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Found 20 results

  1. XM8CustomDeployBike XM8CustomApps (InfiSTAR) Deploy Bike System by exceptionptr (0x2AFF) Want another feature? Just ask Have fun!
  2. DONAR

    69WASTED Admin Menu for ExAd

    69WASTED Admin APP for Exile ExAd This app requires ExAd: WARNING: This app is Work In Progress and could have bugs. I can not ensure that all functions work save. On public servers it could be better to use tools like infiStar. Functions Local debug console Add items to your inventory (fully customisable) Player teleport / map teleport Healing Max food / thirst Reset body temperature Access to Arma 3 Asenal Repair Car Flip Car Installation Copy all files in your Mission Add following to your Config.cpp class ExAd_69Admin { title = "69 Admin"; controlID = 50700; config = "ExadClient\XM8\Apps\69admin\config.sqf"; logo = "ExadClient\XM8\Apps\69admin\Icon_69admin.paa"; onLoad = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\69admin\onLoad.sqf"; onOpen = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\69admin\onOpen.sqf"; onClose = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\69admin\onClose.sqf"; }; Add ExAd_69Admin to extraApps[] Update Instructions Replace changed files Configuration You can modify the items in the menu by adding items with there class name to the array ExAd_69admin_Items. The first column is the name that will be displayed, the second must be the class name and the third is the category. A Category is added in the array ExAd_69admin_ItemsGroups, where the first column is the Displayname and the second the group name (the name that will be in the items array). ToDo Add all correct class names for item spawner or find a better solution Optimize isAdmin function Add permission system Add some function to unused buttons Find bugs ... Contribute If you find a bug or have some suggestions for improvement open a new issue here or make a pull request. Also you can leave a message here . License Apache License 2.0 DOWNLOAD
  3. Jacobob

    Installing Infistar XM8 Apps

    Hi all, Im kinda new to developing been on and off for a while and can someone please give me some instructions on how to install the Infistar XM8 Apps it says to "(infiSTAR.de_xm8apps\@infiSTAR_customApps\addons\a3_infiSTAR_Exile_customApps\app_defines.hpp) in a text editor." which ive found and then where do you put the apps? it just says "It is self explaining :)" so my question is where do you put these? thank you all Jacobob
  4. KinqPac

    [GER] Team nexTic - Exile Altis

    Exile Altis Server - Informationen Der Server bietet folgendes an: Towing System (ermöglicht Fahrzeuge mit einem Seil zu transportieren) Revive System (ermöglicht Spieler innerhalb von 2 Minuten mit einem Defi wiederzubeleben) Extended Base Mod (ermöglicht viele Erweiterungen Basen zu bauen) Missionen und random Ais Raid Gruppe (Wer innerhalb einer gewissen Zeit immer noch an der gleichen Position steht, wird eine Gruppe mit Ais diese Person bekämpfen wollen) Helikopter-Taxi (Der Helikopter nimmt verschiede Positionen zur Landung an, damit Spieler von dort aus spielen können) Most Wanted Bounty System (ermöglicht euch ein Kopfgeld auszusetzen) Infistar XM8 Apps a3_dms, a3_exile_occupation, a3xai, enigma_exile_revive, AdvancedTowing, Extended_Base_Mod Um auf den Server connecten zu können benötigt ihr: Extended Base Mod (Im Workshop auf Steam verfügbar) Wir besitzen auch einen Teamspeak³ Server. Dort könnt ihr mit euren Freunden oder mit der Community entspannt zocken. Wir wünschen euch noch viel Spaß beim spielen. Euer nexTic Team
  5. Admiral EliteSuicide

    [SOLVED]BRAmaRecipes for ExAd - Where to Config?

    Hello, I´ve installed BRAmaRecipes for ExAd few days ago and added a lot of things to craft. In the xm8 at the BramaRecipes app I can find all my edited Recipes, but there are all very unsorted and not in the right categorie.. So my question: Where can I edit this app to sort all Recipes in the right categorie or add new ones? BRAmaRecipes for ExAd (GitHub)
  6. Shix

    XM8 Apps Repository

    This is a thread is a collection of Apps for XM8 Apps Build Here By Andrew_S90 Use: Allows players to test the spot they are at to see if they can place their territory there Info Page By Shix Use: Allows server owners to display info & Rules within the XM8 View Distance By Shix Use: Allows Players to change their view distance Player Stats By Shix Use: Allow players to view their stats in game through the XM8 Player Scan By Shix Use: Allow players to scan a given area around them for other players Link To Repo If anyone has any scripts that they have made and would like to be showcased feel free to PM me If you have any Request for Apps feel free to post or PM me
  7. Batu786

    Coyote-Exile TANOA

    We have spend hundreds of hours to make this server unique. Creative world in which you have to survive against other players and zombies! Custom Trade Zones Missions to keep you entertained! Custom Apps to make your in-game life much easier! Make teams and meet new people!! FEATURES: - 60 Slots!!! - Zombies. - Base Building. - Reworked Tanoa Map (all Buildings have loot). - Custom Military Bases. - More than 30 Missions. - Extended Base Building. - Town invasions. - Capture Points. - NIArms All In One. - TRYKS Gear. - Vehicle Claim. - Spawn Lead-out. - Spawn at Territory. - Spawn Quadbike. - Hacking. - Crate Loading + Pickup. - Virtual Garage. - Friendly and Helpful Admins. - Keeping server lag to a minimum. - Militarized. - Loot+ (Gear your self up from scratch in minutes)!! - Custom Loot. - Heli Crashes. +More custom scripts coming soon.
  8. Exile Addons - originally small projects developed for the ArmA Exile communities EXO and SP4R but now rewritten and collected here. The time has come when a private repo just isn't good enough, that's why I continuously will rewrite my scripts and addons from EXO, SP4R and other communities. These remarkable plugins will be collected on GitHub and if you wanna read more on the specific features I'll describe them here. Clarification - You don't need to install all plugins, they are installed individually but some are dependent on others. The Package includes: Core Halo & Parachute Virtual Garage Grinding Hacking StatsBar XM8 Vehicle Upgrade -- Coming Soon Admin Events .. Coming Soon XM8 Apps; CHVD View Distance, Journal, Server Info, Vehicle Garage, StatsBar Settings It's really important that you follow the installation instructions and if anything is ambiguous, comment below. If you have any suggestion or request write them below Since almost all code has been rewritten I can have missed some bugs, just create a new issue on Github and I'll take care of . Encouragements always keep projects alive a little longer . Please consider donating if you like my work. Latest update post New release v.0.8.2
  9. viper1989

    [EGC] Evoked Gaming Community

    Our Server Specs:Intel Xeon E5-1240-V5 64GB RAMFast SSD Install4 Cores 3.50 GHzWindows Server 2012 R2 64-bit.1gb+ Upload + Download Network Speed. (To download things)Dedicated Server (No Lag - High FPS)We will be looking to improve our servers if they cause problems such as low FPS or need upgrading in general.Our Features:DMS MissionsCustom VehiclesPrivate MessagingAdvanced RappellingAdvanced Urban RappellingAdvanced Sling Towing / Helicopter Towing VehiclesA few InfiSTAR stuffCustom XM8 Apps from InfiSTARCapture Points2 Million Lockers[NEW] ExAd Vehicle Garage[NEW] ExAd Core[NEW] ExAd StatusBar[NEW] ExAd XM8[NEW] ExAd Quad[NEW] Revive System[NEW] Server Restarts (3 Hours UTC +1)Anyway. Greetings ExileMod players,We will give you a balanced gameplay experience with nothing so overpowered. We have a good administration / moderation team and we will always be hiring / removing more as we grow. We are looking for dedicated players who are willing to help the community for your group rank. We give limited chances.We donation packages just of yet as it is against the rules of Bohemia Interactive so we will figure something out, but you are more than welcome to donate to us to keep our services up. We will be bringing packages in that support the rules of Bohemia.Admins and Moderators of EGC love our server and will do anything to keep it clean and enjoyable.We have one professional myself being the main founder of EGC.Our Discord is available for anyone to join, but it is currently not done. (WIP)We will have daily and weekly events when we reach a certain amount of people. These events can be such as the administrators / moderators of the server drive a fully armed convoy and in groups or in solo, you will need to get through the us and the other players and access a good and great powerful gear that you can sell or use. **Again we do not give out MAJOR OVERPOWERED things.** (There are much more events in mind)Our goals and our objectives and our development are greatly simple, we keep everything simple and we do everything in our development. We will never stop developing / fixing at all. This is our job, to improve EGC every step of the way.We provide great experience and great joy within our server, this means you will never have problems with annoying power-abusing staff members or rude / disobeying members. We always change our prices to fit the server fairly.We will be adding more things to our server such as:Base Spawn FeatureCreate weapons / vehicles in your own house (need tons of materials)On Website Customised / Live stats Refreshing Every 2 Minutes (PHP / HTML)Enhanced MovementsACE ModMore modsAnd many more other things!!We always hope to improve, we also have a suggestions forum to those who want to suggest on things we can improve / add or fix in the server.Website: (soon will be https:// SSL Certificate)Discord: The mods we use:Advanced_RappellingAdvanced_Sling_LoadingAdvanced_TowingAdvanced_Urban_RappellingExile itselfExtended_Base_ModCup_UnitsCup_WeaponsCup_Terrains_CoreCup_Terrains_MapsTRYKHVPNIArmsDS_HousesThank you for taking your time to read this. We will be looking out for feedback. Hopefully you like the server:Owners: ViperAdministration: Kane_357/Micheal S/HiringModerators: Vacant/HiringEdited 21 hours ago by viper
  10. Shadowsong

    infiStar Virtual Garage

    Hi all, we are using infiStar Apps/Addone and would like to include the virtual garage as a new app into XM8. Unfortunately, we do not know how to include the VG and where to find / add the scripts exactly. Can anybody please help us? Thanks in advance, Shadow
  11. HappyWenZI


    Wir sind Wir sind ein kleiner Exile Server der mit viel liebe aufgezogen ist. Ich könnte hier nun schreiben wie auch so toll wir sind, aber ich würde sagen bildet euch eine einge Meinung! Was wir haben! High FPS Towing Revive Respect Loadout Zombies Deploy Quad Deploy Boot uvm. Schaut einfach mal vorbei denn Roten Button könnt ihr ja jederzeit drücken
  12. 『ᗷᕮTᑌKᕮY』™

    +Deutschlands bester Server+

    Joint auf Deutschlands besten Server. Ihr fragt warum ist das der beste Server. Ganz einfach! Wir hören auf die Wünsche unserer Community!!! Wir arbeiten hart mit eigenden Skripten und Addons daran diesen Server ständig und rundum die Uhr zu verbessern. Wenn ihr selbst bestimmen wollt... Oder Mitspracherecht möchtet, müsst ihr wohl auf diesen Server joinen. Tut ihr es nicht werdet ihr es sich bereuen.... Also man schießt sich.... Ahja, Eltern haften für Ihre Kinder... :-)
  13. ChrisHusky

    Hallo Exile-Community, wir (das Team von Universe-Community) haben seit zwei Tagen jetzt unseren eigenen Exile Server. Es werden jetzt von uns Spieler gesucht die Interesse daran haben, aktiv an der Verbesserung unseres Server teilzunehmen, die Spaß am Spiel haben und auf eine Faire Spielweise wert legen. (d.h. kein Baseglitching, keine Hacks usw. Wir alle wissen das Arma viele solcher Dinge zu bieten hat) Wir werden immer stets bemüht sein Fehler so schnell wie möglich auszumerzen und den Server weiter zu verbessern. Was können wir bieten? - Wir besitzen einen Teamspeak - Wir haben Zombies - über 15 AI-Misisonen - die XM8 App - eigene XM8 Apps - weitere Bewaffnete Fahrzeuge - die Möglichkeit Bewaffnete Fahrzeuge zu Rearmen Wenn wir jetzt euer Interesse geweckt haben, meldet euch bei uns auf dem Teamspeak oder besucht einfach unseren Exile Server. Teamspeak Adresse: Exile Server: Einfach nach Universe-community suchen oder direkt über die IP ( auf dem Server connecten. Wir freuen uns auf Euch und hoffen, das ihr viel Spaß auf unserem Server haben werdet. Mit vielen Lieben Grüßen Euer Universe-Community Admin Team.
  14. Dman

    XM8 View Distance

    Anyone know of any view distance apps? I can't find any that work. I would like to find the view distance that's able to turn off terrain
  15. Fivenine

    NibbleGaming Tanoa Apex

    In the Year 2039 the world was hit by the biggest crime wave of all time. Law enforcement did what they could to keep those criminals of the streets. With the prison population growing, world leaders came together to find a solution. A number of isolated islands all over the world where chosen to host these large number of inmates. On one of these islands, Tanoa, our story begins. This once tropical paradise was the perfect location for tourists with its long white beaches and charming history. Today its inhabitants are criminals, banished from civilization, hoping to survive the fierce environment. They possess no contact with the outer world and their hope for survival is getting further and further away.. We feel that Exilemod brings enough to the table as it is and trust the developers to provide us with the content needed for a true Exile experience. Along with the Apex DLC there is plenty of items and vehicles to choose from. DMS AI missions ZCP capture Points Virtual Garage Base Raiding (grind locks, hack safes and virtual garages) Engima Revive Apex Items XM8 Security Blackmarket traders Custom crafting content XM8 apps (deploy bike, locate vehicle, View Distance, crafting recipes, virtual garage, base security...)
  16. xPooRLoCKerBoYx™


    Welcome to FirstDataGaming Exile Server! Active Features! *RyanZombies & Hordes! *DMS Missions *ZCP Capture Points *Ebase (xm8Apps) *Sarge Ai (Roaming AI) With respect System! *Half Life Creation mod set. *ASDG_Joint Rails. *Extended base mod And much more!
  17. Tylor

    DTG Exile Chernarus

    DTG is proud to announce it will now be hosting an Arma 3 Exile Server. Our fully customized and militarized PVP server will always keep you on your toes - whether you’re avoiding detection from enemy players & the Roaming AI, or if you’re completing one of the many PVE missions (ranging from easy to hardcore difficulties). If you’re more of the bloodthirsty type, then we’re happy to tell you that our server has no kill messages -meaning that your victims are going to have no idea what hit them. DTG is constantly working to keep our servers up-to-date to ensure the best gameplay experience for you - the player. Our goal is to meet the needs of our community, and we pride ourselves on listening to and considering feedback from our players. If you’re looking for a place to meet (or kill!) new people in PVP, take on some PVE missions, build bases, and have your input valued, then we’re happy to say you’ve found it here. Good luck and have fun, DTG Team
  18. oSoDirty

    [Release - App] Base Upgrades

    Just a little app I put together since a bunch of people on my server wanted to be able to use poptabs to upgrade their bases. Probably not something for every server, just thought I'd share it in case others may find it useful. The app doesn't upgrade your territory for you (I'm not that good), it just gives you the amount of respect needed for a certain upgrade level. The red text on the app comes from Shix's Server Info app, I take no credit for this. Also credits to Shix, Taylor Swift, and many others as I have learned quite a bit from the apps they have released here in the forums. You need to have XM8Apps created by Shix installed on your server to use this. You will also need THIS lovely addon created by Happydayz in order for this to work. DOWNLOAD Prices, respect received, and text easily configurable. Installation instructions and battleye filters are included in download Note: I'm sure this could be done better, but I am by no means good at coding and this was as small as I could get it and keep the script in a scheduled environment. Tips, pointers, and constructive criticism are always welcomed and appreciated!
  19. Austin

    [SNC] Exile Napf

    Mods Needed (Both can also be downloaded from A3Launcher!!!): AllInArmaTerrainPack: [UTorrent][HTTP Download] Napf Island A3: CUP Weapons: CUP Vehicles: CUP Units: ASDG_JR: OPTIONAL MODS(Downloadable on Armaholic): Blast Core Phoenix 2: Blast Core Skies: Blast Core Tracers: JSRS 2.2: JSRS Dragonfyre: Currently not working with latest arma version. CBA(To allow certain things for the other mods above): Features (Will change/add more overtime): AI Missions Both DMS/VEMF Antihack (Thx Infistar ) Auto Refuel/Repair BRAmaRecipes Build Here Check Script Change View Distance Chop wood directly into your vehicle if in range Custom Loot Custom Skins Custom Traders Deploy/Pack Bike EBase Extra Waste Dumps Kill Messages Login Rewards No Debug Zone Script Paintshop Player Stats Ranks (More humanity you have the higher the rank! Gives you different guns/clothes!!!) Revive Script Removed Exile Color Overlay! Removed Thermals Optics (UAV Still has thermal but costs 50k.) Restarts are in 3 hour cycles with 2 hour day and 1 hour night! Selfie Starter Money - 5k Status Bar that blends with Exile UI Tow/Load Object/Vehicles/Crates! XM8MapMarkers XM8Security Key Binds: 7 to Change Viewdistance or do it manually in your xm8 apps Double click radio to deploy bike or do it manually in your xm8apps
  20. oSoDirty

    XM8 Admin Apps

    Credit goes to Shix for original script. I just made a simple addon/alteration to check if App user is an admin and supply secure use of apps not intended for general server population. What this does: Instead of having just the one page of apps shared by everyone, this will check if you're an admin and allow access to certain apps that are intended for administration or development. I have included one of each. For administration, it's just a goofy script that picks a random punishment. For development, it's just a very simple script that will give your worldspace coords and the degree of direction you're facing in a hint box Vs having to log out and check database over and over. By default the prior mentioned scripts are already installed under the first 2 apps and the 12th app on the admin apps screen takes you back to the non-admin apps screen. If anyone comes up with graphics for any of this and cares to share that would be great. Every time I try to make graphics and convert them to a .paa they come out transparent and cloudy... No Idea what that's about. Apps are installed exactly the same as the original, just add the admin\dev app calls in the XM8Admin_Init.sqf rather than XM8Apps_Init.sqf Requirements: Latest version of XM8 apps by Shix. This can be acquired HERE Installation: First: Download the modified files from (link removed) Second: Open and extract the downloaded zip file and place the contents of the xm8Apps folder into your existing xm8Apps folder and the contents of the Apps folder into your existing Apps folder. Third: Fourth: Add admin/dev UID's in adminit.sqf Last: Repack mission PBO and profit. If you use this and it benefits you in any way, please do me a solid and click that "Like" button