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Found 10 results

  1. zeljko

    BB/ Exile Altis [Winter] PVP

    Full Militarized server lots of armed vehicles, helicopters and jets. All weapons on armed vehicles, helicopters and jets are on and allowed. Server language English and German
  2. Faded | Ops

    KGC - Exile Tanoa

    ================================================= MODS REQUIRED TO JOIN THE SERVER Exile Mod RyansZombies Advanced Sling Loading Advanced Towing Advanced Urban Rapelling Enhanced Movement ================================================= Need a nice playerbase, plenty of fun challenging missions to do with your friends and many zombies ready to kill!
  3. Nailz

    MBG - Exile Tanoa

    We've been around for years but would like to expand the community. Active Admins and server is updated as soon as mod updates are released We've spent months on editing to create the perfect environment! Full Server Name; MBG - Exile Tanoa Discord; Teamspeak; Admin(s); Thevault8, BIO, Gnarls, Teesh, XXX, Fiend Current server features as 30/7/2017 Current Server Features: Dynamic Missions and Static Missions! Zupa Capture Point's Random Heli Crashes (no marker on map) Random Gear Crates protected by Ai (no marker on map) Killfeed (show what gun/location) Server Restart Messsages Custom Trader Cities + Map Editions Custom Map Content at all Trader Cities and Airfields Deploy Quad or Bike Virtual Garage Reward System Base Raiding (from cracking doors to hacking safes and virtual garages) Fully Configurable StatusBar Custom Day/Night Cycle Custom Spawn with load-out (Pistol/Ammo) Lockers (75K) BRAma Recipes Anti-Theft in Safezones XM8 Integration and Custom Buttons AntiHack Towing System Vector Building Roaming AI Advanced Rappelling, Urban Rappelling, Towing and Sling Loading Custom Bridges 2 HR Restarts Base Building/Territory Enhanced Movement NATO Weapons and Vehicles NIArsenal RHS Weapons Zombies And much more! Tanoa Map Custom Trade Zones South West North East Random Loot Crates. Capture Points Custom Missions Custom Bridges Zombies, Crawlers and Exploding Zombies Roaming AI XM8 Integration with Custom buttons
  4. ]TPG[ Spectre

    ]TPG[ TotalPunishmentGaming EXIL

    TPG was started on April 20, 2008 and originated as a Steam Clan that hosted servers for and focused on playing FPS games through Steam, like Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat: Source. In 2012, we expanded our gaming genres to include any and all games that our Community enjoys, from RTS's to MMORPG's. We're all about fun, so feel free to hop on our forums, chat with us on TeamSpeak and join us in whatever game it is we're playing! Recently we have sought to revive our previous Exile Server. We prided ourselves in having one of the best Chernarus economies which helped us maintain a healthy Exile Community for over a year! Now TPG Exile is back and we aim to accomplish the same goal! From extensive testing of applications and careful configuration for pricing, rich with quality chosen mods, we are ready to pick up right where we left off. Our Features: DMS Missions A3 Exile Occupation (Roaming AI/Hunter AI/Town Occupation/Trader Helicopter Transport/Vehicle Patrols) ZCP Capture Points (PVP BattleZones) InstaDoc Hotkey (BackSpace) Enhanced Movement Advanced Towing Advanced Rappelling Advanced Sling Towing / Helicopter Towing Vehicles $999,999 Locker Cap Radiation Zones ExAd Virtual Garage ExAd Core ExAd StatusBar ExAd XM8 ExAd BRAma Recipes (Craft Book) ExAd Apoc's Airdrop ExAd Bike Deploy ExAd View Distance Settings ExAd Personal Base Markers ExAd Journal Base Height restriction to 30 meters (about 5 stories) Enigma Revive System Gas Station Economy Rearm Laptop Hacking Locked Door Grinding 3 Server Restarts Our Mods: CBA Exile Enhanced Movement CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps Open Chernarus Project NIArms - Complete RHSUSAF RHSAFRF FHQ Accessories TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms We look forward to seeing you out in Exile, and look forward to your contribution as part of the community to keep the server healthy and strong!
  5. Nobody

    [TLC] EXILE Tanoa PVP

    [TLC] Exile Tanoa PVP, is obviously a PVP based server, we have some pretty decent features and a low mod requirement, we can be found on the A3Launcher, our features are listed in the I tab. here are some features you can expect on the server are; Virtual garage, Hacking, Customizable Status Bar, these are accomplished with EXAD. We also have; Ai missions, ZCP's, Roaming Ai, Gear Boxes, Heli crashes, police raid groups, all this is done with DMS - Defent's Mission System, Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More, and ZCP - Zupa's (& City) Capture Points. We also have Enigma Exile Revive, And Vector Building, we also have the following mods; Advanced Towing, Advanced Sling Loading, Arma Enhanced Movement, Advanced Rappelling, Advanced Urban Rappelling, NIArsenal, ASDG_Jr_Unofficial, and of course Exile. The admins are active and our server runs very smooth, we also are willing to take suggestions that would make the sever more enjoyable.
  6. leonardos1978

    Advanced Sling Loading

    Вобщем посмотрев как люди мучаются с этим скриптом и огромной дырой в безопасности(меню на 3 верёвки) для злоумышленников, я решил совместить старый скрипт V.1.4(у которого нельзя было регулировать грузоподъёмность) с новым 2.0. По сути я изменил только некоторые переменные и сделал на одну верёвку. Но работает.
  7. Skylusion

    [EU] Miri's Exile PVE | Tanoa |

    Mods required: Exile mod (1.0.2) RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation RHS: United States Armed Forces Extended Base Mod Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Sling Loading Arma Enhanced Movement Arma Enhanced Movement: Exile pbo Ryan's Zombies and Demons Addons and script: Every 3 hour Server restart Contaminated island -> PVP Island ( removed contamination ) PVE PVP Events + Loot AI missions Roaming AI Heli Crashes Lifting & Towing Hard AI Safe Zone Traded City's With and without Save Zone's Infistar Exile Custom Missions
  8. TheJ3wishTurban


    a new server that is maintained and looked after any one is welcome admins are on and happy to help it you find any bugs or errors if you have any suggestions please contact an admin
  9. OviDiuSSwe


    Well Vikinggmaerscommunity "VGC" is a gamer Community that hosts game servers for the community by the community. We are a democratic community that play video games in all of its forms shapes and situations. We gather players to play with each other, To build groups, Connections and most of all play to have fun with each other. We also host servers. primarily rented servers that is funded by the gamer them self's true donations. We just provide the server and makes certain that the server runs smoothly and professionally. When we see that there is a need for a server. And if we have players that are donating to a server then we are keeping servers up. When funding and interest disappear for the server, then that hosted server will go offline. And when that occurs then we save the server files and close down the hosted server. And wait for next time. And well that is what we do. Game and Host servers. By mebmers for members. so if this sounds interesting join to day. True donations VGC will host servers for all the donations we collect. And the servers we host are chosen by our members true a democratic vote. No money is collected by any member. All funds are put in to hosted servers that we play or use for community activity's. Think its interesting and want to know more ? Then check out the website.