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Found 7 results

  1. JakeHekesFists

    "got scared" - issue in .fsm

    I've noticed since the update to exile 1.0.3 the word "got scared" would randomly appear on screen during play in systemchat text I ran grep on the exile client files and found the source of the issue. Exile_Animal_Hen.fsm the system chat debug text hasn't been // commented out, (its commented out on the goat, rooster and sheep) Something easy to fix for the next version, cheers.
  2. MickScandalous

    Draw Bridges and Animals

    I am not sure if this is covered already, but I cant seem to "use" the drawbridge and when I kill an animal i cant use the knife to "gut" it. Any ideas on this?
  3. Capu

    Gutting not working

    Gutting on my updated server is not working. Animals can be killed, but not gutted with equiped knife. There´s no mouse-menu entry. Can anyone help to get this feature running?
  4. LaungeGamer

    [SOLVED] Animals = Food?

    Hello @all i am searching a mod or script that makes it possible that animals drop food when they die. I hope you can help me in my search. Thx a lot LaungeGamer
  5. On our server we sometimes get folks who spawn in and they are a seagull or bunny. If we kill the char they can then reconnect. Any other full servers experiencing this at all/seen this?
  6. manbeartitan

    Animals moving in Eden but not in game

    Hello, Sorry if this being posted in the wrong area, but I was wondering why when I place animals within Eden editor, click play, the animals show movement and walk around. When I upload the mission file to the server, launch the game and connect, the animals are static and stay in place and don't move? I have tried looking around for answers, but I have had no luck figuring it out. I made sure to set the properties of each animal to enable simulation and disabled simple object. Thanks in advance.
  7. Capp3r29

    Lumpenproletariat Tanoa Exile1.0

    We are the Lumpenproletariat. This is our server. We are flexible an work hand in hand with our Players. Till now we have the basics and some cool stuff to explore. We only work with sereraddons so everybody can join with the actual Exile Version. See you soon