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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Folks, I'm trying to modify the _ambient Overfly script to use "GOM Carpet Bombing" script/function to attack an player randomly. GOMs Carpet bombing on Armaholic As GOM said I can call the function on the Server with following line over infistar (F3): _bomb = ["",[0.5,0.5],270,20,100] spawn GOM_fnc_carpetbombing; //first parameter gives the bomb type, empty string will make the script use a random bomb, mod bombs will also be used //second parameter holds the position that should be bombed //third parameter holds the direction //fourth parameter defines the amount of bombs to be dropped //fifth parameter defines the average distance for the bombs to spread the given one in theScript: _bomb = ["",screenToWorld [0.5,0.5],270,20,100] spawn GOM_fnc_carpetbombing; doesnt work for me. Now I'm trying to call this in the ExileServer_system_event_ambientFlyOver_start.sqf at the following position with this altered line (_bomb is a private variable): ... //_waypoint setWaypointStatements ["true", "'Ambient Fly Over - Reached player...' call ExileServer_util_log;"]; _waypoint setWaypointStatements ["true", '_bomb = ["",[(_targetPosition select 0),(_targetPosition select 1)],270,48,250] spawn GOM_fnc_carpetbombing;']; ... I tried a lot of kombinations of () {} [] '' "" ... but I'm not able to get a call that is functioning. The script throws errors os doesnt start when called. when it starts and calls the function I got an error: It would be nice, if anyone can help me get this thing running. TheFarFlash PS: spent two days for this little line, trying to get it running :-(
  2. SynysterDemon

    [REQUEST] Ambient Corpses

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone could supply me with a script on how to have ambient corpses that aren't lootable. I'd like to have some corpses that I can customise the clothing on, and obviously have it so they can't be looted, anyone able to shine some light on the situation?
  3. TroyT

    Ambient Flyover aircraft stuck

    We're having an issue where our AmbientFlyOver aircraft are getting stuck in mid-air. I have it activated on out test server which never automatically restarts. If I come back 8 hours after a manual restart there may be 10 of them just hanging out in mid-flight. Many times, if you approach them, they will continue flying. Many times they won't. I thought maybe it was a trigger issue, where when I look at the map with AI Markers on I can see them but maybe a player wouldn't see them and by the time they got into range the plane would continue. I tried to approach normally but the results were the same. I've used the stock aircraft in the config as well as other aircraft. This was happening prior to the update. I had disabled it a while ago and turned it back on yesterday to see if the update changed anything. It didn't. I (and my players) really like the effect of having them around and would like to keep them.
  4. MattPlaysSimulations

    Ambient flyovers

    Hey guys, maybe one of you guys could help me? im having issues adding aircraft to the ambient flyover coding. anyone able to help? heres the section ove edited, parts before and after are unchanged. thanks in advanced _flyHeight = 125; _speed = 210; _direction = random 360; _targetPosition = [ (getPos _targetPlayer) select 0, (getPos _targetPlayer) select 1, _flyHeight ]; _distance = worldSize * 0.75; _endPosition = [ (_targetPosition select 0) - (sin _direction) * _distance, (_targetPosition select 1) - (cos _direction) * _distance, _flyHeight ]; _planeClass = selectRandom [ "B_Plane_CAS_01_F", "O_Plane_CAS_02_F", "CUP_B_C130J_USMC", "CUP_B_C130J_USMC", "CUP_B_C130J_USMC", "I_Plane_Fighter_03_CAS_F" ]; for "_i" from 1 to (1 + (floor (random 6))) do { _distance = 4000 + (_i * 400); _startPosition =