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Found 16 results

  1. ☢☠†✪Recon✪†☠☢

    Cup Weapons Trader Addon

    All you have to do is insert these into your Exile.mission folder E.x. [Exile.Altis] Easy as that!!
  2. The Exile Expansion Project aims at customizing and expanding the gameplay content and possibilities of the Exile Mod with various additions. So far the mod includes assets and configurations for the following content: Mod Content: 3 Flag Textures 12 New Map Markers (Eden Editor Asset Browser Support) 6 New Gameobjects (Eden Editor Asset Browser Support) 5 Different Sign Textures 18 Hold-Action Icons 12 Statusbar Icons 9 Exile Toast-Notifcation Icons 6 Exile XM8 App Icons So you may ask yourself what can you do with the Exile Expansion Mod so far? Using new types of map marker icons: Using new types of Exile Toast notifications with icon display: Use the Exile Expansion Container Loot System and also the holdAction icons and function: Use the Exile Expansion Statusbar Icons: Latest update informations about Exile Expansion CLS: - Support for Exile Mod 1.0.3. - Rewriten functions. - Full customizable and easy to configure! - Added optional override for ExileServer_system_lootManager_spawnLootInBuilding to replace the dafault Exile loot spawn with a full container loot spawn system. The system uses the Exile loot tables and building positions to spawn interactable containers with the loot inside like the custom spawn system does. - Added new configurations for new type of hold action icons (Exile Expansion Client Mod update). Latest update informations about Exile Expansion Client Mod: - Added 3 new container objects (Loot Container). - Added one new XM8 App icon (Virtual Garage). - Added Eden Editor asset browser support for all mod map markers. - Added new unit Exile Expansion Drones Trader. Example for Drones trader setup: - Added new sign objects for drones trader. - Added new sign object for trader zones. You can find all objects, units and markers of the Exile Expansion Mod in the Eden Editor Asset Browser! Extra Images of concept proofs: More is coming soon and regular updates are planed! If you need some examples how to use the new content just let me know! Download: Steam Workshop: or download the Mod with the A3Launcher. Installation: Please Note! If you want to use the Exile Expansion Mod for your server then every client/player needs this Mod and they have to load it like the normal Exile Mod. The server also have to load the mod normal, not as server mod. This is the correct load order: Add the provided key to your servers keys directory! This is just an expansion for the Exile Mod! You still have to use the normal Exile Mod 1.0.3 in combination!
  3. Hey guys, you wanted it, I deliver it The Mosquito Series Steam Workshop Link Update 0.3 07.08.2018 Update 18.04.2018 Update 17.04.2018 Update 16.04.2018 Update 15.04.2018 It starts with the Mk I version. Specs. No payload max speed 90km/h fuelcapacity 35L Since it's a beta, I want to report bugs and issues in my discord so I can fix them.
  4. Shadowsong

    infiStar Virtual Garage

    Hi all, we are using infiStar Apps/Addone and would like to include the virtual garage as a new app into XM8. Unfortunately, we do not know how to include the VG and where to find / add the scripts exactly. Can anybody please help us? Thanks in advance, Shadow
  5. Coffinrust

    Vehicle Paint addon by StokesMagee

    I was wondering if anyone here has used the Paint addon by StokesMagee. I have had two vehicles explode while in the process of painting them, a Mohawk and an Ifrit. In both instances there was a blast mark on the ground and the ear ringing with the vehicle being totally destroyed. Anyone have any ideas as to how or why this occurs? I have painted several vehicles so it is either a random thing or perhaps specific to certain ones.
  6. the1corrupted

    Adding Scripted Player Action to Server?

    Hello, everyone! So to explain my situation here, I wanted to add Left Shoulder Scripted Weapon to Exile. It's a great addition, and only works via script on the server-side of things so no additional mods required by the client! I have been able to run the script package in vanilla-ish Arma servers (Nothing that overhauled the UI or anything like Exile does) so I need some help. How it works: This script seems to add a scroll menu option dependant on a couple variables but the interface is pretty simple. Scroll down and you see "Put <weapon> on back". If you already have a weapon, it will say "<weapon> in hand". Super nifty! I even have a screen shot included. Here's the raw code from the mod: I have tried to load this line at the end of init.sqf and initPlayerLocal.sqf [] execVM "aalssw.sqf" but it doesn't seem to load in Exile. I really don't have enough experience with Arma scripting to figure out what the problem is! I get some of the basic concepts, but then Exile is a different beast all together. Can anyone assist? I know that the server is finding the code to execute, and it doesn't seem to cause any errors. The script just doesn't seem to function. UPDATE: There might be something I am forgetting as well. Should I whitelist this script in BattleEye? How can I find out if it's being blocked? Should I try this instead? What are the differences between execvm and call compile? call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "aalssw.sqf"; I have been able to look at various solutions, but none seem to use code nearly as complex as the package I'm trying to impliment. Do I need to re-write the script from the ground up? I've also found this tutorial helpful:
  7. So I have this problem when I'm trying to connect to a server I get this warning-sign ''Addon 'extendedbase' requires addon 'exile_assets'' I have played on the same day and then it worked without issues. Then I was AFK on my computer then I was trying to get back on and it didn't work. I re-installed all mods and it still didn't work. Link to Gyazo: Please help (my English isn't very guuud)
  8. MickScandalous

    Custom Recipes

    I've added a few recipes to my server and I thought id share them here. I played on some servers that have similar custom recipes and if you like them add them **The map uses a CUP item as a picture, but I couldnt get it to show so feel free to add whatever i guess** If you have any not listed share them with me im all about new stuff for the game
  9. [HG]RaVeN103

    RwG CWCU (CIV_F Uniform Fix)

    CWCU = Can Wear CUP Uniforms Server & Client Mod - Key include Steam Workshop This mod allows players of all factions to pick up all uniforms. (Right Click) Tested with Exile, also usable for other mods like Epoch. Needs - CBA_A3 - CUP Units - CUP Weapons Install (Server): 1. Copy the Folder @RwG_Public_CWCU in your Arma-Server-Root. 2. Copy the Key @RwG_Public_CWCU\key\RwG_Public.bikey in your Server-Root "Key" Folder. 3. Add @RwG_Public_CWCU in your server startup parameter -mod=@RwG_Public_CWCU Start and sing "Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah". ;-)
  10. I got following massage if i try to start Arma 3 Exile Addon 'exile_client" requires Addon 'gnt_185' Can u clearly explain me what to do to play Exile? I hope you can help me.
  11. So i recently started my new exile server with some mods, evrything is working fine. I know how to add new items in the game/shops etc. But is it possible to add a lot of stuff faster? let's say that i want to add cup weapons to the armory trader do i really have to type in all those classes by hand? and that's only the weapons.. i would like the mags/equipment etc also.. So i was just wondering how you guys so it? do you type everything or use some tool? cheers!!!
  12. HoboSavior

    Lots of New Weapon Skins

    Check out all these new weapon skins,!
  13. HoboSavior

    HAP mod over 250 items!

    i added a few more items to my hoboarmapack, which i will be releasing w/ public keys in the very near future. i will be opening an Exile Cherno server with a group of experienced server hosts this weekend where i will showcase all kinds of new gear & vehicles every week, including custom 3d models for totally new helmets, vests, backpacks and more! [yt] [/yt]
  14. HoboSavior

    HAP addon pack for Exile

    moved this post to the proper forum in Addons. Please delete
  15. hello all, this is my first post on the Exile forums, but I've been messing around w/ Exile since it came out. anyway, i decided to make a new addon pack that features a bunch of existing Arma III items/weapons/vehicles that I have remade with new textures. so many of the addon packs are camos and such, i wanted a few regular type outfits too. i tried to make a quick video, but it ended up being about 20 mins and i didn't even show everything or pull it out, mostly just show it inside the shops. if you're interested take a look, im open to all suggestions. i plan to open my server this weekend maybe to feature the addon, but i also plan to release it for public use very soon as well. Includes: 75 OUTFITS 30 BACKPACKS 35 VESTS 25 HELMETS 45 WEAPONS 70 VEHICLES [yt] HoboArmaPack Video
  16. Any ideas how to whitelist this addon to make it possible to play Exile with this great sound addon? regards Cal