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Found 6 results

  1. [=PUG=]webbie

    EXILED TO ALTIS by webbie

    This is a custom server I've built from Vanilla for my clan. It includes all the usual refinements, Missions, Roaming AI, Zombies, etc. and is 99% bug free. The 1% would be the bugs that I haven't dug out. Im a good admin and I like to help players out as long as its in reason. I pay for this myself and is a personal hobby of mine. I am constantly tweaking and adding to the server and have close to 800 hours in dev time and 1500+ with Arma. I've worked on a wide array of servers and run an insurgency server as well. My contact details are in the xm8 and Im pretty happy to help anyone out but if your an idiot youll get banned.
  2. Kronik

    [UK]Kronik's Exile 20K Start PvE

    [UK]Kronik's Exile 20K Start|PVE|Zombies|AI|CUP|ExtBase IP: PvE Only! Updated regularly Active Admin(s) Recruiting staff/admins/ServerAdmins Missions Capture Points CUP Items 20K Starting money in locker Friendly! Come Play Today!
  3. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    [AUS] FYC

    A fun friendly server populated by grown ups, we have a few rules but the first rule is No Douche Bags and some of the time that works
  4. Fendo

    [GER/EU] Bornholm the green hell

    Welcome to the green hell of Bornholm Our Features: - Exile 1.0.0 - Reworked Bornholm Map (all Buildings have loot and enterable) - Custom and reworked Military Bases - Over 30 Missions (more are on the way) - Extended Base Building - Town invasions - AI Baseraids - Military Bases are patrolled by AIs - Animal hunting System - Working Revive with Defi - IgiLoad and Towing - Random Helicrashes - Player hunting AIs - Active Admins - Permanent Development - 6h Restarts - and more Join our server and discover the one and only green hell of Bornholm
  5. |Ⓐ| Gen. Thomas Cale

    Anomaly Gaming

    An Arma 3 Exile Namalsk server. Fully customised, everything about our server is unique. Don't believe me? Jump on and see! We run the following mods: Arma Enhanced Movement CUP Weapons, Units and Vehicles (with CBA) TRYK's Multiplayer Uniform Pack Ryan Zombies RZInfection for Exile We welcome respectful players who want a good server to stick around on where you have to work for for you have. By no means is it a traditionally "hardcore" server, but don't expect to see too many BRDM's and Striders rocking around, that's for sure. Any issues getting on/questions about rules etc, feel free to join up on our forums. See you in game guys, watch out for Pablo!
  6. BBQCamp_chucky sucht aktive Mitspieler

    Guten Tag, auch hier stellt das BBQCamp seinen Server vor Der Gameserver ist unter folgende IP+Port zu erreichen Teamspeak Einstellungen: Maxloot100 SlotsSP3+ Antiglitch (selbstgeschrieben)Active Adminsüber 550 FahrzeugeAi - MissionsTerritoriums Preise sehr niedrigDatenbank Sicherung alle 30 MinutenStatusleiste unten Links mit den wichtigsten InformationenHändlerpreise wurden angepasst, alle großen Scharfschützengewehre und LMGs nur kaufbar Gameserver: Intel i-2770 3,4Ghz16GB RAMM 100MBIT AnbindungSSDDatenbanksever: (anderer Rootserver) Intel i-2770 3,4Ghz16GB RAMM 100MBIT AnbindungSSD Viel Spaß beim Spielen wünscht das