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Found 2 results

  1. ItsHazed

    [NWO] Hardcore Chernarus

    Hello Exile members.. today I bring you a server which is pretty unique from the rest of them and will leave you on the edge of survival trying to survive as long as possible. What makes this server "hardcore"? Well, there are some things this server has that most servers don't and has many unique things to leave you guys always having a blast What we offer; Hardcore loot spawns : Tired of having servers with easy to get guns? Never thirsty or hungry? Well, this server has your back.. experience a custom loot config that had hours of work put into it Roaming AI units: Experience a lively world with friendly, and enemy AI units. Never worry about being alone, they are always watching Map Edits: Look at a map with edits made to it to make it different from other servers. Ranging from houses, to other amazing things Zombies: Yes, we have zombies. Hordes, perfect amount so you are always grinding those poptabs Missions: On this server, our missions are unique. The only place to get the best gear. Go with a friend, and make sure you bring some backup Custom Traders: Hours of work put into having hundreds of new trader items ranging from new uniforms, guns, and more Vehicle and Base Paint: Still a work in progress, tired of the same wooden color? We got your back on that too.. Radiation Zone: Get a gas mask, and venture off to the most dangerous location on the server.. better bring a good backpack. Broken Down Vehicles: On this server, you will rarely find a vehicle that is 100% in tact. Get some duct tape and repair the vehicles across the map Rappelling: Need to get out of your base? We have a rapple for that. and much, much more.. BALANCE We decided everything on this server must be balanced to make a unique and fun playing experience. For example, the loot has been configured so if you are a fresh spawn you wont be finding a M107, or a tank laying around, you must earn it by showing dedication the the survival world. This is what makes this server unique from most of the others. Ever had a base and you are just siting there with nothing to do since you are still at perfect hunger and health since you still have a full safe of food and water? Not anymore, the food and water have been limited so you are always getting away from the house and getting a drink or some spam. Best of all, the vehicles. We don't give vehicles out for free, you must find them and repair them to add to the survival feel. ENVIRONMENT REALISM During the night, it's supposed to be dark and not gray. Therefore, we have you covered on this server. Grab a flashlight and keep going about your journey on the server without terrible night time vision keeping you from enjoying your adventure. SUMMARY We wanted a server where it was fun and challenging, and we tried to make it as unique from other servers as possible.. so survivors like you can have a blast while doing it. Why have to play on a server that gives away free stuff when you can actually work for it and have a really realistic experience. COME CHECK OUT THIS AMAZING COMMUNITY TODAY, YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED WITH THE RESULTS Also on A3Launcher Check us out on Discord and come check us out We would be glad to have you [ SERVER MANAGEMENT] NoX - server founder and management ItsHazed- community management and social management [DEVELOPER TEAM] Brodsort117 - configuration developer AngelofDeath104- map developer [THIS SERVER IS STILL BEING WORKED ON, THERE MAY BE EXPECTED BUGS OR GLITCHES]
  2. virginyeti

    jaegerhaus exile squad recruiting

    hey guys just looking for a good group of guys to play with, or anyone that maybe have the same wants in an exile experience... I'm not trying to advertise a server here but I have found an amazing one and the admins seem cool/helpful so far. and this is where I would like to continue to play. But I would like to have some reliable team mates to join with. if your interested in grouping up please let me know...or hell if you just wanna come see how awesome these dudes did an esseker exile server you should Lynix based server I push 50-80 fps ALWAYS and for me that's epic most servers are like 17-27 bluh...anyways if you would like to join me and raid some peoples just let me know :).... don't know if i'll get in trouble for this but heres the mod list to join the server so you can see if its something you would even enjoy..... their TS is