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Found 70 results

  1. AdminToolkit for Arma 3 This tool is used to administrate Arma3 multiplayer servers. It also supports an option to overwrite the sections for additional features. Check out the Extensions avaiable for AdminToolkit PRESS THE F2 KEY TO OPEN IN-GAME PLEASE NOTE (MISSING IN THE INSTALL VIDEO): You need to ADD the "-servermod=@ExileServer;@AdminToolkitServer" parameter when running arma3server.exe README : RELEASE NOTES: DOWNLOAD : EXILE ADDON Buy me a coffee :-) Core Features: Players Setup administrators or moderators with limited access Teleport from/to players and to map position (by using the in-game map - hold ALT key and press LMB) Spectate player using WASD plus Q and E keys improved version 1.6 God Mode (incl. Ryan Zombies) Kick/Ban players Vehicles Vehicle spawn for yourself or a selected player (Exile Addon) Spawn persistent vehicles with PIN CODE Weapons add weapon to inventory add ammo to inventory Construction & Others NEW: Building persistence supported (since v1.4) Place buildings by using Q, E for rotation, PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN and HOME/END for moving the constructions (since v1.2 remove is supported) spawn additional "vehicle items" like Backpacks, GPS, Binocular, etc... (located in Other) Exile Addon Spawn (persistent) vehicles Remove vehicles new version 1.7 , Repair and destroy vehicle verrsion 1.8 Exile Money - Give admin some money Receive Exile Respect points new version 1.7 Exile Items (check Items section - use search E.g. "Wood") and more... Developer Notes: To create addons for AdminToolkit, please read the following instruction Thank you Regards
  2. |-| S o IN IN y |-|

    AeoG is searching for new StaffMember

    Hello Exile Community AeoniumGaming is a new upcoming exile Server hosting team wich work alot with the community together to have the best experience for you! We started with Chernarus Redux and a small Number of players but in just 3 month we grow up to the top 8 most visited Exile Servers worldwide and the 2nd best Chernarus Redux Server. And now we wanna improve the whole Exile feeling for you with ideas and new ways to survive on our new Chernarus 2035 Server! We are known for having a team of always fair admins! Now we want to upgrade our team with new help. Discord Member 1400+ Server Joins per Day ~ 700 we are just looking for people who have more than 500h Arma and are not new to the area Exile! What we are looking for: Supporter/Moderator: the tasks of a supporter include discord and server support - active player support with Bugs & problems with other Players - observe the rule compliance Dev's: the tasks of a developer include just SQF Support (no player support needed) - Although we already have good developers we still want to top up in this area with experienced people if possible German is the preferred language! but English is also an alternative. if you have questions you can contact us. Greetings Aeonium Gaming Team
  3. Andrew_S90

    Exile Player Rewards

    Exile Player Rewards This is a system that allows admins to add rewards for players to go claim at any locker. This system in no way will auto generate rewards for your players for doing missions, logging in, donating, playing, gaining respect or anything like that. You are free to use it to do any of those things but out of the box it just accepts rewards and items and allows the player to claim them. As I explained in the above video You need a players UID and an array of items to pass to the server to add items. It will also take the players UID and the name of a kit which is exactly like infistar spawn boxes, the format is almost 1:1 so you could copy paste them over. It takes and will give players poptabs, respect, items, weapons, backpacks, uniforms, vests and vehicles. It will also allow you to set quantities for these items and the players can create their own pin# for the claimed vehicles. Here is an example I used to test via admin menu to add items to my own character. ["addRewardsRequest", [getplayeruid player, [["ExileScore",1000],["ExileMoney",2000],"Exile_Item_Flag","Exile_Item_SafeKit",["Exile_Car_Lada_Green",3],"Exile_Chopper_Huey_Green"]]] call ExileClient_system_network_send; ["addKitRequest", [getplayeruid player, "BaseObjectsWood"]] call ExileClient_system_network_send; The first one allows any array of items and set quantities to be based the other will take a predefined kit that is located server side for customization. If any items are already in the players collection box it will stack items so that the space is controlled on the database. There are some settings that can be changed in the config.cpp server side, right off the bat you will need to add your UID to the "AllowedRewardGivers" array or it will deny adding items from players from your UID. This security check for admins can be turned off if you want, its there to not allow people or names not in the list to not be able to give rewards to themselves or other players. All these settings can be found in rewards_server\config.cpp This uses EXTDB2, you can update for EXTDB3 if you wish. IDD for infistar: 57347 Installation Download the files from here: Client: Place "custom" folder inside of your root Exile.Altis folder Client: Paste #include "custom\rewards\rewardsDialog.hpp" in the description.ext (also available via github in the config.cpp file) Client: Modify your class CfgNetworkMessages and paste the following (also available via github in the config.cpp file) Client: In your init.sqf please paste the following (also available via github in the init.sqf file) Server: Open the rewards_server folder and open config.cpp and then either add your desired admin UIDs to the "AllowedRewardsGivers" array OR change checkRewards to a 0 this is a security function which will check if a legit sender is trying to reward your players. Server: In config.cpp feel free to change logging to a 0 if you do not want extdb2 logs to be created. As well you can add any custom kits, I have included some examples for you. Server: Run the following rewards.sql on your database to add a rewards table for your players (also available via github in Server\database_additions folder in the rewards.sql file) Server: Paste the following additions to your exile.ini file at the bottom (also available via github in Server\database_additions in the exile_additions.ini file) Example code snippets to call files to add items to players.
  4. DONAR

    69WASTED Admin Menu for ExAd

    69WASTED Admin APP for Exile ExAd This app requires ExAd: WARNING: This app is Work In Progress and could have bugs. I can not ensure that all functions work save. On public servers it could be better to use tools like infiStar. Functions Local debug console Add items to your inventory (fully customisable) Player teleport / map teleport Healing Max food / thirst Reset body temperature Access to Arma 3 Asenal Repair Car Flip Car Installation Copy all files in your Mission Add following to your Config.cpp class ExAd_69Admin { title = "69 Admin"; controlID = 50700; config = "ExadClient\XM8\Apps\69admin\config.sqf"; logo = "ExadClient\XM8\Apps\69admin\Icon_69admin.paa"; onLoad = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\69admin\onLoad.sqf"; onOpen = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\69admin\onOpen.sqf"; onClose = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\69admin\onClose.sqf"; }; Add ExAd_69Admin to extraApps[] Update Instructions Replace changed files Configuration You can modify the items in the menu by adding items with there class name to the array ExAd_69admin_Items. The first column is the name that will be displayed, the second must be the class name and the third is the category. A Category is added in the array ExAd_69admin_ItemsGroups, where the first column is the Displayname and the second the group name (the name that will be in the items array). ToDo Add all correct class names for item spawner or find a better solution Optimize isAdmin function Add permission system Add some function to unused buttons Find bugs ... Contribute If you find a bug or have some suggestions for improvement open a new issue here or make a pull request. Also you can leave a message here . License Apache License 2.0 DOWNLOAD
  5. What are your guys tactics, script or rules to controlling large groups both for new players and smaller groups. I hope this is the right place to post this. Cheers
  6. Dark Scale

    Questions from new admin

    First thing is that I have became a admin on a exile server and been tasked with making a community base for the low level players to use while starting out. How ever in order to make sure it is secure I need a lot of items that are rare to spawn in the open world. We don't use any admin tools other than what comes with arma and am wondering if anyone might be able to assist me with getting the items through the vanilla admin commands. Just for reference I am new to the vanilla admin menu. I am use to the infastar menu. Trying to get the concrete structure pieces, camera's, metal wire and H-block barriers.
  7. SidewaysLlama7

    Admin/Moderator trader?

    Hi, On my server i'd like to add a custom trader for my moderators with some fancy cosmetic stuff in it, i've looked all over the forums and haven't seen anything! we'd like for it to be UID based. any help will be much appreciated
  8. Khalcifer

    infistar admin flag mark

    Hello, how can i change in infistar display on map flag teritory lvl to owner + ExileTerritoryLevel
  9. I'm looking to start a Tanoa server with Ryan's ZnDs and need some help in the config reqs.
  10. UraNuS

    How to make AutoLogin Admin

    How to make AutoLogin Admin when an admin comes in Server with SteamID.... Any Script for detect me and no need #login "pass" ???? ty
  11. Monkeynutz

    Reserved Slots!

    Hello, Again with another Revive... @TheMeq created a script that no longer worked with Exile and I have modified it to allow easier customisation AND it now also works. Download link: It is a simple script for when a player joins the server, it checks to see if his UID is in the list of reserved UIDs and if they are not then it will display a message to them, put them in God Mode and Disable input so they cannot move while the message is on display, preventing them from running around like a headless chicken and being killed by another player. It then proceeds to dim the screen and after 10 seconds, it will kick them. If the player is listed in the UIDs they will not be kicked. This script is an easier alternative to those who don't want to or don't know how to white-list using other stuff. All you have to do is edit accordingly, the message will then show. Download link:
  12. Sebas

    ***K3B*** Custom Chernarus

    K3B*Chernarus*Custom|20K|VECTOR|RHS|DMS|ZCP|HACK|GRIND||QC|FR|US| Hello everyone. KEB GAMING [K3B] Is a Arma 3 Exile Mod Community since 2016. We currently have Exile Mod servers. Both PVP. Please visit website for list of rules and features. It is made by 2 guys. (Uwilldie and Baklava) and is hosted in New York. Maintenance every 10 days. Protection, vehicles, safe. Mods Required: Exile RHS AFRF RHS GREF RHS SAF RHS USAF Extended Base CUP Terrains Maps CUP Terrains Core DS House (which opens several houses) Enhanced Movement (to climb on the roof) Mr Sanchez (which gives a chance to burst their heads with a head shot) Features: Custom Traders Custom Crafting Custom Static Mission (has 78 AI and 4 boxes of equipment of all kinds) Custom ZCP Mission DMS Mission Voting day/night Vector (move the walls in all directions) Hacking safe and Virtual garage Grinding doors Mobile XM8 for Android Advanced towing Spawn base Claim vehicle 20k to start your journey View Distance Virtual garage High FPS Loot crate ground and underwater Rocket and grenade launchers Armed and armored vehicles (Cal .50 max) Deploye Quad Heli crash Igiload (Load crate on vehicle) Status bar 4H restart MORE... We have: Facebook: Website: Discord: See you there!
  13. Screamer

    Admin marker position

    Hi I'm trying to write script showing admin (me) marker for all players on map. For some reason _test = getPos player; return my cords but when I'm trying to use in createMarker then nothing happened private["_test"]; _test = getPos player; _markerS = createMarker ["_markerS", _test]; _markerS setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _markerS setMarkerType "mil_destroy"; _markerS setMarkerText 'Admin Convoy'; Where I have error ??? Please help
  14. Hi, So last month I was on my server before I added infistar and I just used the #Login password to do commands. This was working fine and now I added infistar I can't seem to get this to work. So I took Infistar off my server and it works fine. Is there any way I can use infistar and have this on at the same time?
  15. kidesh

    # not working

    Hi, Anybody know why we can not login as admins by using #login password. For some reason when I go into any chat in game I press # and the chat vanishes. I am positive I had it working last month. Could it be #infistar ?
  16. Mr.Jeges |  冷冰冰

    Admin/Moderator Recruitment

    Admin/Moderator Recruitment in the DFTP Clan [EU/UK(HU)] DFTP's Exile Server [ZCP's, HORDS, MISSIONS] At least min +16 years old,250h+/- in the game, Good speech(english), More Info on Our TS3 server:
  17. Crado

    RAT Gaming needs admins

    Hello, I am looking for an in-game admin for my server. Due to limited time I am not able to be online a lot myself. Right now I have one server but I am looking to expand that. At this moment I just have a managed hosted server but might want to expand to a dedicated box. What I need right now: In-game server admin (monitor the game, help out players, watch logs) Server dev (install scripts/mods, tweak the server, write custom scripts) Map designer (building custom traders/areas) Requirements: Over 18 years old Previous experience with exile servers Able to speak English Friendly and helpful (duh) If you're interested please apply on the forum or hit me up on discord if you want more information. Thanks, Crado
  18. HI All, I would like to quickly introduce our multigaming community called "SSMG" or "Schattenstreiter". Since we are now also playing Arma 3 and we are currently Setting up our own ExileMod Server I thought it might be a good idea to reach out to all of you guys also playing it ... Regardless of your skills or your origin we simply want to Play and have fun together. So if you want to leave your own footprint by helping us to create a nice Arma Server, dont hesitate to get in contact with us. Basically we Play all Kind of different Multi Player games but having a Special Focus now also on Arma 3 / ExileMod. We have our own Teamspeak Server and a couple of more Servers for other games such as CS:GO / L4D2 / ... and many more. However, in case you guys are interested you may want to check our HP -> <- Feel free to join our Teamspeak to either just Play with others or become part of our community. Looking forward to see you there! Cheers, Tim
  19. =^AB^=Tuscania


    Abbiamo tirato su questo server in collaborazione con Armata Brancaleone (Gruppo che gioca prevalentemente ad ARMA3) Il server è una macchina ultrapotente con prestazioni eccezionali, abbiamo testato con 100 player e non dà un accenno di cedimento o drop fps.Per giocare occorre ARMA3 e le seguenti mods: @exile ed @rayan Zombies and demons.Ovviamente il server è provvisto di tutte le protezioni anti hack e ddos, e durante il 90% della giornata vi sono all'interno admin che possono aiutarvi nelle missioni dandovi una mano. Server PVP/PVEOltre al trovare molte armi e cose interessanti girando per le strutture vi sono missioni random che vengono create in automatico dal server, in piu una volta a settimana programmeremo un evento con speciali premi. We pulled together on this server with Armata Brancaleone (Group Playing mainly to ARMA3) The server is an ultra-powerful machine with outstanding performance, we tested 100 players and does not give a hint of weakness or drop fps. To play you must ARMA3 and the following mods: @exile and @rayan Zombies and demons. Obviously the server is provided with all the anti hack and ddos protection, and 90% during the day you are in admin who can help you in missions giving you a hand. Server PVP / PVE In addition to finding many weapons and interesting things going around the structures you include random missions which are created automatically by the server, in more than once a week will plan an event with special prizes.
  20. Dawso

    Admin Toolkit Arma 3

    Hey guys I need some help with the exile addon, Admin Toolkit. I have successfully installed bAdmin but I want the more complex admin tools with the Admin Toolkit. I have tried everything but it wont even let me join the server it has me stuck on connecting when I change anything. Please give me an in depth guide on how to install since the video they provided didn't help at all. PS I dont use BE filters for my server.
  21. -XC- Don Nitram is hiring. is running a 100 slot Exile Arma III server on GTX playing on Chernarus. Most of the things are already set up and good to go. But a couple of things are needed and we are paying good to get it if that should attract someone with the right skill. - Bambi vehicle spawn - Private messaging - infiSTAR - Location change of trader - Loot adding to missing buildings (airfield hangars, station house, Cow sheds) and a couple of more things. Are you interested ? and are you able to apply these things to the server please dont hesitate to contact us either here or at

    Scripter gesucht

    Servus, Wir vom Server "the Purge" suchen noch einen Scripter zur unterstüzung in userem Team, Was wir bieten: -Root Server -MySQL DB -Laufenden Exile Server -Ts -Spaß Was wir suchen: -Einen Scripter mit erfahrung -Alter 18+ -Aktivität Bei Interresse einfach mal bei uns im Ts melden :
  23. Hello, I am trying to fix the battle eye script restriction #40 need for find that file to fix it from what i have read you can help by telling me where it is and if possible how to fix it from a different source. (if this is in the wrong forum i am sorry im new to this) Terry
  24. sgt.Martin

    Infistar Not Working

    Hi, I been trying for over two days now to add your infistar to my server under my own custom missions. But not for (epoch,altislife,wastland) I make my own missions, just having a lot of issues with not being able to use anything connected to the infistar Mod. I have followed the instructions readmem, but having issues when trying to get to work. It shows up in the server as its active, but not able to push F1 key to enter into the client as an admin.
  25. [TSG]Madros55

    [TSG] Looking for staff

    TSG has open for staff application we have 3 different classes of staff A1: (A1) = /* Admin class 1*/ root Access - Full access admin Closed for apps A2: (A2) = /* Admin Class 2 */ In-game Support - Spawn in missing/glitched items/vehicles, kick/ban, Teleport, Spectate, delete Vehicles Open for applications A3: (A3) = /* Admin Class 3 */ In-game Moderator - Kick and/or ban offensive or abusive players. Open for Applications Forum: ✮✮✮✮ ✮✮✮✮ Application info ✮✮✮✮ ✮✮✮✮ -Madros55 Even a Lone wolf needs a Family Dont forget to leave a like on our facebook page