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Found 1 result

  1. Ambu5h

    Hellfire for admins

    Few years back i was looking at some youtube videos of a guy called PeterOnXBoXIn720i or something like that. This admin came up in a lovely demonspawn outfit surrounded by fire. I figured it would look awesome to just show up next to a player asking an admin to come and help him. And then just show up and be like "What do you want mere mortal!?" What it does: This script check for username's and his current outfit and if both matches it spawns fire (just below) the admin. By using infistars shift+4 and shift+5 (fly up and TP +10m forward) you can also become a commet at night. Create a file hellfire.sqf somewhere in your mission file and copy the following code into it. Change both ADMIN1 and ADMIN2 to the ingame usernames of your admins. Change U_B_Soldier_VR to which ever uniform you like to associate it with. (This combination looks awesome tho). Goto init.sqf and add the following line: [] execVM "<YOUR CUSTOM PATH>\hellfire.sqf"; Known problems: 1. KEEP GODMODE ON, if you turn it off youll burn to death. 2. For this same reason, stay a bit away from players as they will burn with you. Also, dont walk into their base with this fire turned on. If you stand on the second floor the fire will rage on the first floor. (it spawns it -2 meters below you to make it look better). 3. When you change back to another outfit the flame only gets detached. It doesnt disappear. Tried fixing this but does not work. So when your done burning in hell, go somewhere remote and switch clothes to avoid smokeplumes everywhere. Edit: Script cleaned up and debugged.