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Found 12 results

  1. Haiden

    Metanix Arma 3 Exile

    Server Features: Active Friendly Admins New Player base-starter kit Loot+ FPS+ AI Missions AI Capture Points Friendly Players None Friendly Players Base Painting Vehicle painting Streamer/Youtuber Promtional Options Active Community with other game servers Vector Building And various Other juicy Futures Mods on the server Exile (Duh) Dual Arms (Two main Guns) KA Weapon pack Extended base Mod (Exile) Cherno 2035 DS Houses Cup Terrains/Maps Enhanced Soundscape TRYK Uniforms CBA Cup terrains Core Cup Units Cup vehicles Cup Weapons for more information. Join our Discord through our website! and ask for Taz who is the community owner. Or Yeti. The Community Dev. See you on the battlefield!
  2. MarcelP!

    are not signed by a key ?

    are not signed by a key accepted by this server. To play on this server, remove listed files or install additonal accepted keys. This message pops up when i have try to join the server, i have every mod installed, i already reinstalled everything and the message still pops up? is there anything i can do ? Help Please
  3. D1amond Eagle

    InfiSTAR Admin Panel Problem

    Hey Infistar and others, my friend wants to add me to his Server as an admin but I can't open the admin panel. It doesn't even show a welcome admin and other things ... Is it a client sided problem or server one ? The Profile ID is the right one, we already checked that ... Can somebody help us please Greets Michi
  4. Sicario Gaming Community is a small tight net international gaming community. We have a small yet very experienced player base with 1000+ hours on games ranging from Arma 3 Exile to DayZ standalone and Rust. Our players come from countries all across the world. We are currently looking to start an Arma 3 Exile Division. At the moment we play all sorts of different games. For the most part we are all here to have a good time and kick ass while doing so. **Rules** -Must be 18 or older -While in our discord be as mature and respectful as possible (of course there are times where we like to goof off but generally speaking we like to keep things calm and collected while still having a blast) -Must have a working Microphone -At least be familiar with Arma 3 in general **Contact Info** -Steam: [SGC] Divergent (Just shoot me a message saying who you are and that your interested) -Steam: Sin (if I'm not online you can also try contacting Sin) -Discord: or just leave a response down below with your steam url so I can add you! Look forward to meeting you all! - Divergent
  5. [DD] BuLi

    Problem with Repair

    can someone pls help me i had a problem on my server i couldent lock cars soo i fixed to lock car but now i cant repair the cars check picture : now it dont show Repair car but it show this 5 new options that i added by mistake could someone pls help me out to repair the Boats and Helis and Planes it working only for Vehicles not working help pls
  6. [DD] BuLi

    help need a Revive Script

    Hi every its me again well i need help with the Revive on my server i tryed many mods but they was like outdated or something they dident worked even the server dident have read it soo pls if someone could suggest me a good simple revive mod for Arma 3 Exile Tanoa map i would be really thank ful but if u tell me pls tell me step by step how to install it cuz i am kinda new on this stuff thnx again
  7. [DD] BuLi

    Server error starting

    trying to remove my zombies from the server and server keeps always on Setting Up status but i am getting always this error when starting the server on 6 Starting mission: 14:51:16 Mission file: Exile (__cur_mp) 14:51:16 Mission world: Tanoa 14:51:16 Mission directory: mpmissions\__cur_mp.Tanoa\ 14:51:16 Unsupported language English in stringtable 14:51:16 Unsupported language English in stringtable 14:51:16 Missing addons detected: 14:51:16 Ryanzombies 14:51:16 ryanzombiesfunctions 14:51:16 SM_Zombz 14:51:16 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.Ryanzombies, ryanzombiesfunctions, SM_Zombz 14:51:16 Mission Exile.Tanoa: Missing 'description.ext::Header'
  8. iTheActiveWizzHD

    ArmA 3 Config Banning People

    Hey!, So for some odd reason some people even me get banned not all the time but sometimes. 2 People joined my server yesterday and they both got banned. I unbanned them after 30 minutes they got banned again. At least every one who's joined my server has been banned. Like this and it gives you no reason it just says "You Were Banned" no reason or anything. Any Help? Thanks, Wizz
  9. Hi Guys, Please check out my videos any advice will be great.
  10. Hi, We just pushed RHS to our server and have all of the gear on the vendors currently. Noticing if someone dies with that gear, that if it is RHS you cannot pick this back up. Is this a known bug for others running RHS? Any way to sidestep this? Could it be because of Infistar, perhaps? Thanks, Dag.
  11. Bonjour, Nous ouvrons un serveur et nous recherchons des testeurs actifs et des modérateurs INGAME/TS. ACTUELLEMENT EN PHASE BETA [FR/ENG] HIGH FPS & LOOT | MAS 1.9 CUSTOM WEAPON | CARGO | AI | POD | CUSTOM CRAFT | (0.9.20|1.50) Règles du Serveur - Ne pas tuer au bord de la safezone "500 mètres". - Ne pas carkill/voler/takedown en safezone. - Obligation de garer sa voiture sur une place en safezone. - Interdiction de construire une base dans un lieu de loot "500 mètres". - Interdiction de glitcher un mur qui bloque la fonction d'une porte. - Pas d'insulte sur le serveur. - Ne pas flood le sideChannel sous peine d'un kick/ban. - Strictement interdit de use bug, cheat, hack, dupliquer. TELECHARGER MAS WEAPON 1.9!oVclEbTT!otOIWMoxlfbfur4KQaYoqQv3bjOUTgWfChduGzY0Gvg">!oVclEbTT!otOIWMoxlfbfur4KQaYoqQv3bjOUTgWfChduGzY0Gvg Site & Forum: En cours de construction. TS3 Disponible. - A venir: Nouveaux véhicules & armes Modification de la map - Dernier Ajout: Custom items Pod TAru Remorquage + Lift Custom AI Status Bar Custom Craft Custom Safe & Map. Amélioration du taux de loot.
  12. Bonjour Nous venons d'ouvrir notre serveur exile nous recherchons des joueurs voici les détails. Notre Forum [En Construction] Ip du Serveur: ou Nous avons 80 slot 10k pour débuté Ai mission. Nouvelle zone safe pour les voitures. Pour plus d'information FIXED ------------------- ► | Rate loot ajusté. ► | Loot qui apparait loin du joueur ou qui n'apparait pas. ( Sera Fix a 100% dans le Week-End car les devs vont sortir un patch coté serveur ). ► | Achat d'helico qui endomagais et obligais le joueur d'utilisé un Duc Type ( Helico toujours endomagé mais légérement "pas visible" ). ► | Helico qui explose sans raison en attérisant sur les bases. ► | Filtre BattlEye MAJ pour les ajout qui kickais les joueurs. ► | Temps du "mod" AntiCampeur SafeZones ajusté a 45 Secondes. ► | Restart Auto corrigé a 90% ► | Fix transition jour/nuit ------------------- AJOUT ------------------- ► | +10 Missions AI qui sont possible d'être fait en solo ou en équipe qui spawn aléatoirement sur la map (AI = BOTS AVEC PLUSIEURS NIVEAU DE DIFFICULTE) avec des loots/respect/$ a gagné si il tue tout les bots. ► | Couleur Corrections ( Jeux plus beau a regardé couleur plus réel ) ------------------- AJOUT/CORRECTIF A VENIR ------------------- ► | Correctif du loot ( En attente du patch des devs ). ► | Clan ( comme le party mais avec plus d'option et qui reste actif même après un restart ). ► | Plusieurs Vehicule à ajouté ( Liste non défini ). ► | Début de traduction du mod en Français. ► | Traduction des Mission AI en Français. ► | InfiStar AntiCheat/Hack & AdminMenu. ► | Restart Auto Fix ( Pas de date ). ------------------- support est dispo H24 par ticket Teamspeak: À venir Tout joueurs est Bienvenue n'hésiter pas à inviter vos amis !