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Found 9 results

  1. Monkeynutz

    Remove certain ammo from vehicles.

    The script is self explanatory. Ammo is removed and so are the weapons when you get in the vehicle, so when you buy it from trader, you don't even notice. The Readme on GITHUB explains all. Thanks to those who helped: @wombdilator for helping me with the jets configs. and @eraser1 for the help with Event handler configs earlier on this year! and @MGTDB for his work on this and @kuplion for the pointers! Link:
  2. #### PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT - Due to a change in the way data is stored in the database, If you are upgrading from v2 to the latest version you will need to follow the upgrade instructions below or you will crash your server!#### As requested by a few people, my stand-alone vehicle ammo save script. Reverse Engineered from Rod Serlings awesome AVS package. All Credit to Rod for his original epic work. Change Log - v2 - Updated to support exile 1.04 and in particular Virtual Garage, and also to support tank ammo saving as requested. (Note tank ammo saving is a bit of a hack due to BIS bug, so let me know if you see any issues). v3 (5/8) - Updated to support full pylon configurations for aircraft and UAV's so all aircraft should now work correctly. Note: Ensure your server is using the new version/classnames of aircraft/UAV's (will have dynamicLoadout in the classname) where appropriate, otherwise this script will break. If a vehicle is having problems, check there is not a newer version of the vehicle using dynamic loadout as the first step. v3.1 (12/8) - Minor bugfixes and adjusted the upgrade instructions to avoid rpt spam. UPGRADE INSTRUCTIONS FROM V2 to V3.x If upgrading from the older version please follow the below instructions: KNOWN ISSUE 1. If upgrading you will get errors and/or server freeze unless you clear all ammo out of vehicles in the database. Status - FIXED, check the update instructions above 2. Currently a problem with scalpel missiles being removed. Status - FIXED
  3. Greetings all, I would like to try limiting the amount of ammo/guns ... actually everything sold at traders.... thus forcing players to scrounge/kill and be more resourceful. I know how to add/remove items however adding the code to set quantities is another matter. Help Please.
  4. MapleMan

    Loss of Gear

    Whenever I switch clothing I loose items but only when switching the main 3 clothing piece (Uniform, Vest, Backpack). For example today, I switched my uniform for one that I thought looked better, But once I swapped them, I lost a magazine for my weapon that was inside of my vest. This ONLY happens in exile, And I have no idea why. This is NOT the relogging bug from 2015. This only happens when I switch clothing, I dont just loose magazines either. I loose any type of loot in my inventory, whether thats meds, Ammo, Water, Food, Misc Items. Anything.
  5. Monkeynutz

    Ammo and flares display in HUD

    In other Arma 3 game modes, there is a little display in the HUD that when you are in a vehicle, it displays the amount of ammo in the guns and flares left etc. I know there is the fuel, airspeed and altitude implemented into the Exile HUD but it's lacking the information when you are in a Helicopter, Plane or in the gunner of a vehicle that displays weapon ammo and countermeasures availible and when in a vehicle such as the Pawnee which does not have a pilot HUD displayed, you cant see how much ammo you have left or how much you've used. I understand that with it being a scripted HUD for Exile, it changes the layout but this feature would be a nice addition to the default HUD. (See picture below for example of what i mean. Any comments and help would be appreciated Thanks
  6. JayPaypers

    Writing vehicle ammo to database

    I would like to know if it is possible to find a way to be able to write vehicle ammo count to the database without using AVS. Im having a lot of issues trying to make AVS work with my current rearm/repair scripts, and I really only want the feature that logs a vehicles ammo count to the db when put in the virtual garage. Im noticing a lot of players are flying back to their bases to instantly rearm for free by putting the vehicle in their VG. any help would be greatly appreciated :]
  7. roberts544

    Turning Respect For Ammo

    I am trying to find where I can set it so no respect is need to buy ammo for weapon that are found.
  8. speedweasel

    Incorrect Rahim ammo in LootTables

    Line 202 of LootItemGroups.h reads, 28, 10Rnd_762x51_Mag // Rahim ...which is the wrong ammo for the Rahim. Ever since the Marksmen update the Rahim chambers 7.62x54mm, not 7.62x51mm. Line 202 above needs to be changed to, 28, 10Rnd_762x54_Mag // Rahim
  9. Hey all, I've noticed that once you add the armed choppers like the Pawnee and Hellcat you don't get an ammo counter have tried the infistar fix for is but no luck anyone have any Ideas