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Found 2 results

  1. MikePetunia

    Petunia Chernarus Redux Hardcore

    Our Chernarus Redux Exile server is a HARDCORE environment. The only trader is a MarXet trader, meaning the only gear for sale is the stuff players find, get from missions or loot from dead AI/other players and sell via the MarXet trader! If you feel like some hard survival gaming, come join us! NOTE: If it's dark, don't panic! You spawn with a HEADTORCH! Hit shift-N to turn it on What the server has: Chernarus redux Has many more enter-able houses than standard Chernarus Advanced abseil Advanced Urban Rappel (abseil off buildings!) Fox survival cars Headtorch (awesome for in the dark - you spawn with one... hit Shift-N to turn on Custom loot - Survival (no military shit) The ONLY traders are: MarXet trader (selling shit other players list) Plot trader (so you can sort your plot/base) Claim unlocked vehicles (NEED a codelock - you spawn with 1 on death and also added to loot tables in industrial areas!) Exile-Z & Ryans Zombies & Demons Roaming AI Missions Ai 'might' be in buildings waiting to kill ya in some high-value locations LOTS of additional loot positions in buildings (more to do - bear with us!) Needed to join: (Join via launcher and it should grab the mods for you!) Exilemod Zombies & Demons CUP Terrains - Core DS Houses Chernarus Redux MrSanchez' Headlamps Fox_Survivalcars Don't know what Redux is? It's a pretty awesome-looking update to the Chernarus map with lots of cool tweaks - Their website says it best: IP: Port: 2307
  2. kyletiley7


    Our server is geared to players who enjoy a server that doesn't just hand all the OP gear and vehicles to you on a platter. We have put much time and effort into balancing our server for both new players and original members. We have the most customized exile server with base, uniform,backpack, and vehicle paint in combination with a large array of mod like HAP,HVP,HWP,CUP,MAS the possibilities for your loadout are endless. We have crate loading into vehicles enabled as well as selling them at the waste dump to cut down on tedious looting. We are largely comprised of mature adult gamers with a large US military representation (mostly army). We have a custom black market trader (which we are putting on a naval carrier) for jets which will also be a radiation zone only accessible with the use of an exile gas mask which is rare loot from only the most difficult missions. If you want a server that will challenge your tactical mindset (and skill) we welcome all players of all skill level and play styles but all will be tested >:) We are always looking for more staff members in the moderator community as well as any suggestions or feedback from players on our server. All admins play as players with all powers off until we are needed and just to ensure there is no pvp admin abuse, after an admin is called to a players location we will take a 15 minute "timeout" in either trader or our base to ensure no admins are given unfair information. Our steam group is 350th Apex Predators and our announcements is how we keep our players informed of all changelogs and updates to the server.