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Found 146 results

  1. Hello every one i thought i should share my chernarus redux files fully working on exile 104a with custom traders installed and i have included everything in the zip folder please have a look and let know thank you. Google Drive -
  2. PrimusNetworks are proud to announce ourselves to the Exile Community! PrimusNetworks is a UK based game server provider established in February of 2017, and since then we have excelled in what we do. Our current focus is building our ARMA 3 Exile Infrastructure and expanding as a company. Our growth massively exceeded expectations, and so far, we haven't had a single unhappy customer! Use code: EXILEFORUM for 15% off your first month! Throughout the past few months, we have decided to refrain from posting on the forums, and other forms of social media as we wanted to establish a presence in the community, and ensure our service and support was of an extremely high quality. As a team we have decided that now is the best time to begin accepting more wonderful customers, and appealing to a wider audience. Now.. you're probably wondering about all the juicy details about us and what we have to offer so lets get onto it! What makes us different? At PrimusNetworks we don't just copy what the competition do, that would be pointless. Many people nowadays, struggle, or simply don't have the time to develop/configure and install scripts to their ARMA 3 Server - That's where we come in. We DO NOT sell scripts, but we do install them for an affordable price. Simply pay us a fee, to cover the labour costs, from 3 plans (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and we will happily install & build your server for you. This can consist of building custom missions, supporting custom maps and much more. We also offer a "Scripting Maintenance" plan that covers updates, optimisation, installing more addons down the line and much more for the extremely affordable price of £11.99 per month. We also believe in great ease-of-use, hence why we developed our fantastic control panel, which will be mentioned further down this topic. Our Reviews: To see what others think of us, take a look at our TrustPilot page! Our Nodes At PrimusNetworks we currently utilise high clock speed CPU Servers. ARMA is a CPU intensive application and so a high-end CPU is required. Our nodes typically consist of i7 6700K (4.2 GHz) CPU's, 64GB DDR4 ECC RAM, ONLY SSD Drives and AT LEAST A 500Mpbs uplink. We currently host our servers in London, UK & Miami, USA. We plan to expand to the following in the near future: West Coast USA Central USA France Australia Canada (To be announced) Asia (To be announced) Support Our team are all gamers, that at some point, ran our own servers. We understand how important support is. This is why at Primus Networks regardless of the day, time or event if you encounter an issue, have a concern, or have a request - Our support team are on hand 24/7 to assist you. Our Key Values We believe that if we can follow a number of key points as a host, we can provide the best service to you as a customer, so here are the values we pride ourselves on. Customer Support - 24/7 Support, with high quality responses and fast resolution times Quality of Service- 24/7 Uptime with no lag, hosted on high-end machinery Ease-Of-Use - A fantastic control panel with a huge variety of features, and a bespoke installation service Affordability - While maintaining high standards, we have affordable services Features & Our Control Panel Development Service Huge variety of 1 click installs Instant server setup (less than 45 seconds) No overselling. Full FTP Access Live console Free extDB3 Conversion Migration from host-to-host, free of charge Live console Take a look at a live demo of our ARMA 3 Exile control panel by our CEO, George! We look forward to providing an excellent service to all of our customers. If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave a reply on this post, or contact our dedicated support team directly.
  3. Guten Tag, Ich bin ein relativ neuer Servermierter und habe bei der Installation der R3F Logistic ein kleines Problem. Die Mod läuft und ich kann Fahrzeuge abschleppen und auch beladen aber zwei Dinge stören mich. 1. Wie stelle ich ein das ich die eingeladenen Kisten nach dem abladen beim Trader verkaufen kann ? 2. Im Mausmenü der Fahrzeuge erscheinen die Befehlen "Tow" und "View the..." 3x.( Siehe Anhang ) Wie bekomme ich das weg ?
  4. So basically, I've recently purchased a server off of Host Havoc, because I wouldn't be able to host it myself. I've looked through countless forum posts and videos on how to set up an Exile Server, and I can't figure out how to load in the map for the life of me. I'm attempting to run the Chernarus Isles map, and I have the mods downloaded and everything. My config files for the server look like this: class Missions { class Exile { template = ChernIslesTest1.Chernarus_Isles; difficulty = "ExileRegular"; // ExileRegular or ExileHardcore }; }; With the mission being a custom one I created in the editor, using 3DEN and Exile Mod. I've tried to put my server on the Arma 3 launcher, and it shows up without a map. I tried to figure out how to fix this, and I thought it was in my command line, which looks like this: -ip= -port=2302 -noPause -noSound -exThreads=7 "-cfg=A3DS\basic.cfg" -ranking="" -par="" "-config=A3DS\server.cfg" "-profiles=A3DS" "-servermod=" "-mod=@Exile;@Advanced_Rappelling;@Advanced_Sling_Loading;@Advanced_Towing;@Arma_Enhanced_Movement;@CBA_A3;@Chernarus_Isles;@CUP_Terrains_Complete;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@CUP_Units;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Weapons;@Extended_Base_Mod;@RHS_AFRF;@RHS_GREF;@RHS_SAF;@RHS_USAF;@Specialist_Military_Arms_(SMA)_Version 2.7.1;@TRYK_[TRYK's_Multi-play_Uniforms];@Extended_Items_Exile;@Extended_Survival_Pack;@Exile_Expansion" -malloc=system -enableHT -world=empty -maxMem=6144 I can't figure out exactly what I'm doing wrong and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    NEW|DZS DAYZ-EXILE|FRESH DB|CUSTOM|SURVIVAL|ABRAMIA|ZOMBIES Map: Isla Abramia Dual prime weapons Capture Points Claim Vehicles Advanced Repair System Base Building Vector Building Base Raiding Vehicle loot Crashes Loot Drops Custom Crafting Recipes Custom Loot Tables Enigma Revive System Dayz & Night Random Ground spawn Enhanced Movement Zombies Marxet trader - coming soon Additional mods Arma 2 anims to arma 3 Arma 2 Sounds to Arma 3
  6. looking for someone to possibly hire or help me set up my dedicated server on arma 3 for exile. wanting it make it as much like the old dayz as i can. Im going on one week of nothing but errors thats why im looking for help. Contacts me at this forum or emailing me at
  7. base raid

    Hey there, I've been making videos for a while now. I wasn't too sure the Exile forum existed until very recently. Spent most Arma years over on MGT. @MGTDB can admit he's put up with me for too long. Here are some of my videos. I'll add more newer videos at the top. Arma 3 -
  8. Dayz Survivors

    Old school dayz server. Dayz survivors [Exile][Survival][Custom Recipes][Zombies][Revive] Arma 2 coming back in arma 3 Search for Dayz survivors on A3L and u find the server easy Dayz Survivors is a server with alot of potential and a good community. We are constantly getting new ideas and new projects to improve the gameplay for our players. We are very active staff team. We are looking for people who want to have that real survival feeling. Join our discord or webbsite for more info. Hope to see you there. Discord: Website: Server IP: Server Features include: No Traders Custom Crafting Recipe's Vector Base Building Custom Loot Tables Custom Vehicle Spawns Scavange System Custom loot spawns Custom helicrashes (guarded by ai) Zombies Day/night (no vote) Revive +FPS Bandit and hero roaming ai Military roaming ai Custom bandit & survivors loot drops More is coming Mods beeing used: 1. TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms 2. Survivors Apocalypse Overhaul 3. Extended Base Mod 4. Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1 5. CUP Weapons 6. CUP Vehicles 7. CUP Units 8. CUP Terrains-Core 9. CBA_A3 10. Chernarus Redux 11. DS Houses 12. Ryan Zombies (Zombies and Demons) 13. ArmA 2 Anims To ArmA 3 - A2ATA3 14. RZInfection 15. Exile Mod 16. RHSUSAF 17.RHSAFRF 18.RHSGREF
  9. -Oasis Gaming- is looking for some new faces. We all use to run the server EXP, and that has not gone so well with the owner. So we are here under new management to create a server that will last. EXP had a great community with a terrible staff and we are here to change that and restart from the bottom up. We have a lot of resources to make this server big, we just need the assistance in creating it. If you would like to be apart of the next big thing please do not hesitate to contact me on either steam or on discord. Steam: OGTaken ( Discord: OGTaken#5275 (We are also up for making more then one server, of different variants.)
  10. Hello Exile Community, i know its strange but i got an big problem with infiSTAR. I Play on a Altis Life Arma 3 Server. Going well and were fine but then i was too good and i got promoted to Admin. and they gave me Accsses to the Admin Tool from InfiSTAR. [the Server is hosted on nitrado and got Infistar Nitrado version] when i go ingame and press F1 or F2 it showes [AdminLogin Succsessfull] but no admin menu, i got in the Z menu the admin buttons but it wont open the admin tools on F2 we found no clue and i saw the infistar support answereing here so i ask here if someone cloud help me. I gave the Owner my Steam Account Details so he can look if he can use the menu but he cant so its a Problem with my client or my computer. already reinstalled Arma 3. Btw. the server is using SealDrop The owner is often here so you can find him too. Please contact me on TeamSpeak 3 [Ernst Fall] i can speak german and some english but it will work. IP: I Hope Someone can help me
  11. Hello, my name is Sope. I am the Owner of Oasis Gaming and myself and a few other dedicated individuals are in the works of creating a server for Arma 3. The server is going to host the map chernarus isles, with basic cup mods and advanced movement and interactions. We are looking for SQF and SQL coders. Please message me in my discord @ My name on the discord is Aristotle. Thank you.
  12. The Exiled

    The Exiled is an Arma 3 Exile Mod server that has just been released but still has it's little flaws, If you would like to play on our server, join our Teamspeak or Discord servers.
  13. I'm new to the whole Arma 3 Exile thing i played a PvE server to get used to it and it seems fun but not solo. I'm 17 got discord and a working mic. Add me on steam if you're interested! Now with teamspeak! i speak English btw c:
  14. Guten Tag, hatte mir die Tage Arma 3 geholt, jetzt habe ich diverse Mods abonniert und sie gedownloaded, wollte hauptsächlich eigentlich erstmal Exile und EPOCH ausprobieren. Jetzt habe ich durchgehend Probleme beim connecten auf die Server, ich konnte nicht einmal auf einen Server connecten. Was mache ich falsch? Jedes mal kommen vorher einige Fehlermeldung .bin/config.cfg/CfgWeapons/WeaponSlotsInfo.scope' Denke es kommen noch andere Meldungen, war jetzt nur die letzte, die kam. Dann klicke ich halt auf Schließen und dann kommt wie meist immer Die Verbindung wurde unterbrochen oder so. Als Mod ist jedoch nur Exile geladen, ich connecte über den Arma 3 Launcher von Steam. Suche einen Server aus, dann bestätige ich, da ein paar Mods fehlen, dass er sie herunterlädt und dann versucht er zu joinen, aber dann kommt jedes mal irgend ein Fehler, bin echt am verzweifeln. Vielen Dank für Eure Hilfe, hab absolut keine Ahnung. Liebe Grüße und erholsame Feiertage!
  15. Wer kann mir Helfen mein Arma 3 Exile Server einzurichten Hallo Leute ich kenne mich überhaupt nicht aus und habe hier das ganze Forum schon nach lösungsfähige Tipps Anleitungen durch geforscht aber dennoch habe ich es einfach nicht hinbekommen mein Server richtig zum laufen zu bekommen so das man Lust hat weiter drauf zuspielen. Ich hatte jemand der zwar etwas gemacht hat aber irgendwie hat er keine wirkliche Lust zu helfen Deswegen Diesen Beitrag hier von mir... Wäre jemand so gütig mir zu helfen? Gerne können wir auch was verhandeln aber das muss von Herzen kommen... Mein Steam Name: lieblingskeks Hier was ich gerne hätte... 3 Weitere Safezonen und Händler Andere Safezone Meldung wenn man eine Betritt oder verlässt Weitere Fahrzeuge, wie Luft und Wasser Fahrzeuge Lebensanzeige das man sehen kann wie viel leben man noch hat Dauer der Nacht ändern dass es länger Hell bleibt oder nicht so stark Dunkel in der Nacht ist.. Extended Base Mod Denke das war alles.. Wäre echt nett wenn jemand sich meldet.. Liebe Grüße euer Keks
  16. Immersive Exile

    We are the Immersive Gaming Community. We feature a high performance Tanoa server with various mods such as: Better Basebuilding, Zombies and advanced movement. But thats not all! We also remapped Tanoa, so its overgrown now. Other features: 300+ new cars, 700+ new weapons, Ai-shuttle service to other islands, rebalanced loot, custom missions, Active Staff! Sounds great? JOIN TODAY!! Looks even better? JOIN NOW!!
  17. Hey so small question and needing a little help. So when loading up my Server ( i run my server from a server i have here in my home.) and i connect to it right when i click it under "Expansions" it shows all the arma mods such as "marksman, kart etc.." all in red. Now i know i don't need to worry about those but it only shows 2 of my mods "Cup weapon, Exile" not the other 3 mods that i have running on the server. So it's hard for other players to see what they need to join. Dose anyone know a fix? can i just add them to "-servermod=Kart; etc..." if not is there another way i can hide these mods since they are not needed?
  18. Hello. How do I make more zombies spawn? I am using ExileZ, Exile and Ryanzombies. The server is running on a dedicated server.
  19. Hi I while ago i was playing arma 3 and then i took a break and now comming back i cant join 75% of servers and on some i get you were kicked and some i get you were banned. please help. if it does help one time before i quit for a while I killed an admin on a server and gained like a million xp for it and got insta kicked but they let me back on. they were cool guys and we were messing around it wasnt just me being a dick. Steam id: 76561198065246816:
  20. OK needing some help guys. I have been working for atleast 48 hours to get a exile server running with Cherno. So far i have been stuck and i can not get it to work or transition. I have followed many steps that i have found online even 2 posts here on the EXILE website. If someone would be so kind to help guide me to get this to work it would be much appreciated.
  21. Im looking for some players to play with. We wil go play on a Exile High Pop server. You have to know how to play the game, it would be great if you was pretty good. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  22. controls

    When i play exile all my settings keep resetting itself when i re join the server but when i play something else that isnt exile my settings stay like they used to be and its really pissing me of sometimes and infistar doesnt allow me to change my settings
  23. Приветствую ! Мод - В чем состоит проблема : В редакторе ставлю тригер и задаю параметр ( нет/кто угодно/присутствует/галочку на повторяемый ) , ставлю модуль акулы ( колличество 10 ) и синхронизирую с тригером . Проверяем - акул две всего ,сколько бы не ставил акул всегда две , если ставлю без тригера и только модуль акулы все на месте , но расплываются . Полностью все сделал с тригером и модулем ,сохранил и залил с заменой на сервер , запуск и акул нет на сервере. Какие только варианты не пробывал , акул нет . Вопрос : кто или что мешает ( инфистар или exile ) и какой найти выход ? Подскажите где находятся вот эти строки : В папке с миссией есть файл "config.cpp" disableVanillaAnimals = 1; - это отключение ванильных армовских животных, есть вместо 1 поставить 0 то они включатся, может поможет animalTypes[] = { "Exile_Animal_Rooster_Abstract", "Exile_Animal_Hen_Abstract", "Exile_Animal_Goat_Abstract", "Exile_Animal_Sheep_Abstract" }; - а это типы животных, из экзайля, можно попробовать вставить сюда класснеймы акул У меня их нет .
  24. This is probably a relatively easy question to answer. The person who generally handles the maintenance of our server is currently on vacation. I'm trying to update the server to the latest Arma 3 version that our Exile servers are running on. I've tried several steamcmd bat files but I think I'm missing the correct paths to update. Here is the bat file I'm using and our install directories. Any help is greatly appreciated! @echo off @rem SETLOCAL ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION :: DEFINE the following variables where applicable to your install SET STEAMLOGIN= ############# ############### SET A3serverBRANCH=233780 -beta :: For stable use 233780 -beta :: For Dev use 233780 -beta development :: Note, the missing qotation marks, these need to be wrapped around the entire "+app_data......" :: There is no DEV branch data yet for Arma 3 Dedicated Server package !!! // Here are our install paths: // C:\Arma\Clone_Test\steamapps\common\Clone_Test // C:\Arma\Altis_Server\steamapps\common\Arma_3_Server SET A3serverPath=C:\Arma\Clone_Test\steamapps\common\Clone_Test // Not sure this is correct SET STEAMPATH=C:\Arma\Clone_Test // Not sure this is correct :: _________________________________________________________ echo. echo You are about to update ArmA 3 server echo Dir: %A3serverPath% echo Branch: %A3serverBRANCH% echo. echo Key "ENTER" to proceed pause %STEAMPATH%\steamcmd.exe +login %STEAMLOGIN% +force_install_dir %A3serverPath% +"app_update %A3serverBRANCH%" validate +quit echo . echo Your ArmA 3 server is now up to date echo key "ENTER" to exit pause Really appreciate your help!
  25. Hi I'm looking for some people to play arma 3 exile with, doesn't have to be insanely serious just someone to build a base with and pvp. Btw my timezone is central. add me on steam