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Found 24 results

  1. ejik[sow]

    Addons helicrash arma 3 Exile

    This addon with numerous settings for crashes transport on your server. The player triggered a crash and crashes not far from him. The presence of bots install addons: Take the addon and throws in @ExileServer/addons You can configure the addon in the config file.cpp Main settings: minPlayer = 1; / * the Minimum number of players for the appearance of the paint. */ spawnFly = 1; / * parameter is responsible for the appearance of bots in the air or on the ground. 0-on the ground, 1-in the air */ startCrash = 40; /* how much time will fall helices after the restart. In seconds. */ betweenTime = 1000; / * After what time the next crash will fall. In seconds. */ betweenTimeEndCrash = 1500; / * After what time the current crash will be removed. */ startCountBots = 5; / * how many will be the number of bots in the helicopter. unexpectedly */ endCountBots = 5; /* how far will the number of bots in the helicopter. unexpectedly */ startCountVehicleBots = 5; / * how many will be the number of bots in land transport. unexpectedly */ endCountVehicleBots = 5; /* how far will the number of bots in land transport. unexpectedly /* betweenTimeCrash = 2; / * Delay in seconds before falling */ betweenTimeBots = 3; / * Delay in seconds between the start of the helicopter crash and landing * / betweenTimeYawik = 4; / * Delay in seconds before the box appears */ heightCrash = 600; /* Height of any falls helicopter */ countItemBots = 3; / * number of random loot in bots. Taken randomly */ minPlayerMetrsCrash = 500; /* minimum distance of occurrence from the player */ maxPlayerMetrsCrash = 700; / * maximum range of appearance from the player */ mincountWeapon = 2; / * minimum number of random weapons in the loot box. Taken randomly */ maxcountWeapon = 2; / * maximum number of random weapons in the box with loot. Taken randomly */ mincountItems = 5; / * minimum number of random loot in the loot box. Taken randomly */ maxcountItems = 5; / * maximum number of random loot in the loot box. Taken randomly */ countBackpack = 2; / * number of backpacks in the box with loot. Taken randomly */ radiusMetrsCrash = 50; / * Radius of movement of bots in passive mode. If they see the target, they'll follow. */ crashType = 0; / * 0 - all types of crash, 1 - only helicopters, 2 - only equipment. */ classBoats = "O_Soldier_unarmed_F"; / * bot Class */ classHeli = "B_Heli_Transport_01_F"; / * helicopter Class */ classVehicle = "B_MRAP_01_hmg_F"; / * equipment class * / classBox = "Box_IND_Ammo_F"; / * mailbox Class */ markerCrashEnabled = 1; / * Show marker on the map */ markerCrashText = "Crash with bots"; /* text of the token */ minrespectKilledBoat = 50; / * number of respect per bot */ maxrespectKilledBoat = 100; / * number of respect per bot */ alertCrashEnabled = 1; / * enable text notification */ alertCrashTitle = "crash with bots"; / * Header crash */ alertCrashContent = "Group bots suffered a crash. It is still possible to find something valuable"; /* Content of the crash */ Also you can configure the loot: class crashLoot Take for example adding a new weapon class bots weaponBots weapon 7 [] = {"LG_Mk 200_F", "200Rnd_65x39_case_Box", 5}; 1 parameter-weapon class 2 parameter-store class Parameter 3 - the number of stores Accordingly, you will need to add to the weaponBotsPrimary [] = {"weapon 1", "weapon 2", "weapon 3", "weapon 4", "weapon 5", "weapon 6", " weapon7"}; Similar with secondary weapons and weapons for the crate. Hope you enjoy )
  2. sceneraider

    how to force mods on

    is there a way to require players to have the proper mods installed to join the server? ive noticed people are able to join my server without all the mods that are installed.
  3. Hello Fellows, since this is my first try to set up an Linux Exile server i come across one major problem, everytime i try to start my server ( ./arma3server -config=config.cfg -name=Exile -enableHT -loadMissionToMemory -mod=@exile\;@cba\;@cup_terrains_core\;@cup_terrains_maps -servermod=@exileserver -autoinit > stdout.log 2> stderr.log ) it trows out this Error 20:13:58 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.cup_chernarus_config, CUP_Core 20:13:58 Missing addons detected: 20:13:58 cup_chernarus_config 20:13:58 CUP_Core to seen in the logs ill post on pastebin (stderr) (stdout) im sorry for my very bad English im not a native English speaker. Cheers Rickeet
  4. Nickske [BE]

    How to make more survivors spawn

    HeyI have on my server "AI roaming & missions" and "Zombie & demons" installed. How to make for example more survivors spawning. Can I change this somewhere? I thought I had seen a group before. But this has only happened 1 time.Is there a special mod for this? Or you can customize it somewhere.Thanks!

    Can you work this one out?

    Ran into an issue tonight whilst adding a few changes to my server Mods running = Ryan's Zombies and Demons & Mozzies Server mods running = Exile & infistar Addons = DMS & Occupation& ExAd i had tested ExAdand all was working fine then i added Grinding and Hacking and this is when i got this issue yet it show it is to do with Occupation Latest Server .rpt bellow The issue from the rpt: Latest client side .rpt bellow I have gone into the \@ExileServer\addons\a3_exile_occupation and tried changing the config setting To both true or false and i get the same result Here is my \@ExileServer\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationLog.sqf Any ideas? TIA Smoke
  6. General_Jacob

    Serverside Mod Placement Question (noob)

    Hello again friends, I have modded a map with slight changes in editor such as creation of traders and all that, I repacked the edited mission into my mission pbo in replacement of the old one, but when I run my server I get errors that certain objects are missing over and over. I have a feeling that my mods are in the wrong place and wanted to double check where they are supposed to go in my server folders. Specifics would be really great. I added them to my auto start batch but I think my folders are not placed properly. I did quite a bit of searching on what would cause this error but could not piece it together exactly myself. I solved the error for a few pieces but it keeps giving me new ones. Specific examples would be really great so I can wrap my head around how things work. Thanks in advance for your patience. If its helpful, this is at the bottom of my RPT 1:23:02 Cannot register unknown string STR_3DEN_CAMERA_NAME 1:23:02 Cannot register unknown string STR_DIFF_SCENE_ONLY 1:23:02 Cannot register unknown string STR_DIFF_SCENE_AND_MAP 1:23:02 Initializing stats manager. 1:23:02 Stats config disabled. 1:23:02 sessionID: 193b2d1514ccc9e3a52f11b0eef56660a6af50d7
  7. DeliciousSupreme

    A3 launcher Is bugging me

    Help me, I have a problem joining servers on A3 launcher, especially Exile servers. Every time the A3 launcher starts Arma, it stops and says Addon 'A3_Data_F_Loadorder' requires addon 'A3_Structures_F_Signs_Companies' And I don't know what to do or why it says that, please help guiding me and fix the problem
  8. Charizard77

    Custom Loot Positions

    So Recently, I used Custom loot positions to generate loot positions relative to an object that did not have loot positions in VR. Made the necessary edits to config.cpp of exile_server_config and initserver of Exile.ALtis. I've searched the forums for previous posts for syntax and cannot identify any differences between my code and theres. Some of my custom buildings that I've added that have loot positions do spawn loot(military cargo towers). All buildings are not simple objects and Simulation is enabled. I basically just wanted to create a maze using the shootwalls to encourage CQC and looting, but with no loot spawning theres no incentive to use this new area. So i figured I'd make an invisible loot beacon to spawn loot in my shoot maze. I know the coordinates are object relative so... Here is what I added to config.cpp class CfgBuildings { /////////////////////////////////////////////////// // looot beacon // /////////////////////////////////////////////////// class VR_GroundIcon_01_F { table = "Radiation"; positions[] = {{1.48047, -0.32373, 1}, {0.305664, 1.24072, 1}}; }; }; Any reason this is not working out for me? I've been at it for almost a week now making slight changes. Let me know if you want to see any other files. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Alright so I installed Advanced Towing and Rappelling and they seem to work just not properly. For advanced towing, I can use it fine (I'm in admin mode) but other players cannot use it. As for advanced rappelling, I can use it again but I only hang there and can't go up or down and my players cannot even see the option. Any ideas?
  10. OK, Im trying to get ExileZ running on my Exile server. I am running into the issue where the server loads but players wont get past the SQL load in. You know the good'ol lookin at ground as a ghost character on that damn island issue. I have the Exilez.pbo in the @Exileserver\addons folder and @Ryanzombies in my server directory on my server as well as my client, but only active on the client. My Startup parameters are: -ip= -port=2307 -noPause -noSound "-cfg=A3DS\basic.cfg" -ranking="" -par="" "-config=A3DS\server.cfg" "-profiles=A3DS" "-servermod=@Exileserver" "-mod=@Exile;@Ryanzombies" -malloc=system -enableHT -world=empty -autoinit -maxMem=6144 I modified my Mission.SQM in the addons section. With the following. class Mission { addOns[]= { "exile_client", "ryanzombies", "ryanzombiesfunctions", "Ryanzombiesanims", "Ryanzombiesfaces", "a3_map_altis" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "exile_client", "ryanzombiesfunctions", "a3_map_altis" }; I have also Modified my Config.cpp in @Exileserver\addons\exile_server_config.pbo with. class CfgPatches { class exile_server_config { requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = { "ryanzombies", "ryanzombiesfunctions", "Ryanzombiesanims", "Ryanzombiesfaces"}; units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; magazines[] = {}; ammo[] = {}; }; }; In my logs I am running in to this. 16:21:01 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_selectFull.sqf, line 16 16:21:01 Error in expression <uery_selectFull; _numberOfClans = count _clanIDs; if (_numberOfClans > 0) then > 16:21:01 Error position: <_clanIDs; if (_numberOfClans > 0) then > 16:21:01 Error Undefined variable in expression: _clanids 16:21:01 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_world_loadAllClans.sqf, line 20 16:21:01 Call extension 'extDB2' could not be found 16:21:01 Error in expression <"extDB2" callExtension _query); switch (_result select 0) do { case 0: { (format> 16:21:01 Error position: <_result select 0) do { case 0: { (format> 16:21:01 Error Undefined variable in expression: _result 16:21:01 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_selectFull.sqf, line 16 16:21:01 Error in expression <uery_selectFull; _numberOfClans = count _clanIDs; if (_numberOfClans > 0) then > My server is hosted by Host Havoc. Any help would be great thank you for your time! #LostAF
  11. Jeepers

    Help required

    Hi. We are in need of some help to grow our server. Its the only really active exile server in South Africa and we require some assistance with the mods and various other scripts. Our scripter has left and we want someone new to join us and jam with us as well as want to help our South African Arma community grow. Please message me here or add me on steam under Jeepers if you are interested. Thanks and Regards.
  12. I recently pre-paid for 6-months of server time with the server hosts (BlackBox). I am struggling to find topics and information on how to add mods to my server.. I attempted to add the mod @Ryanzombies and I was part-way successful, I'm at the point where it gives me this error whenever I try and join my server "add additional keys that are accepted by the server". I've completely scraped everything I've done, and I'm starting fresh in order to better understand this whole process. I used this thread to set-up the MOD the first time: "In the thread above"- There is only parts of information on How to add MODS to a server, I don't understand all the terminology and I need something more explanatory." Since I lack the knowledge which I'm sure is common on these forums, would the community walk my through this step by step? I have the Mod @Ryanzombies, How do I put this MOD into my online server? Please feel free to ask any questions, I have to warn you though - I'm a complete newb! but if you can help me, then many more will benefit from this. Thanks ahead of time for any help.
  13. So i have a brand new ARMA 3 Server which is running "EPOCH". and i also have a few Scripts that i would like to install on the server, However i have no idea what i am doing currently. Would anyone be kind and be able to help me out a little with this? Would be very much appreciated if you could. Thanks Dan.
  14. Hello guys, if you're here with a solution I want to first thank you for helping a bambi. On to the problem: I've been attempting to install addons on to my group's Exile server. Unfortunately the server is stuck on "Selecting Mission" and the server says there are no mods loaded on the server. I've pasted the addon folders into the server root folder, and have placed the Keys into the Keys folder. I'll be pasting my parameters and my rpt file below, along with some additional details, in hopes that somebody out there has a solution to my problem. Thanks again! Steps I've Taken: 1) Copied and pasted mod folders into server root folder. 2) Copied the mod keys into the Keys folder. 3) Set the parameters as described below. Host: Map: Esseker Parameters: -mod=@Exile;@Esseker;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@Arma_Enhanced_Movement;@Zombies_and_Demons;@Extended_Base_Mod; -servermod= (Last time we had a server we kept this blank and it worked just fine. Unfortunately our files were deleted.) RPT File:
  15. Special Ed

    TCA Game kicks - Mass Weaps & Vehicles

    Hi, Ever since the last update to Arma 3 and Exile (Kohlrabi) my server has developed some game breaking issues regarding the Mas Weapons and Vehicles Mods/addons. I have deleted and reinstalled the mods on the server, as well as replacing the bikey for the addons as well. I've also asked player getting the kicks to reinstall their mods. Unfortunately players are continually being kicked with the TCA game message. My rpt log shows alot of "missing files" errors but I don't know why. Does anyone know what would be the cause of this? I am installing CUP instead now because I cant find a solution but I would rather use mas. I would appreciate any help anyone could give. Here is my rpt:
  16. Hi All, I am really struggling to get even the basic mods installed on my server and I wondered if someone could help steer me as to what I'm doing wrong. I am trying to install the CUP series of addons and so far, every time I load them into the game and try to log in, I get kicked with a Battleye restriction. Here are the steps I have taken so far; I uploaded @ace;@ASDG_JR;@CBA_A3;@CUP_ACE3;@CUP_Units;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Weapons; to my server root folder and then in the -mod I add all of these mods in. I checked the syntax which is all correct. Two things then happen; I get an error saying CUP_Weapons requires CUP_Weapons_Ammunition (I can't find any reference to CUP Weapons Ammunition mod anywhere; the second thing is that I then get kicked with Battleye Restriction #11. However, if I unload the mods from my local game (still active in the server), the kick goes away and I can enter the game. My only current thought is to remove all the mods and start again just one at a time. Still learning the new way of configuring servers in Arma 3. I had Arma 2 cracked Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  17. I pretty must want what the tittle suggest, I want to find where I would get what is needed in the mission.sqm to run mods. Currently I had to look at a mission cached to even get a server working on cup chernerus. I know that isnt ideal to do but thats what I had to do after I searched about 4 hours looking where to find it myself. I want to have other mods but to be able to find them myself. What I am putting below is what I am asking assistance about. Default Mission.sqm version=12; class Mission { addOns[]= { "exile_client", "a3_map_altis" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "exile_client", "a3_map_altis" }; Mission.sqm that is on Chernerus Cup version=12; class Mission { addOns[]= { "exile_client", "cup_chernarus_config", "A3_Soft_F_Car", "A3_Soft_F_Quadbike", "a3_soft_f_beta_quadbike", "A3_Boat_F_Civilian_Boat", "A3_Boat_F_Boat_Transport_01", "A3_Air_F_Heli_Light_01", "A3_Air_F_Heli_Heli_Transport_04", "A3_Air_F_Heli_Heli_Transport_03", "A3_Modules_F", "cup_chernarus_summer_config", "cup_cabuildings2_misc_cargo", "cup_buildings_config", "cup_camisc", "cup_ind_tank", "cup_misc3_config", "cup_misc_e_config", "a3_characters_f_gamma", "A3_Characters_F_OPFOR", "A3_Characters_F_INDEP", "A3_Characters_F_Civil", "A3_Modules_F_Curator_Curator", "a3_characters_f", "A3_Data_F_Curator_Virtual", "A3_Characters_F_BLUFOR" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "exile_client", "cup_chernarus_config", "A3_Characters_F_BLUFOR", "a3_characters_f", "A3_Modules_F", "cup_chernarus_summer_config", "cup_misc3_config", "cup_misc_e_config", "cup_buildings_config" };
  18. Hero/Rey

    problems with server

    Hello, my problem is that if I want to go on the server he tells me [ image1 ] but I have made the Exile mod in the server folder , hir is an image [Image 2] What can i do?
  19. Hero/Rey

    Problems with server

    can you help me?
  20. I'm new to Exile but I have experience running various Arma 2 DayZ and Arma 3 Epoch servers. I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight on some of the popular addons server owners use? Does Exile have built in missions and AI? Do I need VEMF? Do I need A3EAI? I plan on using MAS WEapons and MAS Vehicles, but I don't want to load the server down too much. Also, is it better to use a dedicated box for SQL or to put the database on the same box running the Arma 3 server isntance? When I was hosting Arma 2 server, I would always have MySQL running on it's own dedicated machine. Really I want best performance for the game server itself and if that means keeping SQL on a separate machine, so be it. Any advice or insight would be appreciated.
  21. Please sticky this, I've seen at least 10 posts about it sprinkled throughout the forums. If you are having issues loading mods on your Linux based server, please make sure that your custom mods and addons do not contain capital letters in the folder or filenames. If you are lucky enough to have ssh or local access to your linux arma server, this link will help you automate de-capitalizing all of your files and folders recursively and is a huge time saver. Alternatively, you can run it on your own pc before uploading your mods to your server. (use mingw to run bash scripts on windows) Common mods that this affects: All in Arma Terrain Pack CUPS TRYK MAS Austrailia Anything that has a capital letter in the @folder name, or any subdirectories and files. Example: TRYK won't run on my linux based server. Solution: Rename @TRYK to @tryk, the Addons folder inside tryk needs to be renamed addons, and all of the files that are in the addons folder that have capital letters in them need to be renamed to their lowercase equivalents.
  22. [GCT] Raiden

    Waffen Addons richtg einf[gen

    Ich weiss das ich nicht die Hellste Leuchte bin und auch nicht viel Ahnung im bereich von Exile habe aber vielleicht erbarmt sich jemand mir zu helfen. Es geht um das Mas Weapons pack, sie sind beim Trader kaufbar, verkaufbar und das alles. Und jetzt mein problem: Nach jedem relog/restart sind die Waffen weg. Kann mir einer erklären was ich falsch gemacht habe. PS: Bitte spart euch dumme Kommentare das ich zu blöd bin oder so......Ich hab erst angefangen Server zu bearbeiten, also bitte, Hilfreiche antworten
  23. Hey Guys, I know I'm doing this right, Just not 100% sure there isn't a syntax error or something. setTimeMultiplier 5; _objects = [ //Your custom objects go here ["Land_Dome_Small_F",[1112.69,2511.57,0],0,[0,0,1],false], ["Land_CncBarrierMedium4_F",[1112.75,2485.62,0.122678],0,[0,0,1],false], ["Land_CncBarrierMedium4_F",[1115.43,2491.61,0.13114],270.636,[0,0,1],false], ["Land_CncBarrierMedium4_F",[1109.9,2491.65,0.130173],270.653,[0,0,1],false], ["Land_CncBarrierMedium4_F",[1115.49,2531.44,0.123204],90.9574,[0,0,1],false], ["Land_CncBarrierMedium4_F",[1109.88,2531.49,0.127494],88.7831,[0,0,1],false], ["Land_CncBarrierMedium4_F",[1112.54,2536.66,0],0,[[0,1,0],[0,0,1]],false], ["Land_ScrapHeap_2_F",[1107.37,2495.19,0],144.149,[0,0,1],false], ["Land_ScrapHeap_1_F",[1102.17,2498.77,0],282.872,[[-0.974869,0.222779,0],[0,0,1]],false] ]; { private ["_object"]; _object = (_x select 0) createVehicleLocal [0,0,0]; _object setDir (_x select 2); _object setPosATL (_x select 1); _object enableSimulation false; // :) } forEach _objects;As I said before, I know it's in the right place. But can't figure out why it's not spawning. Keep in mind this is Chernarus. Cheers, Mezo