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Found 4 results

  1. Captainjack

    ADD Watermark LOGO to Screen

    Sorry it's late guys I had this on FTP Drive and had to find the file address again sad part is I cant find the BE filters we had from old forum. I wanted to share this because like the makers of the mod I believe in open source and support it, I don't ask or support credit request on code that should be free for all also I forgot who the main maker was as it's been used all way back from A2 and remade so much over time. This is a small mod that runs server side it's downloaded by clients when they load your exilemod server. Few things you will need to know is how to make images and then save them by using textview2 in .paa format the size of the image needs to be under 128x128 Arma BIS software supports png images Don't use normal images gif and png seem to work best for clear background text. You can get the tools needed here: I highly recommend using Notepad ++ to edit below files 1. If reading this you downloaded the mod follow steps below.. 2. Decompile Exile.Altis.pbo in MPMissions or other mission .pbo you may have 3. Add logo.hpp and logo.sqf in Exile.Altis folder with your serverlogo.paa file 4. Add code as seen below in bottom of description.ext Should like this: #include "config.cpp" #include "logo.hpp"5. Add code as seen below just under #include "initServer.sqf" Should like this: (The include part works just fine no need to call it any other way unless you have ocd and need execVM call) #include "initServer.sqf" #include "logo.sqf"6. Make your image 128x128 place it in same folder as logo.hpp and logo.sqf by default code loads image name serverlogo.paa I use png myself but you can use all formats supported with textview. To move logo position edit below in logo.sqf by default it's on bottom left of screen. safeZoneX+0.00, safeZoneY+safeZoneH-0.12, MAIN DOWNLOAD FILES: I miss placed the .paa link for test logo sorry you will have to make own logo image to test it code is looking for serverlogo.paa as logo image More info on safeZone screen position at: Battleye Filters are missing due to forum change you will have to filter it as it loads sorry I know of few for scripts.txt !="bis_fnc_dynamicText;" !="logo.sqf"
  2. Affe

    Fahrzeug einfügen

    Hey, ich hab da mal ne frage und zwar... es gibt in der mpmission config ja "vehicle Skins" Da ist zbsp der hunter so drin /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // HUNTER /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class Exile_Car_Hunter_Abstract { skins[] = { {"Exile_Car_Hunter", 1000, "Exile White Edition", {"exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Snow_co.paa","exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Snow_Back_co.paa"}}, {"Exile_Car_Hunter", 1000, "Exile Hex", {"exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Hex_co.paa","exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Black_Back_co.paa"}}, {"Exile_Car_Hunter", 1000, "Exile Black", {"exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Black_co.paa","exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Black_Back_co.paa"}}, {"Exile_Car_Hunter", 1000000, "ASS", {"Skins\hunterass.paa","Skins\hunterh7.paa"}} }; }; Der letzte zbsp ist jetzt mein Skin, läuft soweit auch... jetzt hab ich die "textur" außen Ansicht von dem hunter übernommen und sie als Basis für den hmg genommen und ein MG eingefärbt.. (der hunter an sich bleibt ja eigentlich der gleiche deswegen hab ich für den hmg die Basis vom normalen übernommen)... Wie füge ich den jetzt aber ein sodass man ihn beim Trader Lackieren kann? Habe zbsp auch nen Hemmt ammo, den hunter hmg und einen panzer geskint aber mein Problem dabei ist das es ja keine "geschriebenen zeilen" dafür gibt wo ich ihn einfügen kann, wo abgerufen wird das der Hemmt.Ammo ne Lackierung hat also das der Trader mir net sagt das es keinen Skin für das Fahrzeug gibt..
  3. mikekozowsky

    Cannot add NiArms to loot table??

    Hello there, if been having some problems whit my loot table. i am trying to add NiArms Complete and if added every class name to my loot table, if use the generator etc. but i cannot get it to spawn, ive been trying for like 5-6 hours now so i figured i would ask what im doing wrong. Here is my config.cpp out of my exile_server_config.pbo: I am willing to give a small payment by paypal. ~Sebastian
  4. Terd Fergasen

    0.9.4: Add LMGs back in

    After 0.9.4, I would like to add LMGs and ammo back into the game. I would like to: Add weapons/ammo into the Exile loot system - probably edits to config.cpp in the mission pbo Allow it server-side - probably edits to exile_server_config.pbo Add weapons/ammo back to vendors - probably edits to config.cpp in the mission pbo Can someone explain this process? Side note: Weapons/ammo is already a part of a 3rd party loot system and after server reboots the ammo disappears, but the weapon remains in the player's inventory... This example is why I think step #2 is necessary. Thanks guys, Terd