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Found 2 results

  1. Blake2394

    Monkey House Gaming

    Welcome to the Monkey House! Thank you for taking the time to view our server profile. We would like to invite you to join our server. We are a new community that keeps the players interest in mind. We want you to feel you are getting a fair experience by having a ZERO tolerance when it comes to hacking and abusive admins. Far too often you find a good server with the features and addons you want only to be ruined by unfair and abusive admins. Give us a shot and we know this will be your new server. The server has the following features: 1mil-Locker|CUP-Weapons/Units/Vehicles|Zombies/Demons|ExileZ|DMS|ZCP|Occupation|VG|Hacking|Grinding|Deployable-Bike|Extended-Base-Mod|Advanced-Towing/Sling-Loading|Igi-Load|Claim-Vehicles|Custom-Map/Traders/Loot-Tables|+Much-More!
  2. MAW3Y

    Exiled UK

    Welcome to Exiled UK Server Info Map: Tanoa The Server is currently hosted by QGS in Manchester and is limited to 24 slots to keep costs down, if the popularity of the server increases so will the slot numbers, teamspeak etc. Server Features DMS Missions Occupation Mod (Missions, roaming Ai, heli crashes etc.) ExAdClient - Hacking, Grinding, Virtual Garage and Halo Parachute SA Advanced Towing & igiload Status Bar +Loot 10k Poptabs start x2 High Value Hidden vehicles Crates spawn each restart containing a base starter pack and some goodies. You still need to purchase a flag! Vote for day/night. Server Rules You can build where it lets you, please don't block roads. No speaking in side chat and English only text. You can kill, steal, raid whatever you like, but don't be a dick about it. No cheating, exploiting glitches, duping etc.. you get the drift. We don't babysit! ** Updated 16/07/16 ** Additional mods installed (additional items added to traders) TRYK CUP - Vehicles, Units & Weapons Extended Base Mod (selected) Vehicles from HVP Mod ACiDy Tanoa Bridges ** Updated 21/07/16 ** igiload added to server ** Updated 24/07/16 ** ExAdClient added to server - Hacking, Grinding, Virtual Garage and Halo Parachute now added Occupation Mod & DMS tweaked and missions improved