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Found 5 results

  1. Gxneral

    Squad gesucht!

    Moin Leute, Ich habe Jahrelang Arma 2 Overpoch und daraufhin Arma 3 Exile in einem großen Clan gezockt. Leider stirbt der Exile Mod langsam aus, und ich habe vor einer Woche nochmals richtig Spaß dran gefunden. Leider habe ich keinen mehr, der die Mod mit mir spielen will. Sollte jemand Interesse daran haben, würde ich mich freuen, wenn man nochmal auf einem ordentlichen Server was starten könnte! Bei Interesse melden und oder bei Steam schreiben! Steam: kazmaah
  2. Walkero0

    [Release] Walker's A2 Vehicles

    Arma 2 Vehicles for Exile Mod Workshop Every vehicle has almost all Arma3 memoryPoints definded, Interior RearMirrors, Redone Geometry LOD, a GeometryPhys LOD, working dampers, and damagewheels. No other Mods are required. Still WIP. -Dingo with Gunner-GAZ Tuned in 5 colors-GAZ Standard-MTVR with and without hood in 2 colors-Tractor is fun-Civ SUV-Standard SUV-TT650 v0.2 (WIP)-Police SUV -Undercover SUV-Hilux-Ikarus in 2 colors-Golf-octavia- fishing boat-Lada-small Boat-hmmwv-UAZ-S1203-Sedan
  3. Getting this error and no items from arma is being spawned in traders or custom barracks. Any idea.
  4. cubitron

    [GER] EnRo#1 Napf PVE/PVP

    Aloha all Deutsche E-Sport Community mit einem Fun Server der ein bisschen mehr wert auf Survival legt. The Server Server Features: - 5 Big PVP-Zones - Custom Loottable ( no Highloot) - Removed the most Arma 3 Vanilla Wepons - Arma 2 Weapons and Clothes - Arma 2 Vehicles - Cup Weapons, Cup Vehicles, Cup Units, ASDG Jointrails, Ryan Zombies - Zombie random spawn in Towns and Military - Max 2-4 Mission in one Servertime (4h) - New Prices at the Traders - More crafting - No Crosshair - No Hunter, Strider - No Op Weapons - Xm8 Apps ( craft Bike, Recipes Book.............) - Statusbar - Igiload ( Load on Trucks) - and many more coming for a bit Survival Feeling - Hotwire reduced to 20 % - rare random Osprey and c-130 spawn Some Custom Mapedits : Racetrack:
  5. I am following the installation guide at and had posted my issue there but it may be more appropriate in a separate thread since it is SQL database-specific... I'm not a database person but have had an Arma2/DayZ server using SQL that was installed as part of XAMPP (using port 3306). I'm following the documentation but I downloaded the latest workbench - version 6.3.6. When I select full install, I never get the "check requirements" window or the option to select the config type. It just goes through, installs whatever it installs and then asks whether I want to launch workbench. So I also never get to configure a root password. So is it picking up the database install from XAMPP? The Arma2 variant sets the username as root with no password. So is this what it is using (and therefore I should use when configuring an Exile schema? And since A2/Dayz already uses database port 3306, should I use a different port for Exile? So when I launch workbench, it already sees my A2 database. I also don't have a MySQL57 service. It's just MySQL - I assume because of the XAMPP install. From there, I assume I went to create a new Exile connection but get a popup that says: "Connection Warning: Incompatible/nonstandard server version or connection protocol detected (10.1.9). A connection to this database can be established but some MySQL Workbench features may not work properly since the database is not fully compatible with the supported versions of MySQL. MySQL workbench is developed and tested for MySQL Server versions 5.1, 5.5, 5.6, and 5.7." When I Click "Continue Anyway", it does successfully connect (using the user=root, no password). Before I go further, will any of this cause a problem? Do I need to delete my XAMPP installation and start from scratch? If so, will I be able to import my A2 database and no longer need XAMPP? Can I still use port 3306? Thanks