Mini gun fix, the loot is low as it is a survival server! We also have Roaming AI, loot crates throughout map, Missions, and much more
  14. Raider

    Team Kronik

    TeamKronik's Exile is running Extended base mod ryan's zombies open chernarus project Cup vehicles Cup weapons cba and of course exile We also have a lot of extra things added to the server like ai bases, quarintine zone's, active admin's, server event's and more. Just join our teamspeak and get to playing!!!!
  15. Johnny Utah

    Combat-Gaming Exile

    We are a group of mature and adult gamers who have the same interest in video games, Our group always treats there members with respect from the get go so we expect the same from new-comers. We welcome all player, regardless of you being a new or experienced player. You can play what ever role you want to play. If you are new to the game dont be afraid to ask for help. We are continually adapting the server and adding mods that we think you might like, whilst trying to give you the best gaming experience. We also like to hear from you, on what mods and features you would like to see. All we ask is enjoy your time with us. Mods installed • DMS • ZCP • StatsBar • ExAd • Virtual Garage • Exile Occupation (Roaming AI)