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Found 21 results

  1. Hi guys, I just registered my Server to A3 Launcher and it shows me "Patial Security" this yellow sign after the Servername. Well I am using Infistar and I think I have Battleye activated. Atleast all Rcon PW are set and in the config it is set to 1. It is also saying "BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.217)" in the server console. So how do I get the A3 launcher sign to full green "High Security" Thy guys for any answers
  2. Hi there, I hope someone can help me with this. I have suddenly developed an issue where the server I admin for, has (literally overnight) stopped showing up in my ArmA 3 server lists (not even in my 'recent' or 'friends' playing lists), so I turned to A3Launcher to find it & that displays the server as 0/0 population (even when my friends are on it) and reports the ping to be 9999, when I try to connect to it anyway, my ArmA 3 starts, then hangs on the ArmA III logo screen, forcing me to 'alt-tab' to stop the program running. I have also attempted to join friends through Steam, but Steam reports the server as being offline, which it isn't. When I ran a check on the server using it's I.P address, it also reports it as being offline. I have a friend that literally lives down the road from me & he was playing on it fine. I am quite infuriated at this, as we have only recently started to run this server & it's starting to pick up numbers quite nicely, if there is any advice you could give me to remedy this I would be EXTREMELY grateful. Many thanks, Ironside.
  3. Hi Our server isn't showing up in A3 launcher & for the life on me i cannot figure out why! Does anyone have any insight on why it wouldn't ?
  4. ToXicTheSecond

    A3Launcher not joining my exile server

    I finally got my server working with a little advice from the people on here so first off thank you So I've got winter chernarus and few extra mods going and I can join the server no problem from the ingame launcher all working as it should. I decided to put my server on the a3launcher so It would be easier for my friends and other people to download my mods and join my server. After doing that I waited half hour like it said to and I went onto my other pc to check if I was showing in the database and I was, however this is where the problem is even tho I have no mods on my second pc the play button was next to my server instead of the download mods icon so I clicked it and it gave me this "There was an error that could not be recovered from." So I downloaded the mods manually just to see and the same error just keeps happening. I must mention other servers work fine it's just mine Any Ideas? is it my server? Any information here would be amazing. I will close this down as soon as I'm done. Many thanks. here is my server IP will be running in the morning.
  5. Aristo

    Ryanszombies and A3

    So I succesfully added Zombies and Demons to my server and it's working like a charm but only if I join via the ArmA III launcher in Steam. Whenever I join with A3 Launcher the mod is basically missing and the zombies are invisible and I can't hear them. I subscribed to the workshop mod so I have no idea what's going on. I use this mod on the server: and subscribed to this workshop mod: Does anyone know what's going on?
  6. IchigoKurosaki

    A3 Launcher

    Hello All, I recently got a server up and running with the Australia 4.04 mod and all that good stuff. It was working great yesterday however today didn't appear on the menu so I did a server checker. It came back saying that Australia 4.04 is an unknown mod. Nothing was changed since I had it working. If anyone able to help me out. Thank you so much
  7. iloveTDi

    Joining problems via A3Launcher

    Hello. Sry for my bad english Peoples cant join to my server from A3Launcher game saying wrong signatures .. But when i join with Arma 3 Stock Launcher (Selecting Local mods.) its working . ===== How to download the server side mods from steam workshop ? I want to use these mods on my server @CBA_A3 @CUP_Terrains_Core @CUP_Terrains_Maps @OpenChernarusProject @RHSAFRF @CUP_Units @CUP_Vehicles @CUP_Weapons ip:
  8. I have a few mods on my server that are not being recognized as required by A3Launcher and aren't being loaded by the client. I have check signatures set to 2 in both the Arma3 and the Exile server configs. The keys are all present. I've queried the server on the A3Launcher site a couple of times over 24 hours hoping it would update. The mods in question are MAS, CUP Maps/Terrains, & United States Air Force. The list of mods on the server are: They are all currently loaded as client-side in the command line and none of them are listed in the mission.sqm. I experimented with placing the mass stuff ("mas_nw_rifle","mas_ru_rifle",etc...) in the mission file in addOns[]={"exile_client","a3_map_altis"}, but got an error in the RTP (unable to play due to missing content - paraphrased obviously) and the server went into a loop. This is an area that I need to know more about. I'm not sure which, if any, of the above mods should be on the server-side in the command line. I have a test server with "verify signatures" off. I can load them in manually and they show up in the trader lists but when I try to buy one I get error 13 (Cannot find suitable position to spawn vehicle). If I try to spawn them in via admin console nothing happens. Any ideas?
  9. hawknottopgun

    Making CUP and other mods Required

    Hello all, I hate to even post a question because I know this will be something simple that I am missing. I have been searching for two weeks on how to fix this, and I've had a couple other people look at it and I just cant figure it out. My server is loading properly and everything seems to be working fine using the standard Arma 3 Launcher. The problem I'm having is that the CUP mods are not showing up on the A3 Launcher, and so I'm getting complaints from people who use that to join the game. (Yes I posted a question on A3 launcher support with no response). I've tried changing the Mods to required under exile_server_config.cpp addons section, but then the server does not load at all - (23:08:09 Warning Message: Addon 'exile_server_config' requires addon 'CUP_Units'). I have CUP listed under server mods and client mods in the above spoiler, just trying to make this work any way it can. But as you can see the CUP mods are loading. I've also attached a screenshot showing the standard arma 3 launcher and how it shows the CUP etc are suggested / additional instead of required. More Info: *Using Host Havoc *Still loads in with A3 Launcher, but CUP vehicles weapons and units do not show up *All CUP items show up when using standard Arma 3 Launcher Thank you all SO much for the help. I have been ripping my hair out. Love the mod and love the forums, I've gotten a ton of help from here just getting this far.
  10. So i've added the Scope Mod A3 2.0.2 to my server, issue is when i run the A3 launcher check it's saying "Oh snap! Found unknown mod: @Scope Mod A3 2.0.2" and "Oh snap! Found unknown mod: @SMA3" Any ideas what the startup needs to be for the check to find it? Many Thanks.
  11. dropcmd

    BUG! Frozen loading screen...

    After joining a server I encountered a blue screen (reason is known: heavy overclock) and after the crash I can't go on the very same server even after waiting for a lot longer than usual. Please help, I don't know what to do. Is it a simple fix? In the meantime I'll be reinstalling Exile and the server addons. Thanks for your time. CPU: i7 6700k, GPU: 980ti, RAM: 16GM
  12. Rollo96

    Exile Esseker Problem

    Hey guys, I hope this is the right place to write this. I just set up a new Exile Server. It ran fine on Altis, but I now tried to install Esseker on it and now nothing works... So the server starts fine. No Problems here so far (at least nothing shows up). But in the Server List in the A3Launcher only the mod Exile shows up and not the other mods (CUP Terrains Core, Esseker,...). If I try to join now, I get to the loading screen but then it says: "You can not play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. Esseker" But I have Esseker installed and can join other Esseker Servers. These are my log files, my start batch and my mission.sqm: I hope you can help me
  13. Работает с Arma 3. Автоматически Обнаруживает Моды. Скачивание через торренты для максимальной пропускной способности. Чистый и простой в использовании. Если у вас возникли какие проблемы с загрузкой или запуском игры с Exile mod , Скачайте этот удивительный инструмент.После установки он позволит вам присоединиться к серверу всего в один клик мыши и автоматически скачает все нужные моды.
  14. PulseFlare

    Arma 3 not recognizing Exile Mod?

    The title says it all. I successfully install the mod, unzip the file and put it into my Addons folder of Arma 3. I load Exile and boot up the game. When it opens, I can clearly see the custom Exile start screen and audio, which is fabulous. However, when I click Multiplayer and try to join a server, every single server has Exile Mod unchecked (Red box) on the bottom right corner of the server list. **It tells me that every file (.pbo and stuff) are not accepted and I gotta remove them, until I have nothing in my Exile folder. Doing so tells me that I do not have Exile_client, and putting them back gives me the same error, basically giving me a loop..** ( I do have another problem, which is A3launcher not recognizing that Steam is online nor that I own Arma 3. I have indeed changed my mod/download path and my arma 3 path to my Arma 3 folder. Helping on that issue would also be kindly appreciated.) Thank you for reading this.
  15. deck123

    Server not showing on A3

    So I have been running my server for a while now and it is still not showing on A3Launcher any help ? when I check my server i get - Oh snap! error querying server - timeout my start up parameters are as followed - Mods @Exile;@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF Servermods - @ExileServer not that I am blaming infiSTAR at all but after I installed it my server stopped showing I placed it in @ExileServer - Addons - a3_infiSTAR_Exile.pbo Thanks - I am also running Altis as my map
  16. SheepishShaun

    [SOLVED] Server Listing Names

    Hey guys, I have a question that I cannot find anywhere on google. How do you changed the lower tag line (In A3Launcher for instance). You set up the server name however you want, but how do you put (Like in the pic) CBA | CUP Vehicles | CUP Units in the lower tagline next to the IP? And yes Moderators, I have already tried the A3L Community... " You don't its automatic. " It isn't. I have all CUP addons installed. Thanks Everyone.
  17. Hi So as it says at th etop, my players are getting kicked. I am running AiA,cba,cup weapons,units and vehicles. But i u select them in advance sttings and join the server then u are ok. But when people just join normal they get in then get kicked. Is there something i need to add in my init file or some to launch it. I have it in my command line so its not there.
  18. Branincline


    I am trying to download mods through a3launcher and it will go about 10 mins then crash and all it says is there was an error occured
  19. [FoD]neocrypto

    A3 Launcher problem

    Hi, i tried to check Server status on A3Launcher (@ )so i get listed. But i allways get the following message: Oh snap! Found unknown mod: Australia V4.04 Keys are in correct folder in root directory. Start command (Linux): ./arma3server -config=server.cfg -port=2302 -mod=@exile\;@allinarmaterrainpack\;@australia\; -servermod=@exileserver\;@infiSTAR_Exile\; -autoinit > stdout.log 2> stderr.log & Server is running fine, no problem etc. Only Error just the listing problem with A3Launcher. Someone knows what i have to change?
  20. Hello I just got Ryan zombies running on my server yesterday and showing as required mod in A3Launcher.. But today I tried adding MAS weapons and vehicles to the server, but after a few server shutdowns and changing configurations I was unable to get it to show @Mas as installed mod in the launcher.. But now I can't even get the server to show in the A3laucnher, it normally appears with no delay after starting the server.. My start parameters: arma3server.exe -mod=@exile;@asm;@Ryanzombies;@mas18;@masvehicles;Kart,Mark,Heli; -servermod=@exileserver; -loadMissionToMemory -enableHT -config=D:\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\config.cfg -port=2302 -profiles=SC -cfg=D:\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\basic.cfg -name=SC -autoinit I've dropped the @mas18 and @masvehicles inside the server folder copied the key to arma3 key folder and then added the start parameters.. Anybody know whats wrong?
  21. tecknotot

    A3Launcher vent

    As a server administrator, I find that if players use A3Launcher, servers don't show up if mods are installed that are not on the mod list under A3Launcher. For example, does anyone know a workaround or a way to share this with the A3Launcher developer? Personally, I wish the EXILE developers would create their own launcher that does not have this limitation. Thanks for letting me share.