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Found 13 results

  1. Sgt Smash

    A.G.G PVE Chernarus

    Arma Gods Gaming PVE Gameplay Over Content! This server is not aimed at rage quitters, so if you're not a hardened skilled player with a stiff upper lip then this server is probably not for you!! A.G.G|PVE|Exile|FMP|A3XAi|VEMF|DMS|Vcom|R3F|SellCrate|BaseSpawn Server IP: ---Some Features---• A3XAi Roaiming Ai• CUP Weapons• DMS Mission System• VEMFr Town Invasion/Base Attacks• ZCP Missions• R3F Logistics• Controllable Bodyguard Ai• Enhanced Movement• Frenzied Mod Pack (FMP)• Sell Crate• Base Spawns• Vector Building• Mozzie Mod• Status Bar• More Spawn Locations• 14 Days Base Payments• Optional JSRS Usage• Deploy Vehicles based on rep levels• Advanced Urban Rappelling• Custom Missions• Vehicle Protection System Discord Link:
  2. AaiRez

    Looking for more new members for our ArmA3 Exile mod server. We have custom missions, ai, weekly events and an active community.. We are currently still small, about 10 of us active players on at a time. All and all, we're just looking for some like minded people who work real jobs and have real lives, to just chill and play a few hours of games and talk about random funny shit. If you think this is you, come check us out! Name: | - [Tanoa][Exile][PvPvE] | Mods: - Advanced Rappelling - Advanced Towing - Advanced Urban Rappelling - CBA_A3 - CUP Terrains - Core - CUP Units - CUP Vehicles - CUP Weapons - Enhanced Movement - Exile - Exile_Textures - ExileServer - Extended_Base_Mod - Extended_Items_Exile - TRYK [TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms] - Zombies and Demons - HMCS Addon - infiSTAR_Exile Addons: - A3XAI - Exodus Revive - DMS Missions - DualWeapons Perks: Community made missions and bi-weekly events!
  3. Johnny_Bravo

    OSG ChernarusRedux

    Welcome to Outsiders Gaming (OSG)! We are using the Chernarus Redux map. You will need to ensure you have all the mods in order to play on our server. They will be listed below. Our community has been around since 2014, we first started out on the Arma 2 Overpoch server and finally made the switch over this past September to Arma 3. Admins are active on the server but they are there to play. When it comes to using their admin powers, it is to monitor the server when required. They are not to be using their powers unless it is required. All logs are checked daily. The server runs infiSTAR & Battleye. Our features include: Zombies 20,000 Pop Tabs for new players Virtual Garage Safe Hacking Door Grinding MarXet Most Wanted Vector Building Halo & Ground Spawn System DMS AI System Occupation AI System ZCP (Zupa's Capture Points) R3F Logistics Claim Vehicles Repair Vehicles at Trader Cities Safezone Change View Distance Custom Stats Bar (Editable) Server Info Enigma Revive Vote Day/Night Maintenance: Protection = 21 Days (Must pay protection money before this) Vehicles = 28 Days (Must move the vehicle before this) Stolen Flag = 14 Days (Must pay ransom money before this) Stolen Flag = 5 Days (Door & Safe pins are reset to 0000 and will mark the safes as abandoned if the ransom money isn't paid after the flag is stolen) Abandoned Safe = 7 Days (Must access your safe before this to prevent a marker from displaying that the safe is abandoned and the pin is reset to 0000) Safes & Containers outside of Territories = 7 Days Thank you for checking out our server information! This server is still fairly new so best time to get yourself and your clan established! Please join our Discord for more information!
  4. zeljko

    BB/ Exile Altis [Winter] PVP

    Full Militarized server lots of armed vehicles, helicopters and jets. All weapons on armed vehicles, helicopters and jets are on and allowed. Server language English and German
  5. tchao57


    Bonjour à tous, c'est avec beaucoup de soulagement que je vous présente le Serveur MIDGARD qui vient tout juste de naître. Je parle de soulagement car cela m'a pris énormément d'heures réparties sur plusieurs mois pour vous offrir la meilleure expérience de jeu possible. Et comme vous le savez certainement je n'ai pas fini d'avoir de la peine car il faut constamment faire évoluer le serveur. Toujours est-il je suis vraiment content qu'on soit arrivé au bout, d'autant qu'au départ je ne suis pas du tout développeur ou codeur. J'ai dû apprendre sur le tas comme la majorité d'entre vous je pense. Je tiens aussi à remercier toute la communauté présente sur car sans leur aide précieuse et le partage de connaissance, beaucoup d'entre nous n'en serait pas à présenter leur serveur. Pour parler du serveur, je dirais que MIDGARD se veut le plus réaliste possible (dans la mesure du possible bien entendu...). On ne débute pas avec plein d'argent dans les poches et plein de respect. Au contraire, on démarre avec 2500 poptabs et 0 respect, ce qui force les personnes à faire attention à leur gestion et donne envie de protéger sa vie. Pour moi c'est la philosophie principale du mod Exile. Une description du serveur plus complète se trouve sur le site internet, je vous invite donc à aller y jeter un oeil et vous y inscrire afin de resté informé des futurs mises à jours et évolutions. Concernant le lancement officiel du serveur, ça se passera le Samedi 23 décembre 2017 à partir de 15h30 (heure de Paris). Nous organisons un grand Event qui je l'espère vous plaira et permettra au serveur de faire ses preuves. Moi ça me permettra de vous rencontrer et prendre notes de vos éventuelles remarques. L'écoute des joueurs est primordiale car sans joueurs pas de serveur. Pour plus d'informations sur l'Event de lancement je vous laisse également vous rendre sur le site internet dans lequel un topic y est dédié dans le forum avec toutes les informations nécessaires ainsi qu'un lien pour s'inscrire à l'Event. MIDGARD est un serveur Français mais nos amis Anglophones, Germanophones, etc, y sont les bienvenus et seront accueillis à bras ouverts car ces communautés sont très respectueuses et conviviales. D'ailleurs, chaque topic ou info est également traduite en Anglais afin que tout le monde s'y retrouve. J'espère donc vous voir très nombreux sur le serveur dès Samedi 23 décembre et vous dit à très bientôt en jeu. ENGLISH: Hello everyone, it is with great relief that I introduce the MIDGARD Server that has just been born. I speak of relief because it took me a lot of hours spread over several months to offer you the best gaming experience possible. And as you probably know I have not finished having trouble because it is necessary to constantly evolve the server. However, I'm really happy that we came to the end, especially cause I'm not at all a developer or coder. I had to learn on the job as most of you I think. I also want to thank the entire community of because without their precious help and knowledge sharing, many of us would not be presenting their server. To talk about the server, I would say that MIDGARD wants to be as realistic as possible (as far as possible of course ...). We do not start with lots of money in our pockets and full of respect. On the contrary, we start with 2500 poptabs and 0 respect, which forces people to pay attention to their management and makes you want to protect your life. For me this is the main philosophy of Exile mod. A more complete description of the server is on the website, so I invite you to go take a look and register to stay informed of future updates and developments. Regarding the official launch of the server, it will happen on Saturday, December 23, 2017 from 15:30 (Paris time). We are organizing a big Event which I hope you will like and will allow the server to prove itself. For me, it will allow me to meet you and take notes of your possible remarks. Listening players is essential because without players there is no server. For more informations on the event I also let you go to the website in which a topic is dedicated in the forum with all the necessary informations and a link to register for the event. MIDGARD is a French server but our English-speaking, German-speaking friends, etc., are welcome and will be welcomed with open arms as these communities are very respectful and friendly. Moreover, each topic or infos are also translated into English so that everyone is there. My English is not very well but I guess I can make myself understood. So I hope to see you very many on the server from Saturday, December 23 and tell you very soon in game.
  6. Nailz

    MBG - Exile Tanoa

    We've been around for years but would like to expand the community. Active Admins and server is updated as soon as mod updates are released We've spent months on editing to create the perfect environment! Full Server Name; MBG - Exile Tanoa Discord; Teamspeak; Admin(s); Thevault8, BIO, Gnarls, Teesh, XXX, Fiend Current server features as 30/7/2017 Current Server Features: Dynamic Missions and Static Missions! Zupa Capture Point's Random Heli Crashes (no marker on map) Random Gear Crates protected by Ai (no marker on map) Killfeed (show what gun/location) Server Restart Messsages Custom Trader Cities + Map Editions Custom Map Content at all Trader Cities and Airfields Deploy Quad or Bike Virtual Garage Reward System Base Raiding (from cracking doors to hacking safes and virtual garages) Fully Configurable StatusBar Custom Day/Night Cycle Custom Spawn with load-out (Pistol/Ammo) Lockers (75K) BRAma Recipes Anti-Theft in Safezones XM8 Integration and Custom Buttons AntiHack Towing System Vector Building Roaming AI Advanced Rappelling, Urban Rappelling, Towing and Sling Loading Custom Bridges 2 HR Restarts Base Building/Territory Enhanced Movement NATO Weapons and Vehicles NIArsenal RHS Weapons Zombies And much more! Tanoa Map Custom Trade Zones South West North East Random Loot Crates. Capture Points Custom Missions Custom Bridges Zombies, Crawlers and Exploding Zombies Roaming AI XM8 Integration with Custom buttons
  7. David1197™

    BTTR Malden --- new gameplay

    Join our community NOW We are in growth and we become great! Many projects, more and more Servers with time, great gameplay and good ideas! JOIN NOW to check our creations! Play with you´re Friends, find new friends, play against you´re friends or play against other people. All is possible, it's your decision! And I want to say one thing. I will add my own MOD in some time! Look forward to this surprise!!! Read the informations below for a better overview! Mods: (need to download before) (Best way to join is A3 Launcher to download automatically) Exile FFAA Mod Ryanzombies Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Rappelling Enhanced Movement Advanced Towing CDAH Mod Pack HVP Extended_Items_Exile (EIE) CUPTerrainsCore Other Addons: (included in Missionfile/Serverside, mission automatically download on every join) DMS Missions AntiCheat and Hack (Infistar) Statsbar R3F Vectorbuilding And some more But this is not all. We also join in different changes: New mapparts Military Industrial Bot base and battle ship Custom additions Eastereggs Complete revised Loottables new loot included (FFAA, CDAH, EIE) new lootspots new types of loot inside buildings logical loot with better chance FFAA Mod some new Vehicles new choppers new planes new planes to transport vehicles new boats new boat to transport vehicles 6 new craftable cars some new clothings some new weapons Extended Items Exile (EIE) I think this is one of the biggest thing on our server. With these we got many new Items to craft nearly everything! new buildings to store loot new blueprints to craft safe, codelock, ... many new items for crafting! Claim Vehicle You can add a codelock to vehicles with has not a codelock. R3F You can load crates in vehicles (logical). Also added new Trucks for loading Vehicles in there (logical). You can move crates and bikes. Sell Crates You can sell crates with content at Wastedump trader. CDAH Modpack With these you can craft the new vehicles (HVP and FFAA) Nearly add recipes for crafting ammo and some other things XM8 Apps You can see the rules in there You can change your viewdistance Also includ a craftbook for easy look on recipes (Repair Made //it´s up there but functions will included later) Statsbar It shows all important information about you we overwrite old icons with new and add some informations showing restart --->>>2 Entrys are empty and for future incoming mod Zombies We have Hordes which spawn random near triggers if players in the near of the trigger. Zombies are balanced and we have different types and loot Missions All missions are revised Balance difficult (also Bots) Better and logical loot Some random settings about gear and vehicles Bot Base/Bot Boat These 2 projects are currently in production. The base is included but the mission spawn yet. To balance it perfectly i need some more days. But you can loot there and ist really good Stuff Gamebalance 3k on start Trader prices was balanced and items revised. remove all overpowered weapons from trader, you only can get them in militarys, radiation military, some missions, Bot Base, eastereggs and some more Increase base options (price, objects to build, range). Some overrides for Arma Update and Exile Balanced nonpersistent vehicle spawn New and better airdrops Custom settings for Basepay, remove, reset objects and so on. You found everything ingame in your XM8 under XM8 Apps -> Rules High spawnrate for pistols at spawn for protect against zombies Plans for the future: Finish Botbase and the secret battleship, Add new Missions Many map updates (new military, industrial, some trader revises, some other and easter eggs ) My own Modification (Mod) It is currently in work. You will find some informations ingame, if you open your eyes Pre - Alpha is running on Testserver and it is working. Foundation is finish, now I include/create more and more features and the overlay (design) for the menu. Bugfixes <3 and some more
  8. CSGExile

    [CSG] Exile Chernarus Isles

    Features: Custom Loot Table Custom Traders Custom Missions Custom Static Missions Custom Locations Extra XM8 Apps Large variety of high quality mods Advanced Towing Advanced Urban Rappelling Better UI Roaming AI Territory Payment Warnings Helicopter Crashes Loot Drops Unique Flags Black Market trader Revive Script Claim Vehicle Required Mods: Exile Mod Chernarus Isles CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps Open Chernarus Project NI Arms Complete RHS AFRF RHS USAF RHS GREF RHS SAF Specialist Military Arms (SMA) CBA_A3 TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms Temp fix for Exile Miniguns Caucasus Insurgency Exile Expansion Extended Items Extended Base Mod Optional Mods: Enhanced Movement JSRS Soundmod 5 Advanced Urban Rappelling
  9. GenMcMuffin

    Dying Breed Exile

    Hello all! Have you struggled to find a stable, new, and interesting Arma server for you and your friends? Well today I am here to bring an upcoming server to your attention. Our server is a heavily customized version of the popular Arma 3 Exile mod. We seek to bring you a thrilling PvP experience, with the systems in place to allow for equally good PvE. Be it scavenging through towns, taking down an AI compound, raiding a nearby base, or just getting into a firefight on Chernarus’ North-West Airfield, we hope to meet all of your needs in an Arma server. Here is a list of features that truly define our server as unique from any other: -Custom starting gear, starting tabs, UI, and other XM8 Apps -Spawn a bike or quad to help you get where you are going using a simple roll of duct tape! -Simple, yet immersive player areas -A well-balanced combination of low and high powered gear available from all traders -Loot tables that will help you get into the action as quick as you’d like -Massive AI Island mission coming soon -Highly effective systems in place to keep the server load as low as possible -A great community that openly accepts any player or group of players -Lastly, the incredible list of mods we offer (see below) Required mods: - Exile Mod - Base building/Traders/Economy - A2OP - Implements Arma 2 objects - Open Chernarus Project with JBAD - Adds enterable buildings to Chernarus - RHSUSAF - Adds US Military weapons/vehicles - RHSAFRF - Adds RU Military weapons/vehicles Optional Mods: - Arma Enhanced Movement - Climb buildings, hop walls, and flank enemies - Advanced Urban Rappelling - Allows for rappelling in combination with Enhanced Movement - Blastcore Edited (standalone version) - Improved explosion visual effects - JSRS4Apex - Enhanced sound files for most weapons/vehicles We look forward to seeing you on the server and if you need any help please feel free to speak up in global chat.
  10. [GC] lutz!p0

    SOS Gaming Exile

    Server IP: Beschreibung: Wir bieten ein ausgiebiges Basebuilding, eine erweiterte Spielmechanik, ein vernünftiges Marktsystem und eine gute Performance. Alle 4 Stunden wechselt der Server nach dem Restart zwischen PVE und PVP. Während der PVP Phase erhalten Spieler mehr Respekt sowie Geld durch Missionen und erleiden weniger verluste durch Tote. Während der PVE Phasen ist der umgekehrte Faktor der Fall.
  11. TheJ3wishTurban


    a new server that is maintained and looked after any one is welcome admins are on and happy to help it you find any bugs or errors if you have any suggestions please contact an admin
  12. OviDiuSSwe


    Well Vikinggmaerscommunity "VGC" is a gamer Community that hosts game servers for the community by the community. We are a democratic community that play video games in all of its forms shapes and situations. We gather players to play with each other, To build groups, Connections and most of all play to have fun with each other. We also host servers. primarily rented servers that is funded by the gamer them self's true donations. We just provide the server and makes certain that the server runs smoothly and professionally. When we see that there is a need for a server. And if we have players that are donating to a server then we are keeping servers up. When funding and interest disappear for the server, then that hosted server will go offline. And when that occurs then we save the server files and close down the hosted server. And wait for next time. And well that is what we do. Game and Host servers. By mebmers for members. so if this sounds interesting join to day. True donations VGC will host servers for all the donations we collect. And the servers we host are chosen by our members true a democratic vote. No money is collected by any member. All funds are put in to hosted servers that we play or use for community activity's. Think its interesting and want to know more ? Then check out the website.